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06/10/13 I'm injured

June 10th 2013 2:21 pm
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It has been a very hard and difficult weekend. The humans took Coco and I in the truck to go pick up our mail Friday afternoon. When we got back from the four mile (two miles each way) trip, I was lifted out of momma’s car and went running off to go do my business. When I came back, both hind legs were dragging on the ground and I could not stand up on them.

Of course momma was in a major panic and it turns out my vet is not open on the weekends nor is there an emergency vet anyplace around us. As many of my pals know, I have a spinal injury that occurred when I lived in Winchester and was quite lucky because although my left hind leg was damaged I could still run, play and do my business without any problems. I walked with a swagger but I think it looked pretty cool – BOL.

Now, I have a lump on the side of my back and my left hind leg is dragging (I regained control of my right hind leg after two day of being in the crate). I've been taking extra pain medication but I don't like to be picked up right at the moment.

Anyhow, tomorrow I am going to the vet to be checked out. Daddy wants to have her give me cortisone shot like my last vet did which helped the swelling around my spinal cord go down and allowed me to walk again. Momma isn’t so sure it’s going to be that easy this time around.

It could be that the lump noted on my back might be from the cancer tumor that is on my leg. Anyhow, we will know more tomorrow. I hope I get to come back home and have my mancave open house so Whitley and Finley will be happy and then have my official mancave party for the guys.

in the meantime, momma and I are going to check out some doggy wheelchairs – maybe I can find one with some deer antlers on it, wouldn’t that be nifty? Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts.



05/30/13 What I hate most about Dogster

May 30th 2013 9:54 pm
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Well, I hate the fleas that spring up when you least expect them.

I hate when I get error 4 messages for reasons unknown.

I hate it when Dogster says I maxed out my photo limit when I haven’t.

Okay, maybe HATE is the wrong word for the above because actually they are more of an annoyance than anything else. I can live with them but the one thing that I really, really HATE is loosing my pals.

I feel like I know some of my pals really well. I share what is happening in my world and enjoy reading about what is going on in theirs. Sometimes you find a certain pal that you form a real friendship with and I feel that way about my pal Buttercup. Through the good and bad times she has been a part of my world and me hers. But now she has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge and I feel so sad.

It’s always hard to hear about one of my pal’s crossings not only because my pal is gone but because reality sets in and I know someday it will be my turn. When that time comes I hope Ms. Buttercup meets me at the pearly gates.

Ms. Buttercupi words can’t express how grateful I am that you allowed me to be pals with you. I will always love you.



05/26/13 Electrical inspection has been signed off

May 26th 2013 8:35 pm
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Well I have been enjoying my mancave quite a bit. I go in it to escape from Coco Rose always yapping in my face. I’ve often wondered if her yapping at me was the only thing she knows how to do really well. It’s nice to have my own spot where I can enjoy a treat or two without having to have Coco pestering me.

On to house news…we had a surprise visit from the electrical code enforcer last week. Daddy had set up an inspection date for next week but since the electrical code enforcer had nothing else to do he decided to come by early. Momma got embarrassed because there were dirty dishes in the sink and Arleenton was out hopping around. She had to hurry and put our bunny sister back in her cage so the code enforcer could go into the sewing room and inspect the electrical outlets and light fixtures. The good news is that he signed off the final electrical inspection so now all that is left is the final plumbing inspection followed by the sign off for occupancy. Daddy thinks the sign off for occupancy will be the one we will have problems with since we are already living in the house – BOL, BOL.

Momma spent one whole day grouting the shower in the master bathroom. Daddy said he heard a lot of mumbling coming from the bathroom as momma worked – BOL. Momma said it was hard work and that she never wants to do grouting again but since the bathtub in the master bedroom still needs to be grouted as does the tub/shower in the guest bathroom I’m guessing we will be hearing more mumbling this coming week.

Well that’s it for me tonight. Happy Memorial day to everyone.


PS - We're loving the new spell check feature on the diary page - Thank you Dogster!


05/19/13 Puffy's first ever mancave party

May 19th 2013 10:14 am
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Okay ladies, please do not get offended but this first party is just for us guys. We all love you ladies lots and lots but if you had to live with my fursister Coco Rose you would understand why I need a place where she is not allowed. There will be no BARKING IN MY FACE by a crazed girlpup.

