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Puff the wonderful

I've had enough of this

August 28th 2009 8:46 pm
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I tell you I just don't understand my humans. When I first moved in with them, they complained that I was too thin. Now that I have added a "few" pounds, I keep on hearing comments indicating that I am fat.

I have never once pointed out to my human daddy that his shirts are not shrinking as he claims they have, nor have I snickered as I watched my momma lay down on the bed in order to zip her pants (come on you all know what I am talking about here). Humans carry much more weight on them than we do, but yet, my humans went out for dinner tonight and did not bring Coco or I anything back to eat.

I could smell the food on both of their breaths. I waited for one of them to give me something yummy to eat, but no morsel was offered. Instead, momma put down some dry dog kibble for me.

I am suggesting that the humans should eat what I have to eat because if it is good enough for me, why not them? In the process, I will be certain to monitor the portion size so my humans can loose some of those excess pounds that they are carrying around.

It sounds fair to me.


Barked by: Biscotte (Dogster Member)

August 28th 2009 at 9:01 pm

We think that you have to work on your begging faces. BOL We ear from time to time that human food is not for dogs and blah..blah..blah..But when it's meal time we always have a bite of what mom and dad are eating. It's a fact that we almost have our faces in their plate too. It's harder to ignore a dog begging right in front of your face. BOL Good luck in perfecting your begging expressions. Licks and kisses XOXOXO
Biscotte & Tippy NPC
Barked by: Puff (Dogster Member)

August 28th 2009 at 9:19 pm

Coco and I work as a team to get treats from the dinner table. I look at momma and she always gives me part of her dinner. Coco will bark and let the humas know she wants to try what they are eatting. The last couple of days though NOTHING!!! Not one little crumb all because I have had gone potty on the rug once again.

It's an old rug, get over it already and feed me something good to eat!
Barked by: Dixie BP 2003-2012 (Dogster Member)

August 29th 2009 at 5:19 pm

Puff, my pawrents are starving me too! I feeeeeeeeeel your pain...
Barked by: Puff (Dogster Member)

August 29th 2009 at 8:05 pm

I have an idea - how soon can you both get over here? I know where momma keeps her credit card and I can call take out and get us something to eat. Then we can talk about our humans. Won't that be fun?
Barked by: Jia (Dogster Member)

August 30th 2009 at 9:34 am

I feel your pain PUFF!! My nickname is crumb around here cause I keep the floor clean. I have to I say!! I AM STARVIN!! Mom has started callin me crumpet cause that is cuter than crumb... And you aren't fat to me - you look purfect!!




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