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Forester's Fun Filled Life

Dog Contest and Shopping Spree

May 18th 2009 8:43 am
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Dear diary,
Yesterday I entered a dog contest. There were 3 catagories. ( cutest/ugliest dogs, Best dressed, and most look like their owner) I won the best dressed and got a gift card for 20 dollars to petsmart! Right after that my owner took me to petsmart where i got a bunch of treats, toys, and bones! It was an amazing day.



Long Day

April 22nd 2009 5:56 am
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Dear Diary,
Yesterday I walked with my owner 2 miles to petsmart. Then he bought me a frisbee and some treats! After that he went again without me to pick out 3 t-shirts for me to wear. I later went and celebrated the pets birthdays for petmart sponsored by purina. My owner got a goodie bag full of puzzles and treats and food for me! Then i got a bandanna. After that i had my picture taken with my owner. Later we played a round of musical chairs where when the music stopped I had to sit down fast. I got eliminated the first round =( but then, in the final round I got third place! it was my first competition to ever enter and I got a 10 dollar bag of free purina food! My owner got me the weight management food because I've gained 10 pounds since he got me and haven't grown at all except for my waist. He says I need to be thinner but i know its out of love. He is taking me for 3 walks a day now and playing with me nonstop all day. It's so much fun. Well thats it.

-Forester ^_^


Bark Park & New Record

November 23rd 2008 6:27 pm
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Today I went with the local Bark Park and played with a bunch of other dogs and it was amazing. I loved chasing other dogs around and sniffing dogs butts! It was amazing. Then I rode in the car looking out the window the whole way home. Then I stood on my hind legs for 16 seconds and got a dog treat. It was amazing. Now I'm Beat

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