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Puff the wonderful

Puff the Lemon Pledge dog

January 9th 2009 2:34 am
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It's hard to learn new rules. My incorporation into the family is not going too smoothly. I continue to soil on the carpets and floors, I bark steadily, and have separation anxiety. Momma and daddy were getting frustrated with me, so momma made some changes in my life.

1) I have to wear that silly ole pink diaper when momma and daddy go to work. In the two days that I've worn it, I'm happy to say there have been no potty accidents, not even in my diaper.

2) I now have an anti-bark collar. This collar sprays stinky lemon sent on my face whenever I bark - Yucky!!! I don't like this at all, but already I am not barking as much as I had been. Momma and daddy say I smell like lemon Pledge.

In regards to my separation anxiety, only time, security and lots of love will heal this.




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