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Puff the wonderful

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01/16/14 The day the tears fell

January 16th 2014 6:12 pm
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I remember just like it was yesterday when there was an announcement that Dogster/Catster had been sold to SAY Media. The barking and meowing was loud as many were wondering what was in store for the media site. Change is always hard but we were assured that this change would be good as things would be kept more or less like they were, but "better".

We began to see some of our pals leave to go play elsewhere as they felt they did not want to wait to see what happened. Those of us who remained had to deal with a steady supply of fleas and ticks because SAY Media had cut back on the work force so the technical expertise just couldn't handle all of the issues that were occurring although they did try very hard.

Now, once again there is another CHANGE, but this one is NOT a good one. Doing away with the community page is not an option that I can endorse or abide with.

Coco, Simba and I will stay her until March 2, then we are going to delete our pages. We see no reason to come back here to read the magazine.

Puffy - crying tears of sadness...


01/14/14 Momma has been busy and in LOTS of trouble

January 14th 2014 6:31 pm
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Daddy's birthday is coming up and momma offered to make him a new quilt for his birthday present. She has had lots of time to get everything planned, ordered, cut and sewn but since she isn't feeling all that good, she put everything off. Now time is slipping by so momma has to get BUSY and start working on the quilt so we will be only be able to sneak in at Dogster for a little bit every day.

One thing momma did, that she wishes she hadn't was try to finish up some unfinished projects in both of the bathrooms. The humans had gotten all the tile set and grouted but hadn't done the silicone around the tub so momma decided that she would do it before the wall board got ruined.

Easy said, but we are talking about momma here and there hasn't been any project that she has done on the house that has turned out to be "easy" and without complications.

Daddy was going to use a water soluble chalk but momma had seen on the Home and garden channel that it was a major mistake and only chalk designed to prevent mold and mildew was to be used. So when the humans went to town the other day, momma bought a tube of the "preferred" stuff and applied it in the big bathroom around the tub. Everything went well until she went to do the clean up and discovered that this stuff did not wipe up. She ended up having to use a straight razor blade to wipe some of the excess off and some type of chemical that daddy gave her (Yup, he caught momma in the act).

Anyhow, the next day momma decided to do the little bathroom and once again applied the "preferred" goop around the tub but when she used the chemical solvent that daddy had given her the day before, it dissolved and pitted part of the rim of the tub. Apparently the tub in the big bathroom is a pricy tub made with baked porcelain but the one in the little bathroom is made of PVC which the chemical ate away. Now there is a area about one foot long that is totally pitted and damaged. Momma says she created a slip proof area, but daddy was not impressed. Neither human knows how this is going to be fixed or if it can be fixed. Needless to say, momma packed up her stuff and quit for the day - BOL, BOL.


01/11/14 This is most embarrassing...

January 11th 2014 5:10 pm
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That's right pups, I am really embarrassed. I bet many of my pals are wondering if it had something to do with me rubbing myself in some nice fresh poop, but let me put your minds at ease, poop never came to mind until AFTER I did what I did.

Do I have your interest now? My fursibling Simba Blue, the nasty cat of the family, somehow managed to get stuck behind the nightstand that is in momma's sewing room. Yup, he was squished and couldn't turn or even up back up to the top of the nightstand.

Momma was in our bedroom but being hearing impaired she couldn't hear him, but I could. I ran to the sewing room and laughed and laughed at him. Momma saw me going into the sewing room and yelled, yes, YELLED at me that I better not be planning to go potty in there and the next thing I knew, I was outside for a good year or so, until momma was pretty certain that I had adequate time to do my business. When she opened the door to let me back inside, she picked me up and put me back on top of the big bed. I immediately ran back into the sewing room and went over to the night stand. Momma once again told me that I better behave, but this time she came in and looked all over the place for "Puffy surprises" and not finding any thing started looking where I had been standing and that is when she noticed Simba Blue stuck behind the night stand.

