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Fundraising Ideas

June 1st 2006 6:19 am
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Thanks to Honey for first bringing this lovely list to my (and other's) attention. Thanks to Elizabeth Tolson for compiling the list on the Humane Fundraising group. This list is LONG but quite worth it! Since it's so long I'm going to bold some of the main points in each paragraph for all you skimmers out there. Read through it and see if it can help your local humane society, shelter, rescue, etc. raise more money and be better able to help it's pups and kitties!

(Side note: I really put this up on June 20, but since it's SO long I also want it to be at the bottom of my page so that the other entries don't get lost on my main doggie page. Hence the "June 1" date)

1. The day after Thanksgiving, Waldenbooks sponsored us for Book Days. We stood out in front of Waldenbooks and handed out coupons to the people going in the store. The Humane Society received 25% from each book or magazine purchased. We earned $650.00 for the one day. We also put a fish bowl out where we stood and people dropped in change. Ask your local Waldenbooks if they have a Book Days. If they don't, ask if they would be interested in starting one. Other charities such as schools, boy and girl scouts, and church groups also participated (on a different day) with this fundraiser.

2. Yard Sales are great, but we made more money when we got a booth at a Flea Market. Once a year, our town has a huge Flea Market. Each both costs $25.00. We got a both and in 4 hours, sold everything we had and earned $1,350.00. Check to see if there is a flea market or a community yard sale that you can participate in. One thing that really helped us --- when someone purchased something for .75 and paid for it with $1.00, we asked if they would mind donating their change to the Humane Society. Most of them did. ALSO IMPORTANT!!! We found that the most important words to say when asking for items to be donated is "WE WILL PICK UP YOUR ITEMS!!" People will send you in their attics, basements, garages, etc. They are glad to get rid of it --- they just don't want to haul it away. I have never wanted to ask for a donation and then ask them to deliver it.

3. This was the most fun fundraiser we did. We had GREAT cooperation from the mall. Our mall allowed us to put a Christmas Tree up in Center Court. For each $5.00 donation, we would illuminate a light for your pet --- a red one for "in honor of" and a white one "in memory of". We asked for a picture of the pet and would hang it with a red or white ribbon. We had to put up another Christmas Tree because the first one because too full of pictures. We did not worry about the fact that we had 100 white lights on a tree, but 150 memorial pictures ---- you can't even the two out. We found that the public did not even pay attention to that. They were too busy looking at the pictures.
On the weekend, my mother took her Golden Retriever, Chelsea, to the mall. She was dressed as Santa, complete with bells on her toes and a Santa Hat. The kids AND adults loved it. Of course, we had the fish bowl out and would average $150.00 in donations a night. Also, we took thick foam board and put them on wreath stands. We had a red board for the honored pets and a white board for a memorialized pets. We listed their names on each board. We noticed that people liked to look at the names the try to find the picture on the tree. We were glad we wrote the names on the back. We earned over $3,000 from the tree and fish bowl. It was a so fun..

THIS IS IMPORTANT! We did not have someone at the tree at all times. The only time someone was at the tree was on Friday and Saturday night when we took Chelsea out there. Twice a week, I went out there to hang pictures and write names on the boards. The public never paid attention to me, but take a dog out there and they flock around and dump money in the fish bowl. We had a stand out front of the tree explaining what it was for. We kept forms in that stand for people to fill out. They would simply put their name, the name of the pet, was it in Memory or Honor of, etc. Then they would send it to the address at the bottom (my house).

The BIG BIG money maker on this was something we almost did not do. We told people that if they wanted to buy a light in honor or memory of someone else's pet, we would send that person a card. Many people made donations like that for Christmas Presents. When the person received a card, they turned around and made a donation either for their pet or someone else's. This brought out a lot of emotion in some people. I saw several people who made a donation in memory of their pet just break down and cry when they saw the picture on the tree. We thought it would be necessary to have someone at the tree at all times, but we knew we could not do it. Turned out, we did not need anyone there except on weekend nights when the mall was really crowded. We also got the newspaper to print the form to fill out as a donation to us. We got a good response from that. Also, the local weatherman (a REAL popular guy) came out and did the weather from our trees twice. There was a huge response after that.

4. Igive donates money to people who will read their ads. I thought it had a catch to it until we received our first check for one month's worth of "clicking" in the amount of $157.00. We have earned, so far, $450.00. Remember, you do not have to have a computer to click. One girl I know is in college with three other roommates using her computer. Each have an e-mail address on Yahoo, etc. They all click on that one computer. Don't abuse it and sign up your dog, cat, etc. You will eventually get caught. You get a portion of the proceeds from buying off of Igive. If you and your friends can spend five minutes a day on Igive, it will add up --- PROMISE. Sign up at www.igive.com.

