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Oooooh....I've been tagged!!!!

Tagged again!!!!

January 27th 2009 7:25 pm
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O.k. So this one's different.....
5 naughty things about myself.....Me??? Naughty????
This is a tough one, cuz I'm such a good doggie!

1. Once in a while. I'll admit, I might pick on Horatio first and start trouble....and Mommy usually thinks it's him....(shhhhh)
2. Sometimes I do drive Mommy nuts at bedtime, cuz she know's I wanna be on the bed......but I do a little dance-back&forth- for awhile before I let her pick me up.....
3. Mommy thinks I'm the perfect trained chi, and is always bragging about me...but on occasion it may be me that leaves a little puddle right outside the doggie litter box, instead of Cocoa...who usually gets the blame for that!!!
4. I do tend to be the chi who's not polite at mealtime, and will hurry and try to gobble the whole bowl down before anyone can even get a kibble....
5. I am REALLY LOUD if we are out in public, and will bark non-stop at anyone who comes near me and my Mommy til I decide if I like them or not- even though I don't understand why she gets sooooo embarassed!!!
There....I'm done....

Five friends I picked:
1. Wolfgang
2. Hannibal
3. Lucky
4. Carlos
5. Blue


7 things??? I'll do my best!!!!

January 2nd 2009 7:54 pm
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I've been tagged, and I was told I need to write 7 things about myself, and then tag 7 friends to do the same!! I'll try my best !!!

1. I am the "baby" of the bunch at my house!
2. I'm am the biggest in size of my fursiblings, although the youngest.
3. I weigh 5 and a 1/2 lbs.
4. I'm not the bravest of the bunch either...I have a timid personality.
5. Being the quietest, I also get into the most mischeif.
6. I am a cuddlebug, and sleep as close to my mommy as possible.
7. Even though I got bigger, I still try to snuggle and sleep under my mommy's neck like a scarf!

7 friends I've tagged:
2. Blue
4. Spencer
7.Shift Chanel Anniston

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