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Puff the wonderful

In trouble once again

August 1st 2009 8:29 pm
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It started out as a very nice Saturday morning. Momma woke up early and let Coco and I out of our respective crates so we could get up on the daybed and snuggle with her. After daddy woke up momma went into the master bedroom and decided to clean out the closet. While she did this, she let Coco and I lay on the king sized bed. Fast forward a couple of hours and momma had to get ready for her Saturday afternoon lunch with her girlfriend. When she was ready, she noticed that I was sniffing around on the quilt that was on the bed. Thinking I had to go to the bathroom, momma picked me up and put me on the floor then she did the same for Coco. It was then that momma noticed the quilt was wet in the area that I had been sniffing at....

Yup, one of her loving doggies peed on the big bed.

Of course momma said "Puff, daddy is going to kill you!"

What? Kill me! What did I do?

It was here that daddy came into the master bedroom and said "What did he do?" (Small house - loud momma)

Momma was already in the process of stripping off the quilt and sheets when daddy asked that.

Daddy - What did he do?

Momma - All I know is one of them peed on the bed.

Daddy - Why weren't you watching them?

Momma - Do I look like I have eyes in the back of my head?

Daddy - Why were they on the bed?

Momma - Because they like to lay on it.

Momma - Look on the bright side, you will have clean sheets on the bed tonight.

Daddy - %$#@ dogs.

Momma - So, you want to move the memory foam mattress outside so it dries out?

Daddy - %$#@ dogs.

As if this wasn't enough, after momma got back from having lunch with her girlfriend, she and daddy took Coco and I for a car ride. Let me tell you I was SHAKING! Daddy held me on his lap and Coco was in her car seat. You know where we ended up at? The groomers! Yes, this makes bath number 6 in two weeks for me- sheesh! Riverside County is having mandatory water rationing so would one of you please call and report my humans for wasting water? There is a nice juicy steak in it for you.

Puff - innocent until proven guilty




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