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Nanny in the hospital!

May 11th 2011 4:01 pm
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Last week we let our pals on Schnauzers Rule know that our Nanny (who is 91 years young) fell and hurt her leg last Thursday. There was a big commotion and she had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. Well, she fractured her leg, and she can't walk at all, so she is still in the hospital. We are NOD pleased about this. The hospital is, as Lexie says, NDA (NO dogs allowed), which truly stinks, cause we would be able to make Nanny feel so much better! So we have to wait in the truck when Mommy and Mama visit (see our new profile pic). Mommy and Mama take turns so we are not left in the truck by ourselves very long. We bark and bark, cause there are lots of people going back and forth into that place. Hopefully Nanny can hear us barking, and it will make her heal faster!!! BOL.

Till Nanny gets out of that yucky hospital, we won't be able to see her. That is truly the worst. Nanny is a great back-rubber. We went to Nanny's house the first few nights, and it was so strange that she wasn't there.

If anyone has any extra prayers for our Nanny, it would sure be appreciated. She is starting to learn to use a walker, but she is bruised up on her side and ribs from falling, so they are keeping her in a few more days. Tomorrow Mommy is taking us to the pet "spa" so we can get "beautified", and hopefully we will get to see Nanny next week.

love Rudy and Izzy


May - brrr!

May 1st 2011 4:06 pm
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Well it may be May, but it is COLD here! Mommy took us on a walk tonight and she had to wear earmuffs, and we had to wear our winter jackets! Not fair, it is supposed to be Spring, isn't it? Other parts of the country are getting snow, so I guess we should count our blessings.

Apparently there was a big royal wedding on Friday morning. Sheesh, Mommy even got up in the very early morning to watch it! She said her invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. We didn't see any dogs there, though, so it couldn't have been too good. They did have horses, so I guess that's something. Still, all in all, pretty boring, if there's not even any dogs. The Queen is supposed to have Corgis - where were they? They definitely should have been in the procession. It would have been a lot cooler then!

Rudy and Izzy



April 9th 2011 6:03 am
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Hi guys! Dogster made us a daily diary pick! Thank you Dogster! We are excited today because it is SUNNY outside! This is a BIG DEAL cause it was snowing and hailing yesterday. Seriously. We have a very weird (and late) Spring up here in Newfoundland. So it is nice and beautiful, although still cold, so Mommy is going to dress us up (including our coats) and we are going on a walk soon.

But first we have to address something very important. Repair persons. Across the street there has been a white van with a repair man going in and out, in and out, with various instruments and tools. It is very suspicious. We have let him know that we are watching him, and one false move... Mommy says it is "Barkageddon" here. She even had to go out for a "sanity latte" yesterday afternoon. Hee hee, oops. :D

Have a great Saturday everypup!
Rudy and the Izz


Spring means MUD.

April 7th 2011 1:24 pm
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Holy moly. Now that the snow is melting, Mommy says it's "one holy bleeping mess" out there! She never said bleeping though. She said one of those not-suitable for sensitive ears words. Anyhoo, finally it is getting a little warmer, which means we are getting more walks. The snow is melting, but there is still a lot of sand on the roads, and mud, and dirt and stuff, which means a MANDATORY BATH after every walk. Talk about punishment! We had a great walk today, the sun was out, Mommy took her time letting us smell everything, we walked a nice distance, and then she has to go ruin it by washing all the good stuff off! And not just a wimpy leg bath either. Today we got so filthy (her words) that we needed full baths, even our heads! Mommy sure knows how to put a damper on a great day!


We are having a snowstorm!

March 23rd 2011 3:50 pm
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Seriously, pups, it's -2, and we have lots of snow, blowing snow and wind right now. We refused to go outside and do our business until we were absolutely busting, which was around supper. We held our pee ALL day! Then Mommy snuck up on us and put our winter jackets on, and made us go outside. The wind was blowing up our backsides, and it was NOD fun. Izzy is a lot better at being in the snow than Rudy, in fact she doesn't mind it too much. Rudy, however, thinks the world is coming to an end. If Ben were here, he would stand just far enough out the back door, to do his pee on the deck! Mommy says he's up in rainbow bridge where he can lie in the sun all DAY. That sounds nice. We will hold down the fort down here, Ben, until we see you again!

much love,
Rudy and Izzy


Ben ATE!!!

February 12th 2011 10:18 am
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Hey pupses! Mommy took Ben back to the vet yesterday cause he was barely eating, and it was stressing us all out. Mommy was putting out all sorts of good fud, and he wouldn't touch it. Not chicken or rabbit, or cheese or roast beast or salmon. NOT EVEN SARDINES. It was getting serious. After 48 hours with only a few little treats in hims belly, Mommy said enough was enough. Well, good news. The vet examined him and decided that the super strong antibiotic was making him nauseous, and so she gave him an anti-nausea, appetite stimulant pill to take. Also, he wouldn't take any of his pills on Thursday, so his stomach had a break from the antibiotic anyway. Well, Mommy took him home and opened up some smelly wet dog food to try to entice him, and he ATE! And nod just a little bit! Mommy was so excited she started to sing and dance. Rudy was put off cause she didn't get to finish Ben's dinner, and Izzy wasn't sure why he got yummy wet food. But it's all good, cause he ate!

