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Puff the wonderful

Momma is NOT a patient person

November 7th 2009 7:24 am
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I have been having a "little bit" of tummy problems that make me void my bowels on the carpet. Daddy is the one who usually has to clean up after me because he works from home. Momma has already taken me to the vet for this and I was given a shot and some medication. Now that the medication is gone, my problem has returned and daddy is once again complaining to momma about it, so momma had to call the vet office and make me an appointment...she told daddy this is what happened:

Momma at work on cell phone calling the vet office:

Phone is ringing and someone answers - Hello Pampered Pet hospital, this is Susan, can you hold for a moment? Click, momma is immediately placed on hold.

Momma standing around getting annoyed: ten minutes later – Hello Pampered Pet hospital, this is Susan, can you hold for a moment?

Momma – No I can’t hold for a moment, you have had me on hold for ten minutes already.

Susan – I’m sorry please hold for one second – Click – momma is on hold again, but this time someone so nicely pipes in terrible music into the phone and in between the music there are advertisement for Pampered Pet hospital.

Momma getting supper aggravated is trying to calm herself down, but not succeeding. Another 10 minutes goes by and finally Susan comes back on the line just as happy as can be and wants to know if momma can hold.

Momma – NO, I can NOT hold, I’m at work. All I want to do is make an appointment for my dog.

Susan – I’ll be right with you – Click, the music resumes along with the advertisements for Pampered Pet hospital and how they take good care of the pets.

Momma is really angry and is now outside the building she works at just in case she raises her voice too much.

After many minutes the music on phone stops and – Hello this is Susan how may I help you?

Momma by now is beyond mad so she answers briskly and tell her she needs to make an appointment for me.

Susan – Oh is this Marilynn (momma’s name)?

Yes – the one and only, momma responds.

Susan – makes an appointment for me then throws in “You know I am doing the best I can” to momma to which momma responds “I’m sure you are” and then ends the call.

Daddy – so you got mad at the vet office for putting you on hold? You’re lucky the even did that because most of the time they don’t bother to answer the phones.

Momma – well yeah,

Daddy – so what’s the problem?

Momma – well, they know it was me who called – can you take Puff to the vet appointment?

Daddy – NO!

Momma – Okay – maybe they won’t remember the whole incident.

Daddy – Laughs, you’re kidding right?

Momma – Will you at least go with us?

Daddy shakes his head no and leaves the room.

NOTE: The name of the vet hospital has been changed as we do not want to post a blog giving negative feedback about a real business, even though we are unhappy with the service rendered.




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