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I'm getting better all the time

June 14th 2009 6:39 am
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Yesterday, I went to the groomers all by myself without Coco Rose going with me. I did not bite, growl or whine. I got bathed, combed and handled by people that I donn't know (all new groomers) and did really well. Momma said I was extreemely handsome when she picked me up, pictures will be posted later today.

The only thing I did wrong was Coco Rose has her own car seat that she rides in when she is in the car. She will sit in it the whole time without climbing out. Me, I get put in a crate but since Coco was not going with us, momma put me in Coco's car seat and off we went to the groomers. I did not want to sit in the back seat, I wanted to go up front with my momma, so I climbed out of the car seat and jumped onto the floor, but couldn't quite figure out how to get up front. Momma drives a PT Cruiser and the front seats have arms that you can either put down or up. Momma always has the arms up so that made the area I needed to go through too narrow for my body to fit through so I did the only thing I could think of doing - I licked momma arm to let her know that I was trying to come up front. The groomer is only three blocks from out house so momma continued to drive even though I was not contained. I licked mommas arm the whole way - it's a good thing we didn't have far to go or I would have run out of spit - BOL.





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