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Puff the wonderful

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January 10th 2009 7:33 pm
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The frustration level in my new home is finally going down, but I have been forced to wear a pink diaper with little poodles on it just so I don't soil in the house. Momma and daddy are happy that I am no longer doing my business on the carpet so I guess that's okay. Momma promised me that as soon as she is sure I understand that I only go potty outside then I will no longer be forced to wear a diaper. I only have to wear it while the folks are at work and thankfully it is removed when I go for walks. All in all it's not that bad but I can't wait for the day it's removed forever and I am trusted to be a good boy in the house.

Coco Rose is prancing around the house like the Princess she is but her head is really big cuz she is one of the Dogster Diary picks of the day. I love you Coco Rose you're a great sister.

Puff the wonderful


Puff the Lemon Pledge dog

January 9th 2009 2:34 am
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It's hard to learn new rules. My incorporation into the family is not going too smoothly. I continue to soil on the carpets and floors, I bark steadily, and have separation anxiety. Momma and daddy were getting frustrated with me, so momma made some changes in my life.

1) I have to wear that silly ole pink diaper when momma and daddy go to work. In the two days that I've worn it, I'm happy to say there have been no potty accidents, not even in my diaper.

2) I now have an anti-bark collar. This collar sprays stinky lemon sent on my face whenever I bark - Yucky!!! I don't like this at all, but already I am not barking as much as I had been. Momma and daddy say I smell like lemon Pledge.

In regards to my separation anxiety, only time, security and lots of love will heal this.


I'm in trouble

January 5th 2009 9:08 pm
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My morning started off alright. Momma had to go back to work today after being home four days straight. I wanted her to stay home and snuggle with me, but when she woke up at one AM, she let me and Coco out of our crates and we climbed up onto the daybed and went back to sleep with momma until 5am. When we go up the second time, momma let us outside and we were supposed to go potty and then come back inside. Show off Coco did, but I did not. While momma was taking her bath, daddy let us both back inside. It was then, that Idecided to use the living room carpet as my bathroom. At the time, it seemed like a good idea but Simba was sitting on the sofa and saw me go Poop. Unknown to me, was that daddy had laied back down on the sofa and was under the quilt. He turned on the light and started sniffing and Simba keept on looking at my fresh poop pile. I paniced and got one of the dog toys and placed it on top of the poop to try to hide my handy work. Yup, nothing like toy ala poop. Do I need to tell you that daddy was mad? He hauled my little self off and placed me in doggy jail, my crate. I haven't even gotten up the nerve to ask daddy what he did with my toy.

Puff the wonderful (well maybe not so wonderful today)


Careful down there!

January 4th 2009 6:29 pm
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I have become a hen pecked guy. Coco Rose is always yapping and yapping at me and she gets right in my face too as she does it. I just ignor her most of the time, except she has finally learned a way to get my attention immediately. She has taken to nipping me on my wee-wee OUCH, careful there, it is attached you know. Needless to say, she gets my full attention when she does that. I need to learn not to lay on my back when she wants to play as it gives her easy access to my private area.

Puff the wonderful


Vet visit

January 3rd 2009 5:16 pm
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Today was a follow-up visit with my vet to see how I was doing and check my teeth and weight. I've gained over one whole pound in my new family. My teeth are nice and white and pretty looking again. I'm healthy as can be. Too bad I still have some emotional problems, but momma and daddy think all can be over come. Momma bought me a Natural Calming Charm to hang on my collar. This charm is supposed to have natural pheromone and herbal extracts to help calm stressed out dogs - yeah, we will see. She is going to get a copy of Ceasar Millian's - The Dog Whispererer and work on training me. All in all, I'm a very happy, but confused little guy. I like my new home and family, even Simba Blue, but don't tell him I said that.

Puff the wonderful


I've been tagged

January 1st 2009 8:02 am
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Oh boy, my very first game of tag. I'm so excited and can't wait to play. Trixie Mae tagged me and I'm supposed to write 7 things about myself and then tag seven pup pals. The pups I tag are supposed to write 7 things about themselves and then go tag 7 more friends and they will do the same.

1. I have had three different names 1) Bono 2) Scooter 3) Puff. I have had at least four different homes in my short life time. Each time I have moved I have been given a new name. My current humans let me keep my last given name.

2. I love small stuffed toys and carry them in my mouth all the time. I even want to take them outside with me. Got to have my toys.

3. I love to play fetch with my stuffed toys but will not play fetch with balls.

4. Put it on my plate, I'll eat just about anything. I like food, yes I do.

5. I'm just now discovering why Coco Rose likes to chomp on her treats all the time - bully sticks are very tasty - Thank you very much Dobie brothers.

6. I may be small, but I'm not scared of anyone. I even stood up to Simba Blue my kitty brother after he swatted at me once to often. Sure surprised him when I growled and snapped at him, but he hasn't hit me since.

7. My favorite place to be is under the covers with my new mom snuggling on a cold night.

Now I have to tag 7 others, oh boy, here we go.....

1. Peaches
2. Amber
3. Max

Sorry - most of my pup pals have recently been tagged so I was only able to find three that might come out and play.


