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My Diary

Pups have arrived

July 9th 2009 12:37 am
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I have been Busy Mommy, 11 days I had 3 Pups. Probably a small litter compared to most, but ok with me.
I didn't even have a normal labor. No panting or anything. Me & Mommy were watching TV and I felt uncomfortable and I got a bit ancy and sat on my blanket-I let out a loud "WHOOP" & out came a baby pup-I didn't know what the heck happened or what it was, So of course I tried to jump off the bed, baby pup in tow-But Thank Goodness Mommy was here. Mommy calmed me down as I laid in her lap and cleaned up my 1st New Baby.
About an hour later, Here came #2-Let out a "WHOOP" and it was boy. Easy easy. Then #3 "WHoop" and that was it. Mommy checked me over and everything was fine and All the babies were good.

About 2 day went by and #2 baby didn't seem to be doing so well and ended up being Hand & Tube feed for the next 4 days, but never recovered. Was a sad day.

Now 11 day now and Sis & Brother are doing so well -They look like Fat, rolly-polly pigs. Please see Photo's

Our Little Grandaughter named them-The Black & White Lhasa is: Roadie and The Brown is: CoCoMO.
They are the most adorable cuddle babies ever as they are Totally handles every hour and smooched on and tum tums rubbed and they Love it and interact with the other dogs. It's gonna be a Wonderful Life for these 2 Pups when they find "GOOD HOMES"


I'm getting Fat

June 7th 2009 9:21 pm
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Being Pregnant is NOT fun-Am a Webble Wobble but a Healthy one.
Mid-July is about the time I will have my babies, Oh the joy of being a parent. My room is so pretty and I am ready, I Love my family as I am getting love and attention and I feel good.

The other day We had a Tornado/Wind/Thunderstorm it was WILD and unexpected and almost got carried away in it.
My mom was outside planting plants and then all the sudden it got really really dark and this horrible wind and sound came from no where and threw my momma into the house and as she was running into the house I came out and got caught up in the wind at 70 mph and I couldn't hear her and I almost got lost forever, It was very scary for me and mama. When I did hear her I came running as fast as I could and there were dust funnels in the Cul-de-sac and it was like they were chasing me, but I ran into the house and then it got so dark like weird dark and Thunder & Lighting came-Strangest Weather here in Oregon My mama has ever experienced, We were all frightened.



May 13th 2009 3:13 am
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Am such a lucky girl-The Pampering and Love I get from my family is incredible.
My Tum tum is growing and I am getting special treatment all around with special foods and Tummy rubs and Grooming and Massages-Oh so LUCKY!! My room is so cool with Beautiful colors and nice plush bed and all supplies are at reach , Emergency tele numbers and phone installed, ready to go. Not much longer about 40 days yet.

We are all excited and the video camera is ready too.
Last week We went on a Fishing trip, My mom caught 2 fishy and I met lots of doggies and the sun was shining and ran around going nutty, SO much fun. Babi was there too. Read his diary : )


Pet Fair

April 19th 2009 4:27 pm
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We went to The Pet Fair over the weekend. Never been to this one.
Lot of different dogs all around and so friendly too. I saw a Tiger kitten and some doggies doing the aglity course and jumping into water. Me & Babi went this year, We got alot of Samples too and daddy signed us up for plenty of stuff.
Then We saw this lady with her Yorkie and his ears were pierced, Yep both of them with real earring and all-Kinda cool.


Ouch accident to Babi

March 27th 2009 4:23 pm
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Babi had his Neuter done and on accident, I jumped on his OUCH area.
I am kinda silly like that and I know it hurt him. But it's kinda funny now. Out of all the area's I could of jumped-It just happened to be that part. OUCH!! : )


Happy Pup

March 25th 2009 6:14 am
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Got a Massage/Bath today, Wonderful : ) , ran around crazy but I took my bath like a trooper and Mommy used the hair dryer on me too, Loves it-warm.
Can't wait till Summer to lay out in Sun and get a tan and chase each other and get all clean/dirty. We are thinking of going to the Beach too, that will be different. Will keep it updated


Haircut Day

February 15th 2009 4:51 pm
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Today was Grooming/Haircut day-UGH!! I get a daily brush and it feels so good but today was the Haircut with trimmers and all and even ear plucking. My Mommy does our grooming as she used to groom before she got ill so We all know we are in trusted hands, but I don't really much enjoy the trimmers-Don't get me wrong My mommy has some very nice clippers that are really quite but I am very sensitive and I loved my long hair, but We -Gizmo, Babi and Sugar and I had such a good time playing outside in the rainy mud that I knew I was gonna get mine first. I had only been Comb/ Groomed since coming into my family so having a haircut THE 1st HAIRCUT was a tad scary for me.
Well all done and I look so HOT now, I feel good and all that weighted hair is off. I'm refreshed-awe!! Now I get to go and Show off My New Haircut to everyone. My Mommy gave me a Teddy Bear cut cause I am still a baby and want to look like one forever-hehehe
Mommy will post pics soon. Now it's Babi's turn, hahaha



December 16th 2008 6:58 am
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1st SNOW, Oh my. My name should of been Babi-I wasn't sure about the snow at first, I am all girl and didn't want to get dirty one bit.
But soon I went outside and it was so so much fun, I loved it.
I didn't really venture very far like the rest of the gang but I had a good time playing on the porch. I put some pictures up too.



November 16th 2008 3:18 am
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A Loving Family is Wonderful. I have 1 Sister and 2 brothers
Gizmo,Sugar and Babi they all have pages her at the Cool Dogster.
I am so spoiled already, My daddy is always loving me and We love to watch Sports together , I was suppose to be a Surprise to my mommy for xmas but daddy feel in Love with me and I love him.
My whole family is so kind and loving and My brothers and sister are so fun, My sis is protective of me when my brothers pick on me and she puts them in line cause I am so little and young still I haven't even broken in my baby teeth yet so I am hand fed right now, So I am pampered and it will make me a real good companion.
What is so neat about my family is us kids have our own room and play area with so so many toys, My first toy is a Breast Cancer pink Long Hot doggy and it squeeks and makes a hum sound, super cool
Well I will try and keep up my diary as I am still new here and learning.

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