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I'm so sad

February 14th 2009 3:20 pm
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Today was the first day of dog obidience class and I was so excited to be going for a car ride with momma and daddy. We headed off to the class and momma got lost, daddy got angry and I just got plain ole scared. After driving around for awhile, my folks finally found the place. We were more than 10 minutes late. When we entered the training facility, I started to shake and wanted momma to hold me. The trainer told mom not to pet me and to act like everything was perfectly normal. Normal it wasn't. Behind a large screen was a huge dog that was barking and barking. Out in the class was another big dog that was barking. The class was in a large building and the barking was bouncing off the walls thus momma couldn't hear anything. Those of you who know my momma are aware that she is severely hearing impaired and wears two hearing aids. All she could hear was the constant barking of the large dogs.

Being in the strange environment and up close to large dogs scared me so much that I refused to do anything except shake and pant. After 10 minutes of this, the trainer suggested that I was not ready for the class and asked us to leave. Yup, I got kicked out of the class and I wasn't even the dog that was disrupting anything. The trainer says I need private lessons so I won't get distracted or scared by the other dogs.

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