I should have ignored him and let him stay back there, but nooooooo, I had to alert momma that Simba was in need of rescuing. What's wrong with me? It's not as if I have to be good because ole Santa is coming, heck, he won't be back for months and by then, my good deed with be forgotten.



01/05/14 Sunny but COLD and WINDY

January 5th 2014 5:46 pm
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I probably shouldn't be complaining because many pups out there have it much worse than I do, but I'm going to complain anyways.

It was a nice sunny day here in North Western New Mexico and we were going to go for a Pupmobile ride so momma could take some pictures. She hauled herself out of our nice cozy bed and made Coco and I go outside to do our business while she put on her street clothes.

We were outside in our courtyard so momma thought she would take a moment to go put some cornbread out front for the birds and small animals to eat. She went outside and decided IT WAS COLD, came back inside and put on her coat and went back outside and once again decided IT WAS COLD, came back inside, took off her street clothes and put her nice warm jammies back on. She let Coco and me back inside and nestled us back into warm blankies on the bed then momma came back to bed too. She said it was too cold to get up so we napped while momma read a mystery on her NOOK.

So how cold was it? Only in the low 20's but the wind was blowing real hard thus making it feel much colder.

I can just see our North Eastern pals shaking their heads in disbelief because THEY are really dealing with COLD weather. All I can do is remind everyone that we are California transplants so we aren't used to dealing with any type of cold weather.


12/31/13 New Years Eve extravanganza and "THE KISS"

December 31st 2013 1:10 pm
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“Coco do you hear that”?

“Huh? What? Are you saying something”?

Puffy walks over to Coco and nudges Coco's hind paw out of her ear. “Stop that darn scratching and listen” he tells her.

Suddenly the roar was deafening. Both Coco and Puffy ran outside and looked out into the sky and to their surprise they saw a 757 jetliner coming in for a landing on the dirt road behind their house. They stood by the side of the road as the jumbo airplane's propellers came to a stop and the passenger door was opened. Like magic some stairs appeared but no passengers descended the plane.

Coco spotted Zaidie waving from the pilots seat and next to him was Jackie as his co-pilot (it never hurts to have an angel as a co-pilot).

“Puffy, you have to go greet our guest and then bring Ali to me so she can pick out a pretty party dress.” “Why does she need a dress? Isn't it enough that you expect us pups to wear silly hats and masks? I think she is quite beautiful without a dress on. In fact, I would prefer her that way” – HeHeHe. “If that be the case, why are you getting all pretty for your date with Mazy? I know you had a bath, got a blow dry and are now sporting your Christmas tie that Angel Buttercup sent you”. “You're looking mighty handsome I must admit, but if I were you, I'd go ask momma to brush your teeth before you greet any of our guest”.

With that, Puffy and Coco hurried back into the house – Puffy to find momma to have his teeth brushed, and Coco got busy and dragged out her hope chest that was filled with her many pretty dresses and started aligning the bed with them. “This is going to be such a fun party. I'm sure there are some dress here that will fit Ali. She will be the belle of the ball, after me of course” Coco thought. She looked in the mirror and decided that she needed to put some ribbons in her hair so she picked out the pretty red ones with the diamond in the center that a prior boyfriend had given her and waited for the girl pups to come try on some of her dresses.

Puffy hurried back to the side of the road and waited for the passengers to exit the plane, his breath smelling much better. Prince and Ruby the Pomeranians from Canada were the first to hurry down the steps. In their excitement they somehow managed to tumble down the last few steps and the bag of stuffies Prince was carrying spilled about. The tossed stuffies got me excited and I ran around throwing all of the stuffies further about - I just couldn't help myself. Bunny a Pomeranian mix also from Canada stood on the stairs and watched with glee - “This party is already starting to be entertaining” she thought as she edged her way around Prince and Ruby who were slowly picking themselves up off the ground.