So here’s the plan. My mancave looks really small but it is magical and expands as needed so all my boy pals that has wonderful long legs and bodies can be accommodated. Yes, you read that correctly, everyone will be able to fit in and we will have a grand ole time. I will fire up the BBQ and we can have squirrels, chickies that hopefully Toto will bring, MEATZ from Zaidies MEATZ of the Day club, some fresh ground hogs and anything else I can get my little paws on.

The freezer will be stocked with lots of Frosty Paws, Ice, Bacon shakes, and water.

On the 100” flat screen we can watch Turner and Hooch, My dog Skip, Eight Below or any other movie you might like to see.

So, who want to come to my party?

Puffy dancing around in excitement…

By the way, there will be a small cover fee of one new stuffie to cover all rug cleaning should someone happen to leave their mark on momma's rug - BOL, BOL


05/16/13 My new place

May 16th 2013 7:50 pm
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Momma purchased a wooden enclosed potty box for Simba Blue but hadn’t put it together. It sat in the garage/workshop for almost six months until she finally decided to try to put it together (momma is not very mechanically inclined and can’t follow directions on how to put things together since most of them are written by people who can’t even speak English). Anyhow, since daddy has been busy working on the tile in the bathrooms, momma decided to bite the bullet and put it together.

The first thing noted was that the enclosure was way too small for Simba. It’s not that he is fat, because he isn’t, but he is a Ragdoll breed and they are very large. So it took momma three day, yup, you read this correctly, THREE DAYS, to get the enclosure finished.

After it was all put together, momma put in a nice thick piece of memory foam for Simba to lie on. He walked in, looked around and hasn’t been back inside since. Not wanting to have momma’s feeling hurt after working so hard on getting it put together, I went in it and have decided it is now MY man cave. I want to hang a sign on it saying NO CATS or fursisters allowed.



05/15/13 The garden

May 15th 2013 8:16 pm
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I went outside with momma today to help her water the garden and as we were walking there, I looked down and saw some really BIG paw prints and a spine of some animal that didn’t survive the winter.

Momma said the paw print wasn’t a bear as there weren’t any claw marks so she is guessing it might have been a mountain lion or large dog.

When we got to the garden almost everything momma had planted was gone. Yup, there was no longer any corn, wax beans, carrots, cabbage, etc. All that was left is four or five little plants that the deer and rabbits didn’t eat.

I guess we won’t have to water the garden too much longer.



05.04/13 The little Pricess out did herself today.

May 4th 2013 6:12 pm
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Too bad it wasn’t something good. Instead, she got NASTY and bite momma on one of her fingers causing it to bleed. Yup, she chomped down on the finger that feeds her and now momma is afraid of her.

It all happened at 4:00AM when I woke momma up and asked her if I could go outside to do my business. Momma grumpily got out of bed and opened the French Doors to the outside and I went out but Coco remained on the King sized bed so momma picked her up and put her outside with me.

Anyhoodle, I walked away and piddled then came back to be let back inside. When momma opened the door, I happily came in but Coco remained lounging on the concrete patio and refused to come inside, so momma reached down and picked her up and without any warning at all, Coco turned her head and chomped down on one of momma’s fingers causing it to bleed.

So momma walked into the house with Coco in her arms and put her on the bed, but Coco ran down the doggy stairs and parked herself on the floor (maybe she was embarrassed).

Daddy woke up and momma told him DON”T BOTHER COCO – SHE BITE ME!! Daddy asked Coco what was the matter but she remained on the floor not acknowledging anyone.

Daddy went back to bed and momma washed her finger and put some antibiotic ointment and a band-aid on it then came back to bed. About 30 minutes later, Coco came up on the bed and lay down next to momma and flopped over on her back wanting a tummy rub. Momma gave her tummy a couple of gentle rubs until – Cujo…um, I mean Coco chomped down on the same finger she had bite earlier. She didn’t growl prior to the attack, it was quite sudden.

Momma turned on the bedroom light and looked at her poor finger, but this time, no blood was drawn. Coco meanwhile scampered back down to the floor and momma was left wondering what was going on with her. Coco stayed on the floor for quite a while before she decided to come back on top of the bed.

Coco does have kidney issues and drinks a lot of water so maybe she was having some pain or something. Momma is watching her closely and will take her to the vet next week if she feels this is the case. So far today, Coco has been being good and hasn’t tried to bite anyone.

