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Yup, I did that

July 18th 2009 7:47 am
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I don't like sleeping in my crate. When momma says "ni-night" Coco Rose runs into her crate, but I refuse to go into the sewing room so momma has to physically carry me there and then put me into my crate. Coco Rose has taken to barking at night to get one of the humans to let her up for water or to use the bathroom. The other night, Coco so nicely let herself out of her crate, then had the nerve to come over to my crate and laugh in my face before she climbed up on the daybed and went to sleep next to MY momma.

I was upset I tell you! I barked and carried on but neither of the humans got up. I finally peed in my crate. The next morning when daddy let me out, I climbed up on the daybed and proceeded to give my momma sweet doggy kisses. She immediately felt I had a wet paw, got up and felt my mattress in my crate. The fact that it was soaked confirmed her guess.

Momma took the mattress out of my crate, removed the soggy foam and sprayed it with some stuff that is supposed to remove the urine smell. She put the mattress cover in the washing machine and, are you ready for this? Gave me a bath!!!!!

This is the third bath I've had within one week. The whole time momma was bathing me, she was muttering under her breath that she had to go to work and didn't have time for this $#&@. I just looked at her with my cute doggy face and gave her kisses. She then got out the blow drier and dried my hair and combed it out. I looked and smelled really nice.

Hopefully that will teach the humans to let me sleep with my momma! I don't like sleeping in the crate.





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