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07/17/10 It's HOT!

July 17th 2010 5:38 pm
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Yes pups it is HOT here! 103 degrees and very, very humid. To make matters even worse the mosquitoes are out in full force and for some reason they love momma. She didn't get good nights sleep last night because she kept on getting bit by them and then she would itch like crazy. She finally got up and put some ointment on all the bites and took an allergy pill. The pill made momma really sleepy so she tried to sleep in but Coco and I had other plans so we started waking her up around 3AM asking for a drink of water and to go outside to do our business. Momma pulled herself out of bed and told us to hurry up but Coco had to go investigate everything in the back yard and didn't want to come back in when called. When the princess finally wanted back in momma got us back into the sewing room but didn’t crate us as she laid back down on the daybed and went back to sleep, which was a very bad move on momma’s part because Coco and I started jumping up at the side of the daybed asking momma to let us sleep up there with her. We kept it up and kept it up and momma was moaning and groaning and yelling at us to STOP but we ignored her. All she had to do was pick us up and put us on the bed with her but NOOOOOO she refused so we to refused to stop. Finally daddy couldn’t take it any more because he kept on hearing momma yelling at us and he came and let us out of the sewing room and momma turned over and went back to sleep. Daddy put the baby gate across the door way to the sewing room but when I realized that momma wasn’t coming out I got upset and started to paw at the gate asking to be let back into the sewing room with momma but daddy ignored me. Momma ended up sleeping to about 10AM and Coco and I stood guard at the baby gate to make sure nothing happened to her. I was really glad when momma finally got up because I like being with my momma.





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