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Life With One Neuron

A new herd

July 26th 2009 8:26 pm
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A few months ago, my Mom totaled the lawn mower. It was always wrecking on our toys and sticks and stuff hiding in the grass. So mom got sheep! There's 2 of them, "Kibbles" and "Bit." Every day I hang out in the yard with them while mom's at work. They don't cuddle with me like the steer we had did. But they're quiet companions. My bro Hoolie and Sis Bullet think they're lunch. They've been troublemakers so they get fewer yard privileges. Whatever, now I get the porch beds to myself. Yay! It's been a hot Summer. Hope all you doggies out there are doing well!


Today's my Birthday

January 18th 2009 10:25 am
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I'm 7 years old, still going strong. This year's birthday's kinda crappy though. I'm stuck in the house all day! For over a week now me and my brother and sisters have all been sick. No parasites, no giardia. The Dr's kind of perplexed at why we're all sick at once. We're normally a very healthy bunch! So the Dr recommended the dreaded fast: No food for 24 hours!!! I thought mom was kidding when she said we weren't getting dinner last night. That was the longest night ever. Today we got breakfast, some prescription bland food, but not as much as I'm used to getting. So I'm a bit hungry again now, can't wait for dinner. The good news is that during and since the fast, no one "tossed their cookies." Mom's watching us like a hawk. Boy did Hooligan get busted when he tried for a snack from the kitty box! I'm going to see if mom will take me on a birthday walk. The dog park has been vetoed due to our sickness. Wish me luck!


Were my ancestors really from Russia?

March 4th 2007 7:53 am
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Yesterday I went to the snow for the first time. Mom kept telling me I'd love it, but she was wrong. I tried to walk and I just sank, all the way to my elbows! Sometimes my feet would sink, sometimes they wouldn't, that really bugged me. It was so weird. Whenever we stopped I lay down. That way I didn't sink. Mom says next time we'll go to snow that isn't very deep. I hope there's a couch next time.


Wags for Wishes 2006 San Diego

July 29th 2006 8:35 am
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Mom took me to "Wags" again! Doggie Heaven! I did lure coursing, both on the flat and over agility obstacles. My two sisters did Flyball. Bullet kind of stole the show doing flyball with her three legs and all, she's going to be dog of the month in August. But I got lots of attention too. And lots of goodies in "Vendor Village." It was 3 days of the most doggie fun ever. And this time we even went in an air conditioned car. Kind of a trade off though, there were 5 of us doggies with 2 humans in that car, I kept getting stepped on as the border collie "Jet" kept trying to herd neighboring cars. I can't wait to go again next year.


I'm Qualified!

November 12th 2005 8:59 am
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Mom took me to the borzoi races. I always get so excited seeing other 'zois! Well, she decided to let me do a practice run. She wasn't expecting much, but boy did I show her! I sped after that lure, for the whole 200 yards. Everyone was impressed, so they decided to try to get me "qualified" to be able to enter races. This one was harder, I had to wear a muzzle and race with another dog. But I did it! Mom was so proud! Now I will get to race later this month with all my borzoi friends.


Stupid TV

December 25th 2004 9:39 pm
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Why am I always in trouble for standing in front of that danged TV? Can't everyone see I am so much more prettier than that dusty box? Actually, sometimes when I do it repeatedly, the humans give up and make room for me on the couch so I stop doing it. Pretty sneaky, huh?


My First Friend Invitation!

December 5th 2004 10:27 am
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Elle the Saluki Lurcher asked me to be friends today! I'm so excited. And she is sooo pretty too! Unfortunately she lives real far away, across the ocean. But I can look at her picture all the time.
This week mom promised to bring me to conformation class. Usually she brings that 3-legged mutt-thing, otherwise known as my sis "Bullet". Some conformation dog! Something about socialization. But this Tuesday it's all me! My original mommy sold me because I had a "gay tail". It curls up over my back when I'm excited. What's wrong with that? At least it doesn't drag in the dirt! I'll show them on Tuesday. And I hear there are 2 afghan pups in class. I can't wait to see them.


My First Diary Entry!

November 27th 2004 7:58 pm
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Hello! I've never had a diary before. Let's see. Today was pretty mello. Usually mom leaves me outside while she works. Something about bad housebreaking? Well today it was so stormy she let me stay inside! Of course I did have to leave a "Code Brown" on the floor at one point but mom wasn't too mad. There's this pesky new puppy around now. Fortunately she decided that it was Nitro's day to be bothered. She really drives Nitro nuts. Mom says I have to sleep on the couch tonight because I hogged the bed last night. That's the Bed Rules.

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