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Life with the Dugans

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Brrrrr! I'm cooooold!

May 2nd 2009 9:43 am
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Brrrrrr! I'm cold! Why? Because I'm WET!!! Mommy took it upon herself to bathe me and Ulli BY HERSELF today. Well. I gave a good fight! I was as squirmy as I could be! I squirmed and wormed and hummed the whole time! She was actually pretty quick and my shampoo today smelled like coconut! Mmmm! That's kind of nice! It's cloudy and only 70 degrees today, so she's letting us dry inside. No sun to bathe in to make up for it! Not yet anyway. Maybe my stinky butt will be gone. I have had this stinky butt problem lately. Mom says I have poor sphincter control but I don't know. Do anal glands have sphincters? Hm. I dunno. Maybe! We'll see if my stinky butt is better! Mom says she's determined to wash it more often to keep me fresh and clean.

We are going to rest from the excitement of a bath and our treat will be hot dogs for breakfast!! Yay! That could make me feel better! Mom says something about a 'class' in the backyard to get the hot dogs, but I'm game! Is it time yet?

You know, I kind of feel good being clean. But don't tell my mama I said that! She might make me shower every day or something awful like that! Ack!


What will I do?

April 25th 2009 9:57 am
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Awww.... Mom says her and Ulli are going away for a few hours tomorrow morning... What will I do? First, I l-o-o-o-o-o-v-e my mama. If she goes to the grocery I sit and wait for her. She says that's discriminatory against dad, but whatever. He's okay. Second, I l-o-o-o-o-v-e Ulli! If mama AND Ulli are gone? I hope I don't flip out too bad. Maybe Mom will take us for a bike ride before they go. That would really help with my nervousness.... She says they are 'schooling' Ulli and when they are done? I'm next!! We're gonna be therapy dogs when we grow up. Mom wonders if we can be working dogs too, but one thing at a time Mom!!

We were outside watching mom fiddle with her garden when a puppy Bull Terrier and owner came up to us! It was pretty scary! The puppy was all erratic and acting strangely! Mom says that is how puppies are, but when I get tunnel vision nothing seems normal!!! I unfroze and I decided denial was the best way to go in this situation. I distanced myself from the commotion of the parents, Ulli, this puppy, the owner.... (whew), laid down and enjoyed the sunshine. If they approached me I shrunk back or slightly fled, but if they didn't I just sunbathed and smiled. It was nice. I look forward to getting socialized - better late than never! Mom says it will take care of this blasted 'tunnel vision' and panic I get!

We had a nice bike ride today in the wind. That wind will wear you out! It is around 30mph today! I'm ready for my post-ride/write nap! ZZZZZzzzzzz....


Love for Buster

April 21st 2009 8:09 pm
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Let's have a moment for Buster. He just went to the Rainbow Bridge play area and was a really cool, beautiful, and tough dog. Here's his page:

We love you Buster. I think I saw you in a birdie today, looking at me and smiling! Buster is healthy and strong and frisky and young! Our step sister who is passed is the official welcome wagon at the Rainbow Bridge play area and is helping him with his transition. Buster likes making new friends and she is so gentle, so they should take to each other well. It won't be long Buster!! We'll see ya soon! We sent a red Kong Wubba up there not long ago, you can play with it!

We have a lot of respect and love for Buster. He had spirit, we could tell. Please send love and comfort to Busters family. They need it. They are not alone, even though they may feel that way sometimes.

Joey and Ulli and Mommy and Daddy


Bored no more!

April 19th 2009 9:52 am
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Wow! Has anyone here been bored before? It's pretty darn stressful! Ulli and I were bored together, thank goodness! We were in a LONG kennel cage and she protected me! Thanks Ulli! I love Ulli. And she loves me. We're together forever!! My mommy and daddy came to pick us up from boredom and mom said we didn't recognize her! We were both so distraught and depressed, she bounced around and said our names and we didn't even look at her. I was afraid of her!! She grabbed me and looked me in the face, then I smelled something familiar.... is... that.... mommy??? OH MOMMY!! I licked her face and jumped around and wagged my whole body!!!!

Ulli didn't know it was them either. She ran for the door, then noticed this guy standing there. She sniffed him, then realized, IT'S DAD!!! YOW!! We started going impressions of Mexican Jumping Beans!!! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!

