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Lost Corgi

June 5th 2010 1:20 pm
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Finally we were all loaded up in our stroller and on our merry way. We were about two blocks away from our house right past Sunset farm when all of a sudden momma parked the stroller under a shade tree, locked the break and walked out into the busy street to stop cars because there in the middle of the road was a little lost Corgi dog. The cars were stopping and momma was calling the dog to her but it was frightened and ran towards cars that had not stopped yet. By now other people were also trying to capture the lost dog but no one was having any luck. Momma then came back to the stroller and took me out, put one of the two leashes we carry in the dog stroller for emergencies on me and tried to use me to lure the Corgi over - Nope didn't work. The frightened little dog sat down in the middle of Benton Road and watched us but still would not let anyone capture it.

Everything the humans tried failed. One of the ladies who stopped called Animals Friends of the Valley a local animal control agency but they refused to come out because the dog was not in their jurisdiction (I should point out that the dog was two blocks away from Winchester Road which is a very busy intersection and IS their jurisdiction). No amount of pleading with Animal Friends of the Valley could get them to come out and rescue the Corgi. The lady next called Riverside County Animal Control but they are so far away that by the time they get to where the Corgi was last seen it will either be long gone, injured or killed. Momma watched the scared Corgi run down the road towards Winchester Road, asked St. Francis to please watch out of the dog and then we left because there was nothing else we could do.

Today momma took us on a five mile stroller ride. We can only go on the long rides when momma’s knee isn’t throbbing and since she went to her doctor yesterday and he gave her a cortisone injection into her knee she is feeling pretty good. Momma was on the look out for rattle snakes because it is snake season but luckily none were seen. We did see lots of baby squirrels and it looked like several of the goats at Sunset farm are expecting.

When we got home momma said if Coco and I are good she might take us for another stroller ride later today. She put us in the house and went into the garage to tell daddy that we were back and about the Corgi, when she came back into the house she found a lovely pee puddle on the kitchen tile. I just looked at momma and smiled and danced around looking goofy. Momma immediately asked me why I had piddled on the floor but of course I didn’t confess. Anyhow Simba Blue was in the kitchen also so how come he didn’t get blamed for the puddle? Why do the humans always suspect me? Does my pee have my name on it or something?

It’s nap time now so got to go close my eyes. We hope the little Corgi remained safe and found its way back home.


Barked by: Demon Flash Bandit (Dogster Member)

June 6th 2010 at 7:33 am

I hope the little Corgi got home safely. It was probably terrified.




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