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Puff the wonderful

Giving Thanks

December 13th 2008 2:54 am
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Thank you Dogster for making me one of the today’s diaries picks. This is such an unexpected treat - I'm very honored and happy!

My life is fast becoming a very good one. Today marks my one week anniversary at my forever home. Momma and daddy both agree that I am now settling in very well (except for I keep on using the carpet as my bathroom). I am beginning to play with Coco Rose more and have stopped barking as much. I really like getting under the covers in the daybed and snuggling up close to my new momma. I do have to be careful doing this because Coco Rose gets upset with me if I demand momma's attention. Momma is still working with me on learning how to "SIT". Not sure why momma is so obsessed with this. Hasn't she figured out that I don't want to sit?

I'm going to go to Coco's vet today for a check up. Momma says I'm too thin and she wants to get the vet to check my teeth because I don't like to eat hard stuff like pig ears. Momma is also thinking about getting me a pair of pajamas, but daddy says ENOUGH – DOGS DON”T NEED PAJAMAS. I get the feeling that momma doesn’t listen too much to the big guy because I saw her surfing the internet after he said that for dog pajamas – BOL.

I might be going to the groomers this weekend also. I'm not sure if I am going to like this, but momma wants to get me nice and pretty so she can take some pictures of me in my new coat. Coco warned me that my humans are funny about bathing and smelling good.

Oh, and momma also bought me a new bigger crate just like the one Coco Rose has and one of those really nice memory foam mattresses to go in it. I also got more toys. I like to take whatever toy I sleep with and carry it around when I get up in the morning.

I got what I wanted for Christmas this year, a forever home, and hope more dogs and cats will also be as lucky as I was and find their own forever home.

Yes, my life is good now.

Puff the wonderful.




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