Riley, a wonderful Canadian English Pointer, came running down the now cleared stairs and headed towards the trees shouting “LET ME AT THEM RABBITS”. Puffy by now had abandoned the spilled stuffies but before he could even direct Riley in the right direction Riley found some rabbit droppings and was gone. “Gee, I sure hope Riley doesn't get himself lost in the forest” Puffy thought.

Our good pal Buddy, a Golden Retriever mix was coming down the stairs with our new pal Kelly, a young German Shepherd puppy. Buddy was being so sweet helping Kelly navigate the stairs. Right behind these two was beautiful Jelly, one of our Affenpinscher pal; these three pals are also from Canada.

By now, the sound of barking dogs could be heard all throughout the airplane. Pups were sticking their heads up to the window waiting for their chance to exit the plane. Cinnamon the beautiful Cocker Spaniel mix from New York came down the stairs looking as regal as always.

Zoe our Miniature Schnauzer pal and her furbrother Tux a Labrador Retriever mix practically flew down the stair and then stood at the bottom barking their heads off. Once they started barking the others joined in and the noise they were making became unbearable (imagine being in a dog kennel with millions of barking dogs – it's not fun). Puffy was wondering if daddy was going to come out and tell everyone to “SHUT UP” but thus far he hadn't so it's safe to say daddy was in his media room “watching a movie with his eyes shut” - BOL, BOL.

Petey our Jack Russel Terrier pal came down the stairs with Zane a Toy Poodle: both pals came from Pennsylvania to be at our party. I love you both and know you're going to have a blast. Make sure you stay away from the cattle ranch so the mean ole rancher won't shot at you and off they went to hunt down squirrels, or so they said.

Anya our Doberman Pincher friend was helping Demon Flash Bandit and Angel Zoom Smokey get Macho Mini Cooper a wheelchair bound Lhasa Apso pal down the rear ramp of the plane. Also on the ramp was Frank and Joey assisting Buddha their Pit Bull furbrother, but from the looks of things ole Buddha didn't need any help because he was rolling down the ramp just fine on his own.

The Papillon pack from Washington, Queen Misty, Pepper Power, Scooter Pie and Cutter Bug were pushing and shoving each other on the stairway. Misty insisted that she should be first and without further ado, she hurried down with the others following in her wake. She had a teddy bear firmly held in her mouth and refused to put it down. Pepper started sniffing the air and wanted to know where she could find the chicken strips at. Scooter and Cutter both took off after sniffing the air and headed to the BBQ pits without saying a word to anyone.

Whitley and Finley our West Highland White Terrier pals from Texas had descended the stairs and were showing Bailey an American Eskimo from Illinois; Lacey a Miniature Schnauzer from Virginia; Shakespear another Miniature Schnauzer pal, their pretty painted nails. They have their own line of nail polish and once again they were going to paint anyone's nails with their product. Their nail painting booth was such a hit at our last party that we are looking forward to it again this time. I always like having Whitley and Finley at our parties just in case we get in trouble for something. Those two have been my long time lawyers and I seem to always need their help. Who could possibly forget the Stuffie Rancho mess I ended up in when we moved to New Mexico?

Flicka a wonderful Blue Heeler from Oklahoma was barking at his furbrother Lucas who is a handsome Flat Coated Retiever. Both wanted to get busy and search for those elusive wild turkeys flocks we have twice spotted. Puffy advised them to wait until everyone who wanted to search could get together so we would know who was out in the forest. He suggested they go into the snack tent and get some nourishment before going to explore, which is what they did.

Puffy was extra surprised to see Pookie and Fluffy Lee come down the stairs. They are our BFF and came all the way from Florida just to spend New Years eve with us. He quickly directed both of them to the bedroom so that they could surprise Coco with their presence. I know she is going to be real thrilled to see them.

