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Life According to Flurry!

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Mom is sick

September 23rd 2006 6:38 pm
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Mom is sick she went to see a doctor (people vet) and she has to go away for a week to have something called open chest surgery. We are worried. What are we going to do for a week without mom to play ball, give belly rubs and fill our world with love? Mom said the hardest thing about this surgery stuff is she will miss us because we can not visit her in the people vets office. That is just not fair. Mom said she will be sick for awhile after she comes home, we don't mind because we love to lay by her side and relax too. Please put your paws together to pray mom comes home soon and get better really fast so we can have fun together again.
(((tail wags)))
Ruv you,


Tis the season!

December 1st 2005 12:54 pm
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Mommy will be shopping and this year I have a secret Santa it's all pretty
exciting. Santa paws will come and leave me some COOKIES!!! under the tree.
If you are Watching Santa I didn't mean to chew the wire under the tree. Mom is working on getting an adapter and I am confident the tree will light again.
Mom was so happy I was ok she loves me more than that tree! She was spending a lot of time with that tree, she bought it all kind of beautiful balls & toys and gave them to that tree right in front of me! Then the beautiful strand of lights collar, that was it I had had it, I chewed that strand of lights and zap, well I am truly sorry Santa and I promise I won't do it again, so could we over look it this time, please? I was good most of the year.
If you would like to talk about Maltese with my mom she has a forum


Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.

October 22nd 2005 2:00 pm
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He didn't exactly die and neither did dad but it was close...
It all happened yesterday I was on my usual dog stroll around the yard and there he was fishing by the pond. Back arched ready to pounce on that little goldfish. I barked "Leave him alone!" and there Cyber was looking wide eyed at me, fur up and away he ran. Good I thought that'll teach him. Pat myself on the back Flurry.
Then he flew right over the fence into the neighbors yard he ran, ut oh, ut oh, I'm in trouble. I ran into the house. I could hear the German sheperds deep bark, I watched from the window in fear as the dust flew. Screams and barks, this could not be good.
I could see me dog house through the sliding glass door, my future home I presume looked awful cold. I hung my head low as I heard the knock on the door, yep, it was the neighbor (gulp) Rat. Mom & dad flew from the house to the neighbors lawn. I ran out back through the doggie door, ut oh I could see him way up that tree, dad rushed by ladder in hand, mom at his side. Dad braved that ladder to the last rung, while mom held it steady for him. The tree was thin and the ladder was wobbling. It took awhile for dad to get the cat out of that tree. The cat was so scared he peeded first on dad then mom. Oh boy. I went into the dog house and fluffed up the bed, I was in trouble!!
Curiosity nearly killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.


Bad hair day!!! Thanks mom

April 26th 2005 8:57 am
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My dad says the butcher job mom has assaulted
me with is cruel and incanine punishment. He has
warned me never to try this again because he can not
bear to look at our poor me. I am having a bad hair day!!
IMom has retired her scissors,clippers and such and dad will be taking me for a corrective hair doo.
regretfully yours
please send hugs ,


Maltese Mommy & Me!

April 16th 2005 2:26 pm
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Today Mommy & me went to our first mommy and me meeting at a park. I met a maltipoo named Bandit. Hope he has a web page here soon. His daddy brought him. My mom started a Maltese Mommy & Me group. We had so much fun we met new dogs and some ducks, and people what a great day! Next week we have a picnic bet there will be cookies!!! Mom has a forum online if you'd like to come or Make your own Maltese Mommy & me. We already have 4 members a Maltese named Angel, a Maltipoo named Bandit and a Shitzu too and me !! Sassy too and Benji too!
go to the forum and we can have fun! Thanks Mom, Ruff you, Flurry


"Ruff" My Valentine by Baby bear

February 22nd 2005 5:24 pm
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For Valentine's Day I got a new sister. She reminds me of a story mom once told me about Goldielocks and the 3 bears. Who's been sleeping in my bed? Who's been playing with my toys? Who's been eating my food? hmmm must be Goldielocks that's who! I thought the 3 bears were ruff on Goldilocks that was life before My baby sister. Mom said Goldielocks was a make believe story, but I know better! She is alive and well and has moved into our house.


My Diary, Do not read! Private keep your paws out! Only- kidding.

January 23rd 2005 6:43 am
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Yesterday I heard my name on the news they kept saying Snow Flurry's and I would look at the TV and wonder how do they know who I am?

It has been snowing all day when I woke up this morning the snow was still falling!!!! I was so excited I ran out the doggie door "puff" I disappeared into snow, it was bigger than me!!!! Wow this is great. I hopped along my usual dog stroll, went to see how the piggies were doing , they would not come out of the barn. I ran in Snowflakes footprints and made some new ones of my own.
I made snowballs! They were all stuck to my fur when I came in! I had little snowballs all over me! This is great hope it snows again tomorrow! Got to go for now it's snow time!!!


My Maltese

January 21st 2005 9:40 am
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Is my little one
With a smile that melts my heart.
My little dust bunny
That hops along with sunshine.

My little one
With eyes that sparkle of mischief,
My little angel with tilted halo
With flowing hair I like to wrap with a bow.
--Sheryl Minter


Today's The Day, My Birthday!

January 7th 2005 8:57 am
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I woke up in my new bed, ahhhhhhh. I had new toys waiting for me when I woke up! An Orca chew toy, some nylabones and a new ball!!! I was so excited I did not know which one to play with first so I decided to play with them all! After breakfast I had a cookie! Snowflake had one too! Mom let me in with the piggies and we played. I gave them a lot of kisses. They gave me some kisses too. I have a Cheese danish cake for later. So far it is a wonderful day.


Tomorrow, Tomorrow I love you Tomorrow!

January 6th 2005 9:06 am
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My birthday is tomorrow and I am very excited! I know there will be lots of goodies and CAKE!! I wonder if they will get me some toys? hint hint, can never have too many of thoses!

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