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In memory of our BEAUTIFUL angel....

This is devotated in memory of our Aspen

October 26th 2008 1:44 pm
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We loved Aspen so much that she was spoiled to no end. She loved camping, traveling with us, she played fly-ball, always by our side and always protected us from "bad" people that she sensed were not right. Soccer, hockey as a goalie, baseball, golf, T-ball, and many more were her favorite sports. She was always full of joy and very sensitive; feelings hurt easily. She always had her tail up in the air....until last year..her tail never went up since then.

The DREADED day came when we took Aspen to the vet numerous times to combat her arthritis pain...all the meds didn't work. I realized that she had more bad than good days....took her for her last walk in the woods.....and cried many tears over her...and hugged her thinking today is her good day....and last day. The vet came in our home to put her down..with her in OUR arms...we held to her..and she slowly relaxed and heart slowed down.

After her death; I questioned if we did the right thing and if we gave up on her too soon? It was a question I struggled daily to this date. The vet told us that he suspects that she does have lung cancer and THAT is not fixable due to her heavy panting when he saw her last. I put her down because many people told us she's suffering and they can see that. I can't and didn't want to LET her go...but with heavy hearts...we said our goodbyes.

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