I can be a little talkative, so I stared talking to mom and dad WHILE I was bouncing.... I hope they don't get the idea to send me to the circus. I AM that talented.... Anyway, we were SO happy to get home!!! We ran around and said hello to the furniture we were taking advantage of before! Hello my chair! I missed you! Hello couch! I missed you too! Hello water bowl! You are so refreshing! Hello stairs! I missed you! Hello BED!!!! The most comfy bed in the world! Hello toys and my own food bowls and my back yard! Ahhhh.... Home sweet home. Orphans no more. Thank GOODNESS! Since we've been re-homed once we were afraid we were orphans again.... (sigh)..... I love my mommy. And my daddy. And Ulli!! Ulli took really good care of me while being bored. She may have a touch exterior, but she's all soft on the inside!!!

We got a three mile bike ride this morning while it was still cool and now it's naptime! Ah. Hello air conditioning. I missed you. Hello office, I missed sleeping in you! I think I've got some making up to do! 48 hours is a looooong time!



April 15th 2009 4:36 pm
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Boarding? What's that? Do you know, Ulli? No. Me neither. Hm. We know what it's like to be BORED. Is it like that? Mom says maybe a little bit. Well, we'll see tomorrow! She says it will only be for one whole day and two part days. She says we'll be fine. Okay mom!

Mom fixed some toys! She repaired/sewed up/squeaker transplanted SEVEN toys the other day! Yay! Ulli still seems to like my toys better (grumble grumble), and my piggy is missing in action! Uh-oh. Mom says be patient. We searched the house and piggy was nowhere. I hope the coyotes didn't get her. She was my baby.

My shoulder is feeling a lot better today! This morning I engaged in horseplay with Ulli, a sign things are getting better! Mom says I stay on light duty until she says so. She's a nurse and overprotective of my joints! That's okay. I could be a couch potato if they'd let me!

Thanks for the well wishes! I'll keep healing and try to stay out of trouble!

Love and smiles,


I'm injured!

April 13th 2009 11:59 am
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Oh, woe is me, I hurt myself! I am two years old, but I guess I'm not invincible. Better to learn now than later... Yesterday mom and dad and Ulli and I went on a three mile bike ride. It was pretty intense. We had a nice relaxing evening, then we all went on a walk at sunset. Mom and Dad found some playgrounds and were playing and swinging and sliding and acting like kids! There was a double slide which was short and plastic, I really liked sliding down on one side when Mom slid down the other! It was like a really big agility game! So anyway, Dad decided to try to take me on the curly slide. Yeah, this is when things go bad. I wasn't sure and kind of freaked out at the turns. I LEPT out of the slide, mom says about four feet up, and landed in the soft sand on my right shoulder. But I bounced back up and wanted to do the little slide again!

We made it home and all was normal. But this morning? Goodness gracious am I sore! I'm almost limping! I don't wanna put too much weight on it! Mom said no walks for me today, I'm on 'profile'! That's what they call it in the Army when you're on light duty. Mom said after breakfast she's gonna slip me a Benadryl to keep me quiet. No pain meds for me until after dinner. She says she's afraid if the pain goes away I'll act a fool. I also don't have access to the bed. It's really tall and I love to jump up and down, up and down, up and down! Not today! Oh well, I have learned a limitation of mine today. No more (1) curly slides without being bear hugged by mom or dad, and (2) leaping from four feet in the air.


I have arrived!!

April 8th 2009 9:36 pm
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OMD!! I have been selected as the Dog Diary of the Week in the' Black-and-tan dogz of the world' group!!!! The punch line? I'M NOT EVEN BLACK AND TAN!!!! Ha ha ha ha. BOLBOLBOLBOL. Okay, I'll tell the truth, I'm an honorary member because my sweet sister Ulli IS a black and tan dog. But still. I am so excited and proud of myself, I'm ALMOST speechless! But not quite! Ha ha ha! Let's celebrate! Let's party! Wait... no, let's nap! Yeah! We'll take a victory nap!! Bow wow, what an honor this is. Thank you all who contributed to my success! I will always be a 'little person' on the inside, I swear!! Kisses to the air, traveling to all of those who even read this! I am flattered, impressed with myself, kind of embarrassed, a little shy, but mostly really proud! Here I am!