By now there was a steady stream of party guest milling around and making their way to the various tents that were set up with foods and services offered to them. Massage Delight personnel were offering wonderful full body rubs that were advertised to relax even the most uptight pups. Bailey the beautiful Lhasa Apso mix from Texas was moaning in delight as the technician gently worked her hands over Bailey's body. On the next table there was Riley an Australian Terrier from California. He too was experiencing a delightful rubdown judging from the look on his face (his eyes were closed and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth) – I wish I had my camera as it was a wonderful Kodak moment, but I didn't. The third table held Doo, our Weimaraner pal from Texas. She hasn't been feeling well lately so the technician was using warmed. smooth rocks to rub over her tired body. The air in the tent was filled with the smell of incense perfuming it. It would have been a very relaxing experience had the other dogs not been barking but somehow the pups getting a message seemed to be able to tune out all the other distractions. Anyhow, Hershey and his furbrother Van Winkle appeared with a box of sound blocker headsets which they loving placed on everyone's ears who were in the message tent. Doo's furbrother Austin, a very nice Chinese Shar-Pei stayed by her side during the massage in case she wanted anything. He only left to get her some water to drink. And speaking of drinks, I did notice that Van Winkie and Hershey were attracting a lot of attention from other pups as they were also pulling out a water bottle and passing it around. I was beginning to wonder if they were passing out some moonshine but, hey, it's a party and no one is going to be driving home so why should I interfere?

In the distance I spotted Crystal, Barney, Harvey, Ali, Beanster, Toto, Riley, Annie, Jethro and Quincy, our dear pals from New Hampshire. I ran over to them and told Ali, Crystal, and Annie that Coco was in the bedroom waiting for Ali and she would be happy to outfit all of the girls if they wanted to get dressed up. Ali of course was delighted but Crystal and Annie didn't really want to until I pointed out that it gets real cold at night and having some clothes on would help keep them warm as they enjoyed the various events outside tonight. Once that was said, they all headed up to the bedroom and even Barney and Harvey went to get a sweater from my closet because they don't have much hair being Chinese Crested. Toto of course wanted to know where the turkey hunting party was because he wanted to get in on the fun.

How many more pups could possibly be on the airplane I wondered as I headed back to it. I soon saw Meeko a Boarder Collie Mix; Darcy a Boxer Mix and Grunt a Pit Bull Terrier chasing a squirrel that was spotted right by the front of the airplane. With great speed they managed to catch the first squirrel for our BBQ. They were so proud of themselves that they tossed the squirrel into the air and when it landed on the soft fallen leaves of the trees it sprung up and was off and running with the three dogs following close behind it. Too bad the squirrel jumped up onto a tree and managed to escape.

OMD – I thought, this greeting stuff is hard work when there are so many pups on this plane. It's much easier when Zaidie brings his Lear Jet but because there were so many he apparently had to get a bigger plane. As I was more or less complaining to myself I looked up and there stood Mazy. My heart was beating wildly as she smiled at me. What a pretty, pretty little Dachshund she is! I was tongue tied and the only thing I could think to do was stand there and stupidly wave at her as she came down the stairs. We sniffed each other and then I finally found my voice and asked her if she wanted to go get something to snack on while I continued my hosting chores until Coco could take over. She decided that she would go get something to eat then come back and help me. I tell you this date is turning out to be good.

I see Charlie, Toto and Abbie from Texas were next to exit the plane. All are fursiblings and this will be their first time at one of our parties. It's exciting to have them join us and I hope they have a wonderful time. I told them they could do whatever they wanted to do but to make sure they did not stray from the property because they could easily get lost or harmed by wild animals or upset humans. It's best to wait for hunting parties to leave and go along with them as each will be headed by an experienced leader who will make sure they are safe. The boys made a mad dash to the food tent but Abbie wanted to get a massage so she headed to that tent.

