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I'm an Ulli imposter!!

November 4th 2009 9:00 am
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That's me! That's me, an Ulli imposter!!!

Last night it was very dark and Mommy and Daddy were going to sleep. They said goodnight to us already, and knew I was on the bed. Mama said, "Ulli? Where's Ulli? Wanna come up here Ulli?"

It was dark, so I pounced at the opportunity! I wiggled and wormed and snuggled under her arm and said, "Here I am! I'm Ulli! And I love you! Let's cuddle!"

She was pleased at first, until she realized I am NOT Ulli!!! Imposter! Ulli and I are different she says. Yeah, but she bought it at first!


You don't need Ulli, Mama, you only need Me! I can cuddle and snuggle and I love the bed, I'll answer to anything too! BOL!

Just cause I'm busted doesn't mean I'll stop trying!! BOL!



October 27th 2009 12:08 pm
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Oh, you shoulda been there. Mama and Daddy decided to get together and cut toenails! I was my usual "NO WAY!!" self, but then Mama started saying my praise word, "Yes!" every clip! Wait-a-minute, now I'm confused! Let me think about that a little bit.... and suddenly they were done!

Not without consequence though, I've had the runs for a couple days and nights now! That's my nervous tummy. It's the price they must pay. At least this time I've made it outside each time (knock on carpet!)! Whew!


Can you guess my new sport?

October 19th 2009 8:34 am
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I've officially taken up a new sport! My pawrents couldn't believe it! It's a mystery! I want you's to guess! I'll give some hints....

I follow my nose, wherever it goes,
up in the air, on a surface up there,
My tummy leads me to the way,
My mama notices right away!

And the final hint:
Surfs up!!!



School day and poopie mouth

October 5th 2009 4:06 pm
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Tonight I go to school Mama says! Yaaay! The weather just started cooling down and I think I'm going to wear a light jacket! I'll see if I can get a picture. I think I look like Donna Reed in it, or, that style anyway!

I got Daddy good yesterday! We were all outside and I ate poop, then I walked right over and kissed him on the mouth! He was sweet until he caught a whiff of what I had been doing! OOhhh, it was so funny! He made a weird sound, and the funniest face, then ran inside! Mama and I didn't stop laughing for a long time.

For some reason Mama wasn't feeling like kisses after that! BOL! What fun pawents we have!


The Star of the Show

September 30th 2009 10:17 am
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Well, I did it! I was the star of the show at dog class! But not in the greatest way....

See, we were doing 'wait' by the big outside doors. There was a German Shepherd calling to me from the parking lot. The trainer took my leash and I turned into a fish on a line! I pulled right out of my collar and I was...

FREE!! And very panicked!! Running around the PetSmart parking lot! Dog help me! Everyone was yelling at me, I saw Mama calling me but I was so panicked I didn't come to her! I was searching for the car! Where's the car! Luckily Mama opened the car doors and was honking the horn to lure me - it worked! And I didn't want to get out of the car at all!

It was a big scare for all of us! This shows the importance of the 'come' command, and Mama wonders how does she smack sense into a panicked dog who doesn't come? She said she might not ever let me out of the house again. In a good way.

I did get a new toy out of it! Woo! I like my new toy, a stuffed bear! Thanks, Ma!


Alll byyy myyy-selllf....

September 28th 2009 4:07 pm
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That's what I'm gonna be in class tonight! Ulli is staying home from dog class this week and I get to be the only dog to go with Mama!

You might think I'm sad and lonely, but secretly I'm so happy!! I got a bath yesterday and without Ulli there to scare people, they're not going to be able to take their hands off me!!! Oh, yes, I plan on stealing the show! Smiling and looking so cute and magical as I do. I managed to 'catch' a couple last week at dog class, they followed me all around the store and finally had to ask Mama if they could pet my boo-tee-ful-ness! Of course we obliged!

I'm center stage tonight! Hope I don't get carsick on the way!!!


Eager to Please

September 11th 2009 2:11 pm
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You want me to jump, Mama? How high? Vertically or horozontally? You want me to roll over too? Put some flair into it? I can! Just say the word! Wanna 'high five'? How 'bout some chase? I'm game for that too! How 'bout you adore me and rub me all over, especially my belly? I work for pets!!

I am so eager to please. I WUV it when Mama or Papa says 'YES'! It means I done something good! It makes me soooo happy.

Mama and Daddy went away for a WHOLE day last weekend. Ulli and I counted on our front paws, 16 hours! We did not pee or poo in the house. But we were ready to! We really wanted to go, but when they got home they smelled like the beach! Ick! We don't really like it there! Not too much! I'm glad we got out of going, somehow!! I got to lounge on my king size bed with pillows and blankies.... Ahhh. I love my big peeple bed! Only a crazy human would choose *sand* over a bed! Sheesh!


I'm a diary pick of the day!

September 3rd 2009 9:27 am
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Wow! Look at me! I'm a diary pick of the day! Ooooo!! Wow! AND, as if it couldn't get any better, my White GS friend Geno is ALSO a diary pick of the day! We're right next to each other! He's a big pup, I'm a young adult! We both have satellite ears though!!

We're going to be household names!! Mama says 'toilet' is a household name too... she's keeping me humble!

Mama took Ulli to a softball game last night without me!! What's up with that??? When they got home they promised to only take me from now on! I coulda told 'em that!

I am walking lighter and bouncier on my paws today because I have been acknowledged by the gods of Dogster!!! (sigh) I feel sooo special. I love being special! Thanks, Dogster gods!!


Mommy? Daddy? Is that you?

September 2nd 2009 3:19 pm
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What a week! We went to the beach, Ulli was a big patsy and was pretty insecure about the water and people and dogs, but I was a champ! I was curious and sweet and beautiful! I even jumped in the shallow part of the water if my mommy did it first! I jumped over a wave! I didn't want to get my ears wet! It was such a new experience, I was really excited and overwhelmed! It was kind of hard to focus on mama and daddy!

We went to our second dog class Monday and Ulli and I did everything the dog trainer told us. Then when it was mom and dad's turn Ulli said, "Yeah right! You're MY human, you'll do as I say!" They didn't like that much! They decided they should be more our leaders and STOP fawning over us and bowing to our cuteness every time they see us . Really? The first day it was weird! Mama? Is that you? But you aren't cooing over me! Are you okay? Then when she did pay me attention I paid total attention to her!! I've got to take all I can get! I even played with all the toys she handed me! I wonder how long this new mom and dad is going to last? I guess as long as I get love, a soft bed, and food I'll be okay! I'll keep you posted!!


Intermediate Class, Day One!

August 25th 2009 4:19 pm
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Hooray! We went back to school! I was hoping we would, I liked it the first time! Mom and dad said I was more focused than Ulli, something about her being 'rusty' from a 10 week break from school. I took the lead this time, no more scardey cat Joey! I'm done with that! I told Ulli when we got there, "Follow my lead, I know these peeps!" and she did! I saw my sweet friend Lily, and Romeo too!

They were having us do kind of weird things - like 'wait'? Hm. That's a new one! And sit and stay while people moved and made noise! It was something! Pretty distracting, but mama says it was supposed to be! It was a lot of fun to have Ulli there with me! She didn't steal my thunder at all! She has her own thunder!

Boy, I was worn out after that. Mama says we have some serious studying to do for next class! Yay!!!

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