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The Days of Ashton's Life

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Diary pick of the day!

December 19th 2008 7:30 pm
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My mom is so proud of me, I got diary pic of the day today. Thank you to all my schnauzer friend for all the congrats.. Wow I did need the sunglasses. thank you, Uno. My mom worked all day and just got home, boy she was jealous because I got more e-mail than she did today, BOL !!! Mom will get over it! She loves me.. Today I was a lazy dog and slept most of the day. Oh wait a minute, that is what I do everyday..hahaha


I have been TAGED...

December 18th 2008 10:17 pm
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This is the Christmas list Tag.. When you get tagged you have to list 10! items you wish your mommy/daddy would get for you for Christmas. Then you tag 5 of your friends..

Okay here I go:
1. GREENIES, Greenies and more greenies...I just love them
2. Greenies smart biscuits.
3. A new soft Bed or 2 beds, I only have 10 to choose from, but they are used.
4. new warm pj's for cold night and morning walks.
5. pig ears! love em...
6. Fuzzy toys, that make lots of noise.
7. Tug toys, I just love tug of war.
8. People food for dinner every night!!
9. lots and lots of mini marshmallows!!
10. A really really long leash for walks, or no leash at all so I can run the neighborhood and visit all my pawpals!!

wow that was hard..I am going off to tag...Monty, Madelin, Ida Clair, Mr Tuggles and Shelby-Reese


what a week...

December 15th 2008 9:04 pm
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My mom has been so busy this week while she was off. Her friend is moving to a new home close to us :-)..I like her friend, her name is Sherrie.
She has a beautiful dog that is twice my size, her name is Aley. I love playing with Aley. We have been playing at Aley's old home allot this week. There is a fenced in yard and I get to run free!! With out getting in trouble. AArrooo!! We play chase, my brother is there and we just run in and out of the house as fast as we can. I had so much fun playing this week. I do not have a fenced in back yard at my home. I am always on a lead. Hope we get to play more this week!!


running away

December 13th 2008 10:40 pm
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As fun as it is to run away, it is always a bad thing to do. tonight at midnight, when my mom got home she let me and my brother out to potty. We took off running. Mom drove around in her car looking for us. She even drove down onto the golf course. Good thing for her it is closed at this time and has been for a yr. She finally caught up to us, at the neighbors house. After we made the rounds of the neighborhood, Dugen the good brother went running home. I had to follow, it was dark and all. I was scared. Mom was glad to see us and we jumped in the car. There will be No greenies for us tonight!! I am sorry mom!



December 3rd 2008 9:43 am
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I do not think I have ever mentioned my other job in my house! I get to chase the ducks. It all started when we moved to Texas. My Grandma loves her ducks. She had 2 beautiful White males ducks and 1 Male & 2 female Mallard ducks. well 1 white male got attacked by a turtle. Dude, he had foot surgery and lived in the house with us for 1 year..My mom cared for him, his name was Chips. Chips is in heaven now, With the 2 female mallards. While he was in the house my mom bought 4 babies. They were fun to play with 2 white males and 2 white females. They grew up and were released out side. So To make a long story short, this summer we had 5 ducks.

Me and Dugen get chase them into the pond so mom could feed them. This is so much fun.. Some times they were up on the porch and we chase them to the pond..We live on large lot off a golf course:-) Well this summer the 2 females went to sit on eggs. This has been happening every summer for yrs, but never any babies until this year.

One after noon the 2 white females appeared with 6 babies in the pond. Mom was so happy.. They were so cute. Later mom took us out in the front yard and Dugen and I found another baby duck. The next morning mom found more babies. 2 moms had 17 babies, 5 Adults and 2 new Black ducks!! A total of 23 ducks!! Mom says that is way to many..but I love to chase them.

Now it is the winter, The babies are all grown and only a few left. During the Summer we were given a Black female. So we have a total of 17 Adults. They still wonder all arournd the house and nieghborhood! Dugen and I Love to eat their POOP!! We find it in the grass, on the porch, and loads of it by the pond...Mom just hates us to eat duck poo, but the vet said it would not hurt us!! :-)


November 25th 2008 7:35 pm
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AArrooorrooo, what a great day. My mom took me and my brother to the park with our human friend Suzzy Blue. She is almost 4 yrs old. I just love the park, all the people and attention!! I got to play with some cute little kids. The best part of the park was all the sniffing, rororroooing, marking territory, barking, barking. Oh ya, did I mention the arroorooing I did :-).. Oh ya. People have been asking mom about her e-bay store. she wanted me to add a link in my diary. I am one great model.. Check me out. I am one hot schnauzer! go to:


christmas model

November 19th 2008 7:32 pm
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I am finally finished my modeling for my moms Christmas items. My mom said that I was a good boy and my pictures looked good. I think I looked great with my new hair cut and all. The best part is all the great treats I got to enjoy. Let me tell you..taking pictures all day sure makes me tired. Oh wait I usually sleep all day anyway. My mom kept changing my outfits and props. She even put some red and white hat on me. She said it was a Santa hat. I do not know who this Santa is. I do not recall sniffing him before. That was the first hat I actually enjoyed wearing. I have a few hats, I never leave them on, I always shake them off my head ASAP!! I have a nice collection of outfits. Check out my new pics!!


!!The Cold!!

November 14th 2008 12:31 pm
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Wow..I am scared, mom cut my hair off and tomorrow morning it is going to be real cold in the 20's. I sure hope she has something warm for me to wear, I have a new warm sweat suit, I sure hope I get to wear that tonight to sleep..hope every one is keeping warm this winter. Oh ya, Check out my photo entries, please cast a vote for me. I do not have any!!I sure thought i was cute in the pictures I asked my mom to enter into the contest.


Hair cut Stress!!

November 13th 2008 6:23 pm
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Wow today was not cool for me! My mom trimed my hair. talk about stress. I hate it when she trims aroung my ears. My hair was nice and long! It was warm but now it is gone! She did leave my skirt ;-) She thinks i looks so cute and she put a nice shirt on me when she was done. The best part was the greenie smart biscuit, I got for being good...

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