Me, I’m enjoying having the little Princess being the “bad” dog for a change – BOL, BOL


05/02/13 What daddy?

May 2nd 2013 3:13 pm
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Daddy – Puffy! What do you think you’re doing?

What daddy? What seems to be the problem as Puffy continues to piddle on the porch right outside daddy’s bedroom?

STOP that right NOW. There is no need for you to do your business right outside my door when we have lots of other areas where you could do that at.

But daddy I heard that spreading the piddle around our property would help keep the wild animals away so I’m only trying to protect you.

Puffy! I said to STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!!!! Go someplace else and piddle. Get away from my door.

Puffy hurries up and finishes his business right where he was and then runs off to find Coco. Five minutes later Puffy brings Coco over to daddy’s porch and lifts his leg again to show Coco how much he loves his daddy - BOL


04/17/13 Arleenton's new home

April 17th 2013 10:19 am
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No, we did not give sale or rehome our bunny sister Arleenton, instead, she has a new cage that won't allow urine to steep onto the floors and it has been moved to the sewing room where she will be allowed to hop around when momma is in there. We have French doors that separate "our" bedroom from the sewing room so she will only be allowed to play in the sewing room. Momma says she has no intention of trying to get a bunny out from under the king sized bed and since Arleenton isn't house trained it would be hard to clean up any of her messes, if you get my drift. I can't wait to play some bunny tag with her...

What momma?

I can't play bunny tag with Arleenton, why not?

Because she is old and chasing her isn't nice.

But momma, Arleenton likes to be chased, she told me so.

Puffy are you making that up?

Of course not momma, would I fib to you? (Puffy puts on his innocent look on his face and looks momma right in the eyes).

I know you well Puffy and I can smell a story when one is told. You can NOT chase Arleenton, and that's final.

Okay momma, how about if I just read her the Velveteen Rabbit?

You can read?

Of course I can...(Puffy smirking).


04/10/13 More snow

April 10th 2013 1:23 pm
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Yesterday the humans had an appointment to take me into Gallup to see the nice Veterinary doctor as I needed my thyroid level re-checked to make sure I was getting the correct dosage. We had to be in Veterinary office at 8:45AM so that meant the humans had to get up early as the drive into town was approximately one hour from our home. Daddy woke momma up at 6:30AM because she usually has a hard time getting up “with the birds” as she put it but also because overnight a snow storm hit. Yup, after having really nice weather and getting all the snow melted and the mud dried out ole Mother Nature decided she wasn’t finished with us yet. We had high winds, hail and lots of fresh snow. Daddy didn’t have the snow chains on the truck so the 8 plus mile drive on the dirt roads was NASTY. The truck kept on sliding all over the place but luckily we made it just fine.

When we got to the vet office I was handed to a technician who stole some blood from me and told momma that they would have the results of my test ready in about an hour. Since Coco had come on the trip with me and we were both sharing a large crate in the passenger area of daddy’s truck, the humans wanted to make the best of the trip and get some shopping done while waiting for my test results because I was almost out of thyroid medications so it was important that I get my medication refilled or adjusted before we headed back up to the mountain.

The humans went to a feed store that was down the street from the vet’s office and bought Arleenton another cage. The last one that momma bought for Arleenton, right before we moved, had a cheap plastic catch pan on the bottom that got warped during the move. It was so bad that momma tried to make a new catch pan but somehow or other Arleenton always managed to get urine on the floor and since she is going to be housed in the sewing room so that she has lots of company and is not isolated from us, it was important to find her a nice cage that would not permit urine to steep on the floors. Daddy picked out a really nice one that has a high molded plastic catch pan as the base of the cage so it should be impossible for any bunny waste to be outside the cage. Arleenton is now in her new cage in the sewing room so Coco and I had to run over to her and welcome her to her new home with a series of BARK, BARK, BARK’s – BOL. I’m hoping momma will let Arleenton out to play some bunny tag with later.

Anyhoodle, back to my thyroid test, the results indicated I am taking the correct dosage so my prescription was re-filled and we all went back to the mountain. It snowed the whole way home and now everything outside is once again covered with snow. Today the sky is once again dark and it appears we are going to have more snow falling soon. If any of you pups want to come over and play in the snow with me feel free, but I have to warn you that you when you come inside the house afterwards crazy momma will pick you up and haul you over to the laundry tub to wash the snow and mud off your feet.


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