Somehow I had missed greeting Ceeley and Ebby as they came down form the plane, but I did spot them as they walked towards the food stations. Ceeley was being very nice but everyone knows Ebby is just like Coco and has a sharing issue when it comes to food. I saw her walk by our pal Ziggy's plate and take the steak right off of it as he was talking to Jazzi Danz'r and Harley Diva Girl. No one seemed to see Ebby do this except for me. When there was a break in the conversation and Ziggy went to eat his steak he discovered it was gone. Luckily there is lots of food so he went and got another one, but this time he ate it right away. I know Coco would have said it served Ziggy right to loose his steak because he should have paid more attention to it instead of talking.

I turned back to see more guest leaving the plane and saw Mia Muah, Mei-Li, Dragon and Teddy. I waved to them and told Mia Muah where she could find the massage tent and nail painting parlor at. She and Mei-Li kissed me and headed over there; me, I was speechless and was reduced to blubber but recovered quickly.

Hobo and Milo were running after their hyper fursister Luna. Luna came up to me and demanded, yes, DEMANDED to know where Coco was. I told her she was in the bedroom loaning out party dresses to pups who wanted to dress up for New Years eve. Luna said she wanted the first pick of the dresses and high tailed it towards the bedroom. After she was gone I told Milo and Hobo that they better expect Luna to be in a fowl mood because other girl pups were already picking out party dresses to wear. Hobo said it wasn't going to be his problem because he was going to be with Coco; Milo only sighed.

Professor Chester was giving an informal lecture on how to track and catch wild turkeys. His fursister Minnie didn't appear to be paying any attention as she was chatting with Samantha a Boston Terrier mix. I don't know what they were saying but Monty a Chinese Shar-Pei and his fursister Missy told them to quite down because they wanted to help with the turkey hunt and would like to hear what Professor Chester was saying. Needless to say, Minnie and Samantha ignored their pleas and continued talking so Monty and Minnie moved closer to Professor Chester where they would be able to hear without distraction, except for the outside barking dogs of course.

At this time, Fizzy our Miniature Schnauzer pal, Molly a Maltese pal and Zaidie came out onto the platform of the magic stairs of the plane. All were looking guilty of something, but I don't know what. Maybe it was just my imagination running wild, who knows. Not many know Molly as she is currently being fostered by Angel Buttercup's family. Everyone is hoping she gets to stay there but it hasn't been decided by her ailing owner.

Just when I thought the plane was empty, out came TinkerBell, Halo Kitty and their fursister Shayla. Those Chihuahua’s sure know how to dress pretty as each had on dresses that sparkled in the dimming light. I tuned to walk away from the plane and stopped because I heard a roaring sound coming up the road. Imagine my surprise to see Redford driving a ATZ down our dirt road. In the back he had Nina, Cooper, Keighty, Mick and Forrest. They didn't need Zaidie to pick them up because they live in New Mexico.

Coco finally emerged from the bedroom wearing her black and white party dress; Ali was in the red one, Annie in the pink one and Crystal had on the purple on. Cinnamon had heard about the dress loan and she came out in a mufti-colored one the appeared to change colors as she moved. Ebby and Ceeley were there too but they didn't want to “play dress-up” as they put it, but I did note that Ebby was wearing one of Coco's blinged out crowns – BOL. Luna, was wearing a royal blue dress that looked wonderful on her but she didn't look happy. I suspect it was because she didn't get to choose the first dress. If you ask me, I think the dress she was wearing was the prettiest of all of them but I know better than to get involved in "girl" stuff. Mazy even emerged wearing one of Coco's pretty sweaters. As far as I was concerned she could have been wearing a burlap bag and still be the most beautiful pup at the party.

Anyhow, the party was in full swing now. We had search parities hunting the area for deer, elk, rabbits and of course the wild turkeys. Already several squirrels and rabbits had been caught and these did not escape, instead they were placed on the BBQ grill for eating (this is a rural area and eating of the captured animals is a way of life). There was a dim in the barking and Doo came up to Coco to inform her that Demon and the Professor had captured several wild turkeys along with a deer and was bring it back. I should have known those two would catch something. Not more than two minutes had passed when Demon and Professor Chester came back with their bounty. All pups stood around and barked with their delight, many of them drooling openly.

