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Why is it always....

July 27th 2009 5:18 pm
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This is "Mom", hijacking Stewie's diary for a moment.

I was out at the bookstore and decided to pop into the near by pet store "just to look". Of course I ended up buying about $25 in toys, after convincing myself that the boys were bored with their latest stock (lots of home-made fleece tuggies, remnants of Stewie's coveted fish toy from two weeks ago, wubbas without tails, lost tennis balls, a really boring rubber tuggie, and the really cool fleece/rope toy that they snubbed for a week or two before ripping it apart with relish) even though I watched them play with stuff just hours before. Well, one can be indulgent sometimes, right? Especially for the sake of others?

But I'm back there in the toy aisles, mentally comparing this store's toy selection to that of two others. This one's falling a bit short, but it tends to be cheap, and I finally decide to get a rope with two tennis balls attached and a mint rope. Good for a satisfying chew, which is what both of the boys seem to be most interested in right now. I handle other sturdy looking toys and feel for squeakers... unfortunately there are many and I know that gutting will happen much too quickly. Stewie has swallowed more than I would like to admit, but it's all come through OK. Oh, except for the time he got the brilliant idea to eat a few rocks. But squeakers still make me nervous so I try not to buy them too often. I look at rubber toys and imagine Stewie gnawing off pieces and swallowing those, too.

Hmm.... so hard to find new toys to keep things interesting!

I'm ready to leave, but see a firehose toy. Stewie had one before but he made quick work of it. But I think "What the heck" and pick the biggest one.

When I get home, have all the labels off, and am ready to distribute toys and lessen any jealousy issues over a brand-new toy, all 3 dogs are crowded around me. I let Stewie have first pick since I want to get something into his mouth before he tries to steal something from wee Emerson. He takes the minty toy and promptly drops it, looking eager. I offer the other rope toy but he pays it no mind at all. His enthusiasm gives way and he's jumping up in excitement. Doubtful, I offer the firehose. He takes it with such glee and immediately trots over to the couch, tail wiggling so hard that the whole of him is wiggling. Emerson settles on the minty rope, which he takes to his crate, and Jasmine (who doesn't play a whole lot anymore) gets a kick out of simply sniffing the rope with tennis balls.

This is not the first time I am left wondering "Why is it always the toy I buy last, on a whim, that they love the most?"

All those toy-aisle deliberations don't matter at all to the dogs.

But luckily, the boys are young, and they warm up to all toys in their own time. I know they will put some wear and tear into these toys. But for now they are quite pleased as punch with what mom brought home from the store! The only thing that could have made them happier was if I had brought them with me. We'll do that next time.


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Barked by: ♥ Tucker ♥ (Dogster Member)

July 27th 2009 at 6:17 pm

Ohhh, this is the sweetest, sweetest story!

Just beautiful pups, too!!
Barked by: Stewball (Dogster Member)

July 27th 2009 at 7:13 pm

Why thank you!

After I wrote that, I went to check on the dogs, and all the toys had been repositioned. But Stewie was still all about the firehose. When he finally left it alone to roam into the kitchen, Emerson quickly settled down to chew on it, too.

Gotta love 'em!

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