Then we got up this morning, Saturday, early, to do our business outside. It was 6 a.m. We decided to let Mom sleep in - BOL. Anyhoo, Ben was hungry!!! So Mommy fed us all at 6 in the morning, and he gobbled his breakfast all up! Mommy was real proud, and then we all went back to bed for a good snooze.

So Mommy is happy today, and tonight we are going to Mommy's Mommy's house (Nanny) cause it's her barkday. Mommy made a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing and the hoomins get to have pizza. That's okay, cause Mommy promised us some yummy rabbit. It has been a good day.

love Rudy, Izzy and Ben


Three Dog Night

January 11th 2011 3:54 pm
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Well, Mister Ben has been with us for almost four months, and we are FINALLY settling into a routine. Mommy can ALMOST figure him out now. Here is Ben's schedule:
8 a.m. get up, go out
8:10 eat breakfast
8:15 go out for other urgent business
8:20 go back to the hoomin bed where it is nice and warm and go back to sleep
12:00ish get back up
12:00-3:30 walk around house, look out window, snooze on couch
3:30 nap
4:30 go outside to investigate possible intruders and check yard
4:30-6:00 relax, watch tv, be entertained by Rudy and Izzy, do some barking, torment Mommy
6:00 eat supper
6:15-7:00 chill
7:00-9:00 snooze
9:00 demand snack, and maybe a short play with Mommy
10:00 go outside for urgent business, investigate yard
10:15 go to bed and snooze all night!

Mommy is pretty happy with this schedule. Ben is an old man and doesn't play nearly as much as us two young girls, but we keep that in mind! He even watches us when we wrestle, but he keeps his distance. BOL.

love Rudy, Izzy and Ben


What a great Christmas!

December 28th 2010 7:19 pm
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Christmas 2010 was Ben's first Christmas with our family, and we think it was quite successful! First, we got like fortelebenty Christmas cards, and the mommas only got a few. Ha! Power to the PAW there! Secondly, Ben got to meet Santa Claus, and he was a real good boy, and we even got a great family photo (you can see it on our page). Mommy and Mama are real proud of that picture. Thirdly, we got some real nice pressies from our good pals Lucy & Daisy, and Zaidie! Wow, that was such a nice surprise. We love our MEATZ toys, our Snoopy toy, and the goodies for the mommies were much appreciated!!!

Let's see, we also had a YUMM-O Christmas dinner at Poppy's, and we had lots of fun watching the humans opening their presents. All that wrapping paper, and laughter! Everyone was in a real good mood! Today Nanny had a get-together and we went over to her house, and got lots of rubs and loves from cousins, and uncles and aunts, and all sorts of friendly dog-loving people! Ben was completely at home with lots of people there, and wasn't remotely scared at all! Today was also one of the only days in a long time that it DIDN'T rain, so we got to go on a nice walk! It has been pretty miserable here, we didn't have the snow that a lot of the Northeast U.S. got, but get this, in December, St. John's had 300 mm of rain! That is the most since 1909!!!

Anyway, we thank each and every one of our pals for our Christmas cards, rosettes and presents. We love you all, so very much. Dogster rocks!

Rudy, Izzy and Ben


OMD, our Santa pictures are back!

December 17th 2010 6:49 pm
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Remember last week we told you all that we went to visit Santa Paws? Well, we gots our pictures back! Mommy is so pleased she is dancin' like a crazy lady all over the house. She is so proud of how good we were in front of the camera. And she is so happy that Ben didn't freak out. Turns out he's a photogenic as Rudy and Izzy!!! We hope you like our family photo, that's Mommy's favorite. 2010 was a good year, cause we added Ben to our family. Merry Christmas everypup and every family.

love Rudy, Izzy and Ben


Wow, a featured dairy pick!

December 13th 2010 4:41 am
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We are a featured diary pick today. Thank you dogster! We are having a really great December so far. Hardly any snow, just cold and some frost. Last week it was so mild we had a big rain storm, and this week it will be above the freezing mark for most of the week! This is good, as Ben's arthritis seems to act up when it is really cold. Mommy has taken to putting tee-shirts, sweaters and hoodies on him every day, cause he seems to shiver much more than us (Rudy and Izzy)!

We are getting ready for Santa Paws at the house. Mommy is slowly decorating, and Mama will do the outside lights soon. We are hoping to get our tree up this coming weekend! It's always a fun time of year. Mommy is just happy cause the tree blocks the window, and it's more effort for us to get to the window and "ARRROOOOOO", which means we don't do it as often!!! BOL.

Ben is finally off his third dose of antibiotics for his mouth infection, but Mommy is not convinced it is better. He still rubs his mouth vigourously (sometimes whimpering too) against the couch or bed after eating. He still yelps if Mommy tries to go near his mouth. It's looking like he's going to have to have an x-ray to see if the infection has penetrated the bone. Our poor Bennie. Mommy and Mama are keeping a close eye on the situation, and we know our good vet Dr. Beth will do what she needs to do to get him better.

love to you all!
Rudy, Izzy and Ben

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