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Home Again!

January 5th 2009 1:24 pm
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I'm back from my 'cation at Bob's house while my people went on a big, silver bird to Uncle Paul's place. He lives in that place where they say," It never snows! This is nuts." But it snowed A LOT. They could have used me to help clean up. I love to pretend I'm a snowplow! My person (the one who smells like flowers) thinks that Seattle should invest in some snow removal 'quipment...just in case. "We have fire insurance, just in case," she said.
I had TONS of fun playing with the other doggies at Bob's place. He would open the door and we would run outside with no leashes 'cause he has a 'Westiefied' yard...but who would want to escape??? I slept on Bob's bed and he told me that he will always love me and that I can stay at his place anytime. My life is GREAT!




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