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QUEEN Socks' Diary :)

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With a heavy heart...

June 6th 2009 3:55 pm
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I see that one of my favorite dogs on Dogster, Ricki has joined me at the bridge. I know her family must feel like a piece of their hearts are missing.

Ricki was quite close to her 16th woofday, just like I was. Bein' old is easy, but bein' old and regal takes class, and Miss Ricki sure seemed like she had plenty of that.

Hugs to Ricki's family.



January 24th 2009 7:03 am
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Dr. L is one classy lady. Mom got a letter in the mail today saying that Dr. L had made a donation to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association in my name. If more pets and their loved ones benefit from alternative medicine, like acupuncture, as I did... more power to 'em!



Such a sad song

January 15th 2009 5:08 pm
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Mom's a big ol' dork and loves the Lord of the Rings movies. At the very end of "Return of the King" there's an awfully sad song that always reminds mom of me.

Click here if you need a good cry.


A story

January 9th 2009 7:55 pm
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Mom would like me to comment on this picture. A rather unglamorous shot, but one that means a lot to mom.

For a long time, I would spend the night in mom's room. Sometimes my snoring would lull her to sleep. I usually spent a lot of time in the doorway... so much that mom's pink carpeting eventually turned gray-ish, even when all my fur was scrubbed out. Every morning we had a silly routine. I would stretch and wake up, but then I'd roll right over onto my back and wiggle and roll. I'd wiggle and stretch and wiggle and stretch. Of course, this meant that my round belly was showing as well and so mom just wouldn't be able to resist tickling my tummy and giving me a belly rub every morning while giggling at me. What a great way to greet the day, don't you think?



January 9th 2009 7:17 pm
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Mom got my ashes back today. That was tough. She's never had a pet cremated before and still struggles to see the connection between ashes and the fuzzy, living, breathing, comforting being. So now she has no idea what to do with my ashes other than keep them in their box. Really, getting my collar back was more meaningful, as was the clay paw print (my actual paw print) that one of the vet techs makes for every pet that goes to Rainbow Bridge.

Meanwhile, I'm getting the tour around Rainbow Bridge. After being welcomed by a big group of Dogsters, Seth was kind enough to show me towards the buffet. Maxwell came over to say hi, but he's got his own posse so he's left me alone for the most part to go run and play in this massive field while I pigged out on the sidelines. And then I snooped around a bit and even found TRASH CANS just ready for tipping over. Aaaaaah... and sometimes I feel spry and chase the youngsters like I used to. I came across a basket full of fleece toys and stuffed toys and grabbed one and shook it super hard, I think I inspired a bit of aw. A really young, gangly pup came up to me and asked me if I would do it again, so I did. Then the pup picked up the other end of the toy and we tugged together but I growled my most ferocious growl just 'cause it made me happy to grr-ruff-ruff a couple times.

I still worry about mom but I know she'll be OK with Jasmine and Stewie (yes, she's even in good paws with Stewie, but don't tell him I said that... I've still got a reputation to keep, you know) to keep her company. It ought to be a relief for her to know that she doesn't have to fret over me anymore.

Gosh mom, stop crying already, OK? It will be OK!!! I would be licking all those tears away right now, you know that, and then I'd nibble on your nose for good measure just to make you feel better and maybe make you giggle. So all I can really say is... go hug Jasmine and go to sleep and relax! It will be OK! Honest!


At the Bridge

January 5th 2009 12:25 pm
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I howled all night. Mom got me into the vet as soon as they opened. They think I probably had a stroke sometime in the night. I was moving really erratically this morning, listing to the right, and in general just acting confused. Now I'm at the bridge and feeling fine as can be.


Another update

January 4th 2009 5:44 pm
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Mom called Dr L and she is going to come out tomorrow to see what she can do for me and also give mom a second opinion on whether or not "it's time". It really is time, but somehow it is comforting to know that others can see it too. Dr L said that she'll see if I've got my usual sparky eyes or not. Mom looked at me later and noticed that my eyes are not sparky at all.

Mom's been trying to give me chicken broth and canned food. I try, but it's like my mouth just doesn't work right.

"The day" may have to come sooner than Saturday, folks.

Oddly, mom was able to feel at peace for most of the day with the decision. I guess that means it really is time to go. Any other time that the subject has come up, mom has NOT been okay with it. But now it's different.



January 4th 2009 7:48 am
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I'm not really wanting to go potty (it takes some encouragement to get me on the grass). I don't want to walk around outside much. When I walk in the house I don't use my back right leg and I just stand around until my nose touches the ground or I collapse in order to lay down. I usually drink half the water bowl every morning, today I don't want any of it. I'm half-heartedly licking the peanut butter that covers my pills.

I'm miserable.

Mom says this Saturday I'll no longer have to hurt.

Dr. L is going to come tomorrow or Tuesday to help me feel just a little more comfortable.

Mom says that it is sooooo hard to "make a date" and that Saturday morning seems best but that the week before is going to be the worst ever.

Mom's heart is already shattered.

Why can't we stay around for forever?????????


Going downhill again

January 2nd 2009 5:44 pm
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Well folks, it's not looking too good.

I'm extremely wobbly. Not even my nifty socks are helping much. I can't hold my bladder for very long, so instead of rather large puddles occasionally, now I'm leaving smaller ones. I'm depressed. I hurt. All over.

At least I'm still eating OK.

And I had such a good run! About 2-3 weeks of "wow, look at how good Socks is doing!" and now it went tumbling away. Uuuugh...



I'm in the doghouse (figuratively, of course)

November 12th 2008 1:56 pm
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So I have a new twerp of a brother (who apparently isn't one of those temporary foster brothers that I must merely suffer for a month or two at worst). He is a big dopey puppy (those are the WORST!) so he is always getting up in my face. At first I was nice and I just curled my lip at him. Then I started growling very lowly. Then I was snapping at him. Usually I draw the line and don't go past snapping. Well... this pup wasn't "getting it" and I got frustrated. For Pete's sake, I'm lying on MY blanket, my legs don't work too well, I'm cranky 'cause I don't feel well, and this stinky puppy runs into my FACE! I didn't mean to do much other than the usual... But I ended up snapping and making contact... and not letting go. I had his lip. So Pup starts pulling back and screaming. Mom leaps out of her chair, stomps on the ground and bellows at me so let go. I let go promptly and she scoops up Pup (who seemed a little confused but not scared or aggressive) and inspects his lip. He was so wiggly that it took a minute before Mom came to the conclusion that I merely scraped the skin off where my tooth had caught him and that he was not bleeding. But she told me she was not very happy with me.

In the meantime, our encounters will be closely monitored by Mom.


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