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Thank you Dogster for Diary Pick

June 18th 2009 5:19 am
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Thank you Dogster for honoring me as one of the diary picks of the day. I have come a long way from being a dog no one wanted. As you know, I am a pure breed Maltese fellow and in my short five years of life I have had four different homes and ended up in a dog rescue facility. Because of all of the home changes I have had a hard time adjusting and as the humans say "getting into the hang of things".

When I came to live at my forever home, I was a scared, thin little dog that would sit and shake whenever my humans would leave me. With lots of love and training, I have grown (literally) into a chubby little butterball who is gaining confidence and enjoying what life has to offer me.

My life is really good now and I would like to bark out to others out there that it is possible to bring in another dog into the family without changing the dynamics of the existing family. My human momma was really concerned that Coco Rose, my doggy sister would be upset having another dog in the family because she is a spoiled little princess. Turns out Coco and I get along really well, even though she is a very bossy little gal. We have a few sprats, but nothing serious, and it usually pertains to me getting to close to one of her cookies.

I only wish that all of the dogs and cats that find themselves in the same place I once did, unwanted and caged, would be as lucky as I was and get a forever home and of course their own page on Dogster/Catster. Wouldn’t the world be wonderful if that happened?





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