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What just happened here?

May 30th 2009 7:24 pm
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Coco Rose spent most of the morning a new grooming salon so I got to spend time with daddy. We really didn't do anything except for watch TV. When Coco and momma got home, momma told daddy that it wasn't right for Coco to be nice and clean and me to be stinky. With that said, she filled the bathtub with water and the next thing I know I was getting a bath. She shampooed me and scrubbed me and even washed between my toes. Afterwards, she rinsed all the soap off and then put me on the bathroom counter and dried my hair with the blow drier.

I was really sparkling white until I went outside and found a nice mud puddle from when the sprinklers had been going. Yup, I look really pretty as a brown dog too - BOL, BOL.

It's a shame momma disagreed with me because she picked me up and took me back inside to the bathroom and I got a second bath. This time though momma did not give me a nice massage or scrub between my toes, she more or less just rinsed me off again and dried my hair with the drier again.





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