Everything was in full swing and the night sky was now in place. New Years eve was quickly coming up. Coco was making the rounds talking to everyone and being a very good hostess. The pockets on her dress were budging with cookies she had snagged from the snack tent. She was happy and each time she passed the dance floor she would grab someone to dance with her.

The clock was now in the count down to New Years eve. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Coco was tapped on her shoulder and when she turned around she was kissed! Now my wonderful pals, YOU get to finish this story.

Was she kissed by Hobo her boyfriend?
Beanster a pup who dated Coco once?
Zaidie her best boy pal?
Or a different pup?

As for me and Mazy we had a wonderful time. We danced, went on a squirrel hunt, had massages together, I even waited for her as she had her nails done. When New Years eve came, I bravely gave her a quick peck (it was our first date so I wanted to be very respectful of her, plus her daddy would come after me if I wasn't).

Happy New Year Pals – please finish my story for me – I'm tired and need to get off the computer.

Coco and I love you all and wish you good blessings in the new year.


NOTE TO OUR READERS: I worked on this story for HOURS. Please forgive the typos and grammar error as I am very tired now and need a nap. I will come back later and re-read everything and hopefully fix the errors. I tried to include mostly active pals on Dogster but needless to say I probably forgot many. For that I am sorry and want you to know it is hard to remember everyone so please do not take offence if you did not make it into this story.


12/22/13 The upcoming extravaganza

December 22nd 2013 8:32 pm
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We were planning on having a Christmas extravaganza but then momma demanded we move it to the day after Christmas: now she wants us to move it to New Years eve. After much thought, that appeared to be a much better time to celebrate so now it is a New Years eve extravaganza.

Ms. Mazy, will you still be available to be my date for that night instead of Christmas? I assure you we will have lots of fun and you will be surrounded by many of your pals as well as mine. Daddy says alcohol will not be served and to make sure everyone is safe, there will also be sleeping accommodations for those who choose not to go home right away.

We are getting quite a turnout at the bird feeder. The one gray squirrel has now morphed into two. Yup, word is slowly getting out that there is free grub at our place - BOL. I think some of our pals would love to chase the squirrel and chipmunks. Others might like to catch one or more of the crows that have been hanging about. They are so big it's a wonder they can still fly.

For the more adventurous pup, we can form search parties to try to locate the flock of wild turkeys. I'm planning on taking some of the whole corn and making a trial from the last place the flock of wild turkeys were seen at to our BBQ grill. Hopefully that will net us some fresh turkeys.

Anyhow, I hope to see all my pals at the New Years eve extravaganza. Zaidie, fill up the Lear jet's gas tanks and head on out to pick some of our guests up. Kelly and Buddy will be waiting for you as will other pups here in the states.


12/21/13 Lazy day

December 21st 2013 6:57 pm
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We had a nice gentle snow fall all day today so Coco and I decided we would stay in bed and dream about what ole HO-HO is going to bring us for Christmas. Of course I dreamt about new stuffies and I think it's safe to say Coco was dreaming about food the way her mouth was moving - BOL, BOL.

Momma tried to work on the quilt she is making but accidently broke the sewing machine insert that goes between the sewing machine and sewing table. The insert was over 20 years old and made of acrylic so it was brittle. Part of it cracked and started to break off when momma went to change the bobbin so she had to glue it back together before the whole thing became unusable. After that, she decided to take a nap with use - BOL.

When we work up, it was almost 4PM and still snowing. Looking outside our bedroom window I saw that the greedy gray squirrel was still filling it's cheeks with seeds. It climbed into the bird feeder and was helping it's self to all the goodies. For the most part, the birds seem to ignore the squirrel but every once in a while the squirrel chases after the birds.

There have been increased activity with the deer population coming down from the mountains and hanging out in our community. Momma has yet to put out the salt block she bought for them. Behind our property there is some land that has a water basin that is frozen right now. We have yet to see any deer or elk visiting this source of water.

