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11/23/13 Thanks daddy - I think...

November 23rd 2013 6:10 pm
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As my pals know, daddy fenced in the area between the garage/workshop and our house thus making a courtyard for Coco and I to do our business in where we will be safe from critters that would like to make us the "guest of honor" at their dinner table. The only problem is that the courtyard is all dirt that turns to mud when it rains and snow melts. The humans just didn't have enough time to make a nice yard out there for us this year before the snows arrived.

Coco doesn't like stepping in the mud, but heck, I kind of like how it squishes between my toes so I have no issues real issues with it. However, momma doesn't like having to wash our feetsies every time we come back inside so daddy took a huge plastic tarp and anchored it outside our French door.

Coco took to the tarp right away but the one downside is that when either one of us piddle on the tarp, there is no place for the piddle to go so we now end up walking in our piddle so we still have to have our feetsies washed - BOL, BOL.


11/02/13 More snow is on the way

November 2nd 2013 6:36 pm
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Coco and I had a nice relaxing day supervising momma as she hurried to finish the work required around the exterior tiles that are around our French doors. Momma needed to sand the wood down because she had used silicone on the wood door frame because water was damaging it and she didn't have time to fix it like it should have been done. Everything was going okay until daddy wanted to know why momma needed to sand the wood and since she didn't want to confess that she had used silicone on it she told him that the wood was peeling so she was just taking off the lifting stuff - BOL. Once all of the silicone was removed, it was patched with the appropriate filler and then painted. Too bad momma got paint on some of the grout so tomorrow she is going to do some grout touch-up. Everything has to be done and dry before the snows come in as expected on Monday.

While momma worked fixing the door frame wood, daddy ruined our courtyard. He took dirt and filled in all areas where Coco and I have been wiggling under the new fence. Neither Coco or I are very pleased with the results because we haven't found a place to escape at. Right now our courtyard is not very nice as it is all dirt and there is a huge area where water doesn't drain so it stays either muddy or wet but momma says that it is much better than being eaten by some animal that would like to make us the guest of honor at their dinner table. She says that hopefully by this time next year we will have a very nice courtyard to roam around in but it is too late to do anything with it this year.



11/01/13 Courtyard is now semi-enclosed

November 1st 2013 9:23 pm
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Today, momma finished grouting the tile that surrounds the exterior or our French doors of our bedroom. Daddy completed building the second gate to our courtyard and installed it, thus creating a “safe” place for Coco and I to be when we have to go outside and do our business. I again showed my appreciation for building this enclosure by shimming under the front gate to say “hello” to both daddy and momma as they stood talking on the other side of the fence – BOL. They continued talking to see if Coco was going to follow me under the fence but she didn’t.

Daddy says he is going to fix it so I can’t be going under the gate but guess what happened tonight…the little Princess was put outside by herself and she went AWOL by scooting under the back gate which is much closer to the ground than the front gate – BOL. She got busted when she wiggled back under the gate to get into the courtyard but found momma waiting at the door watching to see where she went under – BOL. Now daddy says he is going to fix areas so there isn’t as much of an opening from the dirt to the bottom of the gate.

He better get busy and do it tomorrow because there is another chance of snow coming our way on Monday.



10/24/13 Rainy day

October 24th 2013 6:24 pm
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Most of the day it rained a steady but light rain making outdoor visits unpleasant. I noticed even the fat squirrel that has been hanging around didn't come by today. On the other hand, it didn't stop the chipmunks from visiting, in fact instead of one, there were three - BOL.

Daddy stayed in bed most of the day keeping his weight off his injured toe which is a lovely shade of purple right now. The center joint on the toe is no longer flush with the rest of his toe bones as it is sticking up a bit most likely because it is dislocated but not broken. Momma wanted to put a splint on it but he said it would be better to tape it so that's what they did.

Since it was raining momma grouted the tile counter top on the cabinet in the laundry room. This is going to be where momma cuts our hair and attempts to groom us - BOL. If you ask me she is wasting her time because I know Coco isn't going to stand still for grooming, me, I do just about anything momma wants me to do except allow her to trim the hair on my toes or even worse, trim my nails - YUCK!!!



10/21/13 Scooter and the squirrel

October 21st 2013 8:38 am
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I was lucky enough to have the camera handy to snap a photo of the very talented Scooter sitting on a tree branch right next to the surprised squirrel. Of course Scooter fell out of the tree shortly thereafter, but that's another story altogether.

The photo has been posted on my page.



