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Owie! My eye!!

May 4th 2014 8:42 am
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Yesterday WE ALL GOT BATHS! It has been a LONG LONG time and Mama and Daddy said we were REAL GRITTY! Ew!!!

Now we're all soft like spring chickens! Mama can't keep her hands off us!

Frankie and I were playing in the back yard and Mama and Daddy heard a 'SNAP' and I came running to my Mama! Daddy was afraid that snap was a leg! But my eye was bleeding! OH NO!

Mama and Daddy are REAL GOOD. They took me inside REAL QUICK. Mama put a wet washcloth on my eye and cleaned it REAL GENTLE. Then they took me in the sun to have a look.

I had a cut on my eyelid! The top one! Owie! But it looked like my little eyeball was A-OKAY!

Mama slathered it in oinkment, and Daddy gave me a pain pill and an Ace. It's the first time I've ever had Ace and have been sedated! Boy that stuff is strong!! Mama checked on me A LOT last night.

She said if I pawed at it ONE TIME, she'd put me in the cone of shame! I pawed at it once, the soft cone came on, and I took it off! Oh shoot! Poor Mama!

Luckily I didn't paw at it again. This morning I'm holding it open and acting like a normal dog.

Paws crossed that I continue to heal! I need to SEE!!!


Walking adventures!

April 19th 2014 1:28 pm
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Me and Mama and Frankie we walking yesterday and a dog RAN UP TO US and was barking! It was a real pretty pibble! It stopped about 10 feet away! Me and Frank lunged and barked but we were pretty tired because we had walked a ways before that.

Mama was stamping her feet hard! Saying 'SHOO!' to the doggie. She didn't know WHAT we were gonna do!! Then she pulled out her pepper spray. That doggie ran away up the road and back home then! She didn't even have to threaten with it!

Mama says she doesn't want to pepper spray doggies! She went and bought a little spray bottle and ammonia. She says if you spray it near the offending doggies nose, he'll say 'WOW THAT STINKS!!' and lose all interest! So that's the plan now!

Mama is always amazed at dogs who can run loose near busy roads and stay safe! Even if they are charging perfectly nice doggies walking! Those must be some REAL SMART dogs!


I'm a chicken!

March 22nd 2014 5:56 pm
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Mama thinks I'm a chicken!! Because she PLUCKS AND PLUCKS AND PLUCKS ME! She is VERY happy when she gets a full tuft of hair. I am appreciative that she is grooming me like a monkey with her fingers, but sometimes I say NOT NOW MOMMY! I don't feel like a chicken right now!

Is this going to get worse? I sure hope she doesn't decide to throw me in the oven!! NOT A CHICKEN, MOMMY!!


SO SO sad

January 19th 2014 11:54 am
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Well we are all so sad. SOOOO sad. Dogster has grown and grown and it’s too big for it’s britches and now there are no britches to hold Dogster. So it’s ending. Over. Kaput. Done.

We’re really sad. Mama says we’re going to have to move to the book of faces with her. There’s a COOL person there named ‘Stone Gang’ who is keeping a list of all the Moms and Dads of Dogster dogs so we can find them on that book of faces. Mama is working on asking for more Dogster furrends today. She’s almost done with the A’s.

Find our furrends, Mama!! Get on the book of faces, dogs! We will prevail! Message us for our book of faces name! Or look on Stone Gang’s page! We’re there! Be there or be SQUARE!



January 16th 2014 8:23 pm
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FYI, I'm the BEST DOG EVFUR. Wanna know why?

MY MAMA TRUSTED ME to be with pepperoni and ham steaks ALONE!!

My Mama is not the brightest bulb in the box. That's what Frank tells me, but boy do I believe it now!

We went on errands together, with me backseat driving. She got meat at the grocery store, THEN went to another store!

If I were Buddha I could make a sad face that would make her forgive anything. If I were Frank I could pretend I didn't know any better. But it was me, and I had to do the right thing. I focused on the door my Mama went in until,she came back out!

Mama said she knew she was taking a chance. You can take a chance on me!!!



NOT a therapy dog!

January 3rd 2014 8:03 pm
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Well, it's official. I DO NOT have what it takes to be a therapy dog. We tried it. It didn't work.

Buddha had to go to the vet for a monthly shot and some laser treatments. I said I WANT TO GO!!! I'LL BE MORAL SUPPORT!! HE NEEDS ME!!! LET ME GO!!

So, of course, they let me go!!

I growled at other dogs! I got Buddha all excited! Once we got in the room I whined the whole time and said, "What about ME? What about ME?"

Mama said therapy dogs are supposed to focus on the other person or dog. Not themselves.

Oh well! I can't be good at EVERYTHING!! Buddha did fine and we all went home and were happy and zoomy!

Silly Mama!!



January 3rd 2014 8:00 pm
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Oh my gosh I've been SO BUSY and haven't had time to write until NOW THIS MOMENT!!

I had a BARKDAY! And thanks to efurryone who wished me a happy happy barkday!!

It was SO FUN! I got to go to the PARK ALONE WITH MAMA AND DADDY! I was THE SPECIAL GIRL! It was great! Then I got a BATH! We all did. But it wasn't as bad because I WAS SPECIAL!

Mama sang to me a lot - the barkday song! I'm still smiling because it was so fun and great and I was SO SPECIAL!! I LOVE being special!!!


The pee saga is over!

November 23rd 2013 6:54 am
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At last, the pee saga is over! The vet gave Daddy a VERY SHALLOW tray to get my pee in. THEN Mama and Daddy FINALLY let me off the leash! OMD! I thought that would never happen!!

It was funny, Daddy was running behind me! I didn't care, I had to pee! They got the pee and Mama rushed it to the vet and my pee WAS PERFECT!

I coulda told them that! Sheesh! Silly pawrents!!!

Mama and Daddy say I can pee in peace for another year now.

I have a barkday coming up! I will be SEVEN on CHRISTMAS!!!

I want Mama to put dog beds back into the big car! They're MUCH more comfy to ride on than that hard floor! What am I, chopped liver?

Mmmmm... liver....

My wish is maybe three but preferably FOUR dog beds in the big car. Maybe if I ask for that for my barkday AND for Christmas, I'LL GET IT!!

Paws crossed!


You want my WHAT?!?!

November 12th 2013 3:17 pm
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Daddy did the WEIRDEST THING TODAY. I squatted to pee and he tried putting a CUP UNDER ME! I jumped WAY up! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!?!

He said he needed a pee sample for the vet! Do WHAT?!?!

I don't get this at all! Weirdo pawrents!

Mama says it's her turn to try next. OMD!!! I might have the weirdest pawrents ever!

Mama says my blood lab work was GREAT. Now we need pee lab work? Not sure I'm going for this!! Weird weird weird!!!


I'm a senior?!?!?!

November 11th 2013 6:04 pm
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I went to the vet today. I was due for my lepto & three yaer parvo shots!

I was 68 pounds minus my tail! The vet said I was perfect!!

Well. Once we got there Mama saw a sign. It was for 10% off senior wellness checks month!!


Mom and the vet said they're JEALOUS because white hair doesn't show gray!

At least I got that compliment!!

They SUCKED MY BLOOD! Mama says she doesn't know HOW they did that because I'M A freak!!!

Mama's going to have to follow me around and get a pee sample for the vet!! Bol!!! That's funny!!

I did get to go to PetCo and get treats! I didn't even growl too much at another dog I saw! And I took treats from a little boy! I was very gentle!

I was so brave today! I can't believe they called me a senior!!!

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