Today I went on a run/bike ride with mom and dad and Ulli. The winds were like 20-40mph - NO JOKE!! This is the desert southwest! It's, like, normal here or something! Yeah, it was bad. I was walking while mom was pedaling the bike in slow motion. It wasn't too fun. I got some sand in my eyes, but I teared it out, so it was okay. Even though we didn't really 'run', the stimulation of being out, walking most of three miles and the ferocious winds wore me out! Mom says next time it's this windy, we're out of luck for a bike ride! MAYBE a walk, but NOT a bike ride! Sheesh. I didn't make the wind!


I've been tagged!

April 7th 2009 10:50 am
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I was tagged by Missy!

Many of you are already familiar with our tag games, but just in case your have to answer the questions below and tag 6 furiends to play next.

What is your favorite color for Easter eggs?

My favorite easter egg color is either white (like me!! Clearly superior color) or some natural looking color. Like my favorite hedgehog or piggy.

Would you rather be a bunny or a chick?

Well, I actually AM a bunny, I can jump HIGH! But I think I’d like to be a chick, all small and delicate and with tiny little features.

How many Easter eggs do you think you'll find when you get to hunt them at your house?

I’m really hoping we will have a chicken liver hunt…. And that I’ll get at least 10! Treats for breakfast! What a novel idea!

What kind of Easter basket are you hoping for?

I would like one with toys for me and Ulli, and toys Ulli would actually like enough to leave my toys alone!! We just had a major toy birthday celebration, so we might just sit around the fire and tell stories.

Now i'm tagging...


Happy Barkday to who?

April 3rd 2009 6:06 pm
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If you know Ulli, she's bouncing around like the puppy she STILL IS in my opinion.... She turned two yesterday, but I swear it was my birthday too, even though (1) it's not December and (2) nobody really said it was my birthday. If I get presents like this by proxy, lets get more dogs! With birthdays not in April or December! Those are taken! I got, like, four pawesents? I think that's right. Four or five. AND?? They are the types of toys I really like! I got a crack toy, which is neat and fun, even though Ulli ate most of mine. I got to enjoy it more than I have in the past! I got... the cutest little piggy. It's my new baby! Since my old baby, the hedgehog, is in the hospital waiting on a squeaker and general closing operation. A new little baby piggie. I really like it. Dad put Ulli and my toys side by side. I walked up and picked mine right up! I knew that one was mine! I like my little bitty toys. Maybe I'd like a small dog. Anywag, I also got this small but not as small as my piggie hot dog toy! It's stuffed with a squeaker, and it's a long dog in a bun with mustard on him! BOL! That was funny! We each got a square cube kibble maze, but mom says we need classes on those. Ulli was a little more motivated than me to push it around, it was loud! I'm sensitive. I'm pretty food motivated though, so I'll get it. Not to mention I'm brilliant.

What a great day! I even got to snuggle with Ulli's new Loofah toy before she broke it! I'm happy. I'm even doing better with people touching my feet! Mom and dad can sometimes touch my back feet! Yay!

Mom says once they get the cars fixed they are gonna look into taking me and Ulli, seperately, to Beginner training classes. They say it will be good for something called 'socialization'. They say we don't have that much. Hm! Whatever! We'll cross that bridge when we come to it!


Better late than never

April 1st 2009 12:47 pm
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Better late than never what, you ask? The answer, understanding. It's better mom and dad understand me late than never. Really. When we first came to mom and dad I knew what a clutzy + purposeful stepper-onner Ulli is. This means if we're lying on the bed, she hops up and steps on our faces and our soft tummies! That's awful! Jeez, Ulli, get some dexterity, get some grace, will ya? Mom used so scold me for growing at Ulli when she jumped on the bed. All I was saying was, "You better not step on my face!!" Well last night mom growled at Ulli when she jumped up! In the middle of the night I heard mom hollering, "GET OFF MY HAIR!" Ulli is not the picture of grace, like I am. I can hop, skip, and jump and not step on you once! Most of my movements are premeditated, unlike Ulli! Ulli must think the more she steps on you the more you like her. Ha! We'll tell her the more we growl at her the more we like her! Ha ha ha! Just stop stepping on me, Ulli!! It's the family mantra! You are not a puppy! Oh wait, she is under two, until tomorrow! But still! You are 70 pounds Ulli! That is not a lightweight! That is not a feather! Oh.... Ulli just told me she has taken the personal mission to increase all of our bone density. So now she has to walk on us and throw herself on us. It's for our own good? Okay, Ulli..... whatever you say....

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