10/19/13 Backyard critters

October 19th 2013 7:46 pm
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We have been having different "neighbors" stop by to feast at our house. There have been woodpeckers who are very entertaining the way they run up and down the trunks of the trees; finches, ravens, Western Tanager, sparrows, Hawks, a pretty blue bird and some other bird with bright red feather on it's chest but gray on it's back. Today I saw the fat squirrel, two Chipmunks and one mouse. When the humans went to town today momma bought some bird seeds and will be putting some out tomorrow. I'm still watching for the flock of wild turkeys in hope that they come onto our property because there is room for several of them in our freezer - BOL, BOL.

We still haven't seen the skunk that left it's calling card the other day but I guess that's good because I really don't want a bath right now anyways.

Momma is concerned about the wide gap under the gate on the fence that daddy just put up. It is wide enough to allow a coyote access into our courtyard and that defeats the whole purpose of having the area fenced.

I'm still limping around after my ole knee cap popped out again (don't send me any POTP as this is a recurring owie that I'm just going to have to learn to live with). When my knee is hurting I don't play with my stuffies and growl at Coco to tell her that I don't want to play with her either, but she ignores me and so I have to resort to running to momma to get away from crazy Coco. I tell you she is so bossy but I love her anyways.



10/17/13 Holiday cards

October 17th 2013 8:49 am
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Holiday cards

Yes pals, momma is getting out the envelopes and addressing them so that they will be ready for mailings come the day after Thanksgiving. What you ask is momma addressing…why our holiday cards of course.

For those of you, who have been receiving these yearly cards from us, if you would prefer NOT to have them or have moved, please paw mail momma and she will make the necessary changes otherwise you will be getting one as you are already on the list.

Now for new pals or pals who have not given us your mailing address, we would really love to send you one of our holiday cards so if you would like to receive one, please paw mail momma with your full name (last name included) and address so momma can pick out a holiday card just for you.

We promise not to give out your personal information to anyone and should you desire NOT to receive cards from us at any time, a simple paw mail to momma asking her to remove you from our card list will stop further mailings.

And what do you have to do in return to get a card? Well Puffy would love a truck load of new stuffies and of course I would be more than happy with different cookies, but momma says the cards are sent with love and we do NOT expect or require anything from you so forget about the stuffies and cookies. All we want is to put a smile on your face and let you know that we are very happy to have you as a pal.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose and Puffy


10/15/13 Hunting

October 15th 2013 5:16 pm
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OMD – guess what we saw today? A herd of deer grazing at on someone’s property right by the cattle ranch: and a whole flock of wild turkeys. Toto, hurry up and come over here and you can have a grand ole time chasing and eating wild turkeys. They were all quite large and I’m sure one would fill your tummy nicely. If there is any other pups out there that would like to join us on a wild turkey hunt just come on over.

For those of you who would rather not have to pluck feathers, we have also had several squirrels hanging around and one of them is quite plump. There have also been lots of field rabbits and jack rabbits about.

For those who want a real challenge there are always the elk and deer but I suggest you team up with others in order to be successful in capturing your dinner. Everyone is welcome to stay here and hunt for as long as you like.



10/13/13 Again?

October 14th 2013 6:47 am
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Hey Coco! Guess who Dogster chose to be one of the diaries featured today? ME!!!!! I've been featured so many times that I'm pretty certain my Dogster honors have out grown yours.

"Don't gloat too much because you haven't gotten the highest Dogster honor and that is Dog of the Week, and I did, so there!"

Anyhow pals, I know you all love me but once again I request that you do not spend your Dogster Zealies to buyme rosettes because as stated the last time I was chosen, that the holidays are coming so save them and get me some new stuffies...

"What momma?"

"You can't buy stuffies using the Dogster Zealies so you might as well stop HINTING for your pals to get you new stuffies."

"Well you should be able to buy stuffies and Forever Angel wings with Dogster Zealies...I'm just saying..."



10/12/13 Another Dogster honor

October 12th 2013 6:11 am
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Once again Dogster featured my diary to be featured today. I am so honored and still request that you do not send me a rosette but save them up so you can send me a really nice Christmas stuffie shortly.

Yes pups, Christmas is going to be here before you know it so you better be on good behavior so the ole fat man in red doesn't add your name to the "Naughty" list.

And I can't think of a better way to make him happy then to send me some new stuffies. You know the humans have a saying "It's better to give than to receive" so I'm quite sure sending me some new stuffies would fit the bill.

If you need my address just paw mail me - BOL, BOL


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