We were very disappointed that one of the local trading post didn't hang out last years sign stating it was "DEAR HUNTING SEASON". That sign hug for months last year and no one seemed to notice that "DEER" was incorrectly spelled as "DEAR". The humans thought the sign was funny but neglected to have the camera with them to take a picture of it. Now, momma tries to take her camera with her on most trips but the sing has not been hung. With all the domestic violence here in our community maybe others did not think the sign was funny...



12/03/13 Christmas tree

December 3rd 2013 6:34 pm
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Today while Coco, momma and me were taking our afternoon nap, daddy went out and cut down a Christmas tree for us. Momma asked him where he got it and he said from our front yard – Yeah, sure...I'm doubtful because daddy really likes his pine trees and we just can't see him sacrificing one for the holiday season especially since he had been scouting out the areas around our property for Christmas trees. Momma told him that he couldn't just cut down someone else property but daddy can be so bull headed most of the time.

So we woke from our nap and went into the kitchen and there was a beautiful 8 foot tree in the corner. Our kitchen is huge so we have plenty of space in there for it besides daddy has been using our small living room for a “staging area” where he has boxes of bookcases that need to be assemble.

We think having the Christmas tree in the kitchen is a wonderful idea.


12/02/13 Kitty nuggets

December 2nd 2013 5:26 pm
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When momma allows us to go out front to do our business, Coco hurries around to the side of the house and of course I follow her. We are only allowed out front during the day time and when momma knows we are not expecting any deliveries. We are supposed to do our business in our courtyard but because it is all muddy momma sometimes lets us go out front so we can either use the sidewalk or gravel in the driveway.

Momma noticed that we were hanging out at the side of the house but thought nothing of it because we were quite close to the main house and nothing dangerous has been noted over in that area. So today after the humans got home from town, we were allowed out front but when momma called us to come back in, I was the only good pup who came – HeHeHeHe. Coco ignored momma so she had to go outside and see what Coco was up to. It turns out that momma had been scooping out Simba's kitty box and tossing the kitty nuggets out the laundry room door so that Coco wouldn't go and take them out of Simba's box. Momma figured they would decompose and add nutrients to the ground. Turns out Coco had discovered the kitty nuggets and has been helping herself to them – BOL, BOL.

Maybe Santa could bring Coco a stocking full of kitty nuggets...


11/30/13 The view from my bedroom window

November 30th 2013 5:36 pm
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Daddy has been working on both of momma's laptop computers trying to rid the virus they mysteriously contracted. The older HP computer is slower than normal because it is refusing to close one, or more, background programs, but he had to stop working on that one because he needs some necessary software disk and he isn't sure where that might be hiding at so that computer can't be used right now.

The newer and much faster Fijitsu computer has been restored, well sort of, as the built-in mouse pad isn't working, but that's okay because daddy bought momma a wireless mouse to use with the computer so all is not lost.

Anyhow, there is nothing much going on down our way right now so I thought I would do something different and write about the view from our bedroom window. As most of my pals know, we live in a steel building that daddy has put a lot of effort into converting into a house. In our nice bedroom we have a 4 foot by 7 foot window that looks out into the back of our property. About 20 feet away from our window is a clump of Juniper and pine trees. Because these trees are over 30 feet tall we can assume they have been growing for many, many years.

Momma has put out one large bird feeder, two suet baskets and two squirrel feeders for the local birds and critters to enjoy. This clump of trees, right outside our bedroom window, has become quite popular with the local residents.

We have a bunch of mid-size blue colored birds that hang out here all the time. The dark blue birds with navy or black Mohawks are very entertaining as they like to grab onto the suet baskets and swing around on them, twirling around as they snag some of the treats inside the baskets. Daddy thinks the blue birds with the Mohawks are males and the lighter colored blue birds without are females but who knows, neither human are bird experts and Coco and I haven't gotten close enough to any of them to see for ourselves.

