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Thank you Bone Fairy

June 5th 2009 9:12 pm
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Yummy - bones, thank you very much bone fairy. You know how to make me happy, just feed me. I will enjoy each and every one of them.

On another note, I hear I am going to have to sleep in the new crate all by myself tonight. I give it one hour, two hours tops and I will be out!!! This is the second soft crate my humans have bought for me. The first one I managed to escape within 30 minutes. After the humans decided I was too smart for the soft crate, they tried putting me in a hard crate but I fussed and carried on until someone let me out. Momma had put the soft crate in our shed outside but apparently the mice liked eating the material because it was destroyed - thank you mousies. The new soft crate is really nice, but I am a momma's boy and I want to sleep with my momma. I don't mind sleeping with my daddy as long as I can lay so I am touching him. I have to know where my humans are even when I am sleeping.

All I can say is I can stay awake longer than the humans so when they start to go to sleep, that's when I will make my move. Daddy will be so tired that he will give in and either open the crate door, or just ignore the fact that I let myself out.

Let the battle begin...





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