Bully Sticks

December 27th 2008 8:06 pm
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Yummy - I have discovered Bully Sticks. Tiberius and Dylan's family sent us some and this is the first treat that I have taken away from Coco. Yes, she was chomping on one first but after watching her for ages, I got up my nerve and took it away from her and claimed it as my own. Now don't panic because there was another one so momma got it for Coco, but Coco sat there and gave me nasty looks as I continued to chew away on the tasty bully stick. Momma and daddy think giving me a bully stick in my crate will help calm me when momma goes back to work on Monday and I will have to be crated off and on through out the day so that I don't go potty on the carpet. I've been real good for three days so the peeps are pretty certain my going to the bathroom on the carpet is due to seperation anxiety when my human momma is gone. Momma is going to test this theory tomorrow because Coco is going to the groomers and momma is going to go down the hill to buy some more bully sticks for this coming week. Daddy will be busy watching the football games and I will be all by myself for awhile.

Puff the wonderful



December 27th 2008 3:34 pm
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I have been busy playing with all of the new toys Santa brought Coco, Simba, Bay-Ling and I. Momma and daddy have been taking toys away from me telling me that they aren't mine, but if now one else is playing with them shouldn't someone get to enjoy them, so why not me? Coco is too busy chomping on her busy bone and doesn't want to play as long as she has a cookie in her mouth. Simba was sick for a few days but is now feeling better, and Bay-Ling likes to play with all of the toys when everyone goes to bed, so she doesn't care. Me, I love stuffed toys and like to prance around the house with one in my mouth. Momma and daddy have been picking up our toys all day long saying that we have too many toys. How can someone have too many toys?

Momma was telling us this morning that two of the animal rescue groups in our area are shutting down at the end of the year. They have been over whelmed with animals and have decided that they are no longer able to feed, house and find homes for so many animals, especially since donations and adoptions are down. We live in an area that is hard hit with the recession and many animals have found themselves behind bars simply because their families are now homeless. Others are roaming the streets because their prior owners have felt it was better to turn them loose instead of turning them into shelters (our main shelter is a HIGH kill one). Daddy was telling momma that he sees dead dogs along side the road often. Cats are also facing the same problems as dogs. Even with the recession, the animal population would not be so large if people would only prevent their pets from reproducing.

Words of wisdom from Puff the wonderful


Christmas night

December 25th 2008 7:06 pm
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It's night time here in California and Christmas is almost over. What did my mom give me tonight? A bath and another hair cut!!! It's raining outside and mom was cold so she decided to go take a nice warm bath. My mistake was to go stand by the bathtub and look in. Before I knew what was happening, she reached down and lifted me up into the warm bath water with her. Now I have to admit it felt very good, but mom saw FLEAS on me. Yes, those little pesky bugs have been walking around on me. Being white, it's easy to see them so she scrubbed me down good and started picking them off of me. When she was finished, she put me on the bathroom counter and took out the hair clippers and cut my hair off. Yup, it's real short now, then she blowed my hair dry with the hair dryer on a nice cool setting. Once all of this was done, she put a tube of Advantix on me and on Coco Rose. I look real pretty and white and I will soon be bug free.

Momma also tried to put doggie booties on my feet so I could go outside and do my business without getting my feet wet. They are hard to walk in. When daddy saw me he removed them and told momma she was going over board. The booties are now sitting on the coffee table, so I guess I'll be getting my feet wet again when I go outside.

Puff the wonderful


My first Christmas with my new family

December 25th 2008 8:02 am
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Merry Christmas everyone. It's a nice rainy Christmas morning here in California. Yesterday I got to go to Grandpa's house for Christmas Eve. Momma took the diaper she bought for me so I wouldn't leave behind any unwanted "presents" but because my doggy cousins Hiedi and Molly were laughing at me, momma decided to hold me the whole time and not make me wear the diaper - I was SO happy. I wasn't too sure why we had traveled the long distance to Grandpa's house and I was kind of scared that my new family was going to leave me there so I sat real still and tried my hardest to be good. After mom, dad and Coco Rose visited with Grandpa, I was real happy when momma picked me up and took me with my family as we headed back home.

When we got home momma and daddy opened all of the presents that Santa had brought and it was then that I found out that Santa had left lots of goodies for Coco and me. I have so many toys now that I run through the house with one of my toys in my mouth at all times asking my humans to please toss the toy so I can go fetch. I love to play fetch and will do it as long as someone tosses for me.

After we opened the presents, momma wanted to walk Coco and I so she put on our raincoats (yes, I have a yellow raincoat with little duck buttons and a hood) and we walked around the block as a family. Momma was hoping I would lift my leg and go potty, but I didn't. Coco had to be carried part of the way because she didn't want to go for a walk, she wanted to chomp on the new chew bone that daddy had given her.

The bestest part of Christmas eve was when momma opened my crate last night and let me climb into bed with her. We snuggled all night and I was so happy. I'm a really nice snuggle guy - Coco choose to stay in her crate and chomp away on her chew bone.

Simba Blue my kitty brother is sick again. Momma caught him eatting the Christmas tree - Hey guy, it's a fake tree, don't eat that!!!! He was just at the vet last Saturday for shots, so momma and daddy are going to keep an eye on him today and not feed him anything except for baby food, which he loves. He seems to be better today so hopefully he got all of the fake Christmas tree out of his system of course he might also be having a reaction to the shots he had. In any event, Simba has a vet appointment for next week, but if he isn't better, I heard momma say something about "hualing his butt back to the vet" now.

Lastly, I want to wish everyone of our Dogster pals a very happy Holiday. I was one of the lucky dogs who found a new home, please help in any way you can to help the other cats and dogs that are in need.

Puff the wonderful

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