There are also two different types of Woodpeckers that call this clump of trees their diner. There are some small ones that are about the size of a Sparrow and the larger, mid-sized ones, with different markings from the smaller ones, that run up and down the tree trunks and occasionally stop to peck at the bark on the trees. If you have never seen a Woodpecker run up and down a tree you are missing quite a show. It's amazing how they can cling onto the tree trunks and limbs to climb vertically on them. One of the smaller woodpeckers doesn't fly away when momma goes outside to re-fill the feeders, instead it hangs around to be the first to sample the days offerings.

There are also two HUGE crows that patrol the outer area of the clump of trees, hardly ever venturing into the actual inner area. These two crows stand proud and very erect as they march about and hunt for their own dinner without taking any of the seeds that are scattered about. Sometimes they will take a pretzel or piece of bread, but they are quick to return to the outer perimeter to continue with their marching while they eat whatever it is that they took.

Now if birds aren't your idea of entertainment, then maybe you would like to watch the chipmunks. It started out with one lone chipmunk but now we are at five. Yup, word has gotten out that there is a free cafe on our property and more have decided to come for a visit. Three of the chipmunks are believed to be family members and the other two “outsiders” as there have been some disagreements between them. The chipmunks clamber on top, or even climb inside, the feeders with squirrel food and stuff their little cheeks full, then they jump down and run off to stash their bounty someplace else on our property before returning for more.

There was a fat brown squirrel that had been coming by for breakfast, lunch and dinner but it disappeared. Sadly we don't know what happened to it but this is a very rural area with critters roaming about that would love to make a fat squirrel their dinner. We now have a different brown squirrel stopping by and also a dark gray squirrel. These squirrels are very different as they do not socialize together, in fact, they don't even look the same and I'm not referring to just the color. The brown squirrels have very small, round ears that are close to their head and their tails are about as long as it's body. Their tails lay flat on the ground thus making their bodies look longer than they actually are. The brown squirrels get along with everyone and don't fight for any of the food. It's like one big party with the birds, chipmunks and squirrels hanging out together. However, that all changes when the dark gray squirrel comes for food as it chases everything else off in it's quest to stake it's spot at the diner. This little squirrel is the same size as the brown on but has several differences besides it's personality. It's ears stand erect and look like little rabbit ears as they are much larger than the brown squirrel's ears and it's pretty, bushy tail is curved, which is held up against it's body not dragging against the ground. Momma has named this squirrel “Coco 2” because it hogs up the food – BOL, BOL. When momma ran out of squirrel food she thought they might like to have some Honey Nut Cheerios so she filled the feeders up with them but guess what, everyone at the diner refused to even taste one. The birds, chipmunks and squirrels rejected the offer - heck, who doesn't like Honey Nut Cheerios?

We have occasionally seen some rabbits and once or twice a jack rabbit coming by to see what all the commotion was about but they, like the crows, prefer to stay away from our cluster of trees.

Daily we watch the social gathering out at the trees and marvel at how different each visitor is. They have brought us some entertainment that we enjoy but momma has been complaining that they are costing a fortune to feed. The squirrels and chipmunks especially go through bags of food like there is no tomorrow, and maybe there isn't for some of them. They sit on or in the feeders stuffing their cheeks full and still want more. All feeders have to be filled early in the morning or late at night when the dirt once again freezes as the temperatures lower enough to set the mud back into solid masses (momma made the mistake of trying to fill the feeders later in the day and discovered mud and Crocks do not go together even those Crocks are made for gardening).

Aside from the Coyote that took a short cut through the back portion of our yard beyond our cluster of trees, we have not seen anything else: no deer, elks, bears, bobcats, mountains lions or other critters. We know they are out there, and have seen some behind our fence, but none at our trees. Maybe these other neighbors only come out during the night to scout for treats.

So, this is what we see when we look outside our bedroom window. I hope you enjoyed our narrative and are lucky enough to have a similar view outside your window.


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