5. We had a lock up which proved to be a big hit. Again, we got help from the mall and our weatherman who is VERY popular with the public. IAMS and PEPSI donated dog food, cat food, and drinks. We built a house out of the cans of food and drinks. We put the weatherman inside. People would have to buy a crate of drinks or a can of food (prices varied) before the weatherman could get out.. He did the weather from the lock-up and stayed there until the entire house was sold. We earned $2,100 from donations and the sale of the food and drinks. This went to spay/neuter and not the no-kill shelter fund.

6. We had a brown bag lunch one day. About two weeks prior to that, we went to every business, community college, doctor's office, hospital just went down the list in the phone book. We took a menu where they could pick out what type of sandwich they wanted (always a cold cut deli menu), chips or pretzels, apple or orange, and cookie or cake. Each lunch sold for $5.00. We delivered them to the businesses. We made $1,200.00. The mustard, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper, etc. were donated. We had a lot of the sub rolls donated. We made the desserts. It was worth the effort. We also took a picture of a cat or dog that had been helped by our organization and attached it to the bag with a thank you from the animals.

7. We went to the mall, local hotels, and the city any place that has a fountain. We asked if we could have the change that was thrown into the fountain we would go in and get it. They all agreed. About every six weeks, we would roll up our pants and get the change. We would put a sign out in front of the fountain when we did it so people did not think we were stealing. Of course, we had our trusty fish bowl and Chelsea, the Golden Retriever, wading around in the fountain also. That usually netted us about $200.00 between all the fountains.

8. Pizza Hut donated 20% of their Carry-Out or Dine In Meals on one Friday and Saturday Night. We earned approximately $300.00 from that. Hit them up for Super Bowl Day, etc when you know pizza delivery will be high.

9. We sold "Halloween Insurance for $1.00 and guaranteed to clean up any soaped windows, cars, etc the day after Halloween. We sold a lot of insurance and had about 6 clean-up calls and everyone of them tipped the organization despite having paid for the insurance. We raised over $750.00 for this fundraiser. Most people bought the insurance because of the cause and it was a cute idea. Most would give us $5.00 --- $1.00 for the insurance and $4.00 for a donation. REALLY TRY THIS ONE!!!!!

10. We had a local artist donate his talents for a sketching. In the sketch (poster size) were two cats and a dog and behind them was the riverfront skyline of our town. The caption was "The Development of Society can be measured by the way it treats its animals" a saying by Gandi. The poster/sketch sells for $20.00 each. I don't know how many we have sold. The printers donated the plate and the printing.

11. We were working on this but quit the Humane Society before we could implement it. We decided to have a Treasure Hunt.We had already gotten a lot of cooperation from the downtown merchants. Each store downtown would have clues. We decided to stay just downtown for our first try the other non-profit who did this used the whole city to plant clues. The chest was a donated Lane Cedar Chest and we had various prizes to go into it. Prizes ranged from trips to grocery store gift certificates. Someone with a good imagination wrote the story. Each sentence would contain the name of a store. You had to go to the store, ask for a clue, and then put them all together to locate the Treasure Chest. Each store had a little bank there where money could be donated. I participated in the one for the Jr. Women's League and it was a BLAST!!!! I wish we could have done it, but when I quit the Humane Society, we returned the donated gifts.

12. Athletes, Newsmen, Teachers, etc. volunteered for four hour shifts at the local McDonalds for a Charity. McDonalds was happy to cooperate. 15% of all sales went to the charity. The "workers" had to wear everything down to the McDonalds hats, etc. It was a hit for all.

13. One Humane Society was trying to raise money for a no-kill shelter. They found out the exact number of dogs and cats that were euthanized at the local shelter. They sold strips of paper for 50 cents a piece a blue one for a dog and a red one for a cat. They stapled these strips together to make a chain.Of course, most people gave a dollar. People have a tendency to say keep the change for animals. They then had a candle light vigil and held the chain for the news to do a story on. They earned over $2,200.00 on this. A lot came from donations too. ***** Since it was so successful the first time, that Humane Society was going to up the cost of a strip to $1.00.

14. FROM A NON-PROFIT HOSPITAL: I volunteer for a non-profit hospital which had no fund-raising programs until we formed our Brick-Kick committee. We sell engraved Bricks for $100.00 and have raised $50,000.00 so far We are now replacing worn out carpeting in the lobby with engraved tiles that we will sell for $250.00.These tiles will be personalized signatures. People love the idea and stop traffic looking for their names. This program has been great for us, nothing to store, no inventory no money outlay. And best of all we hope to continue the program for years to come. Address for engraved bricks can be found on the Internet just by searching.

15. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: Several grocery stores participated in "Change an Animal's Life." If a person bought $3.65 worth of items, they were asked if they would be interested in rounding up and donating their change to the Humane Society. This Humane Society earned over $2,500.00 doing that. The grocery stores were happy to participate. The cashier who could turn in the most donations from their register by really pushing this cause would win a dinner for two and a movie for two. That was really a boost for them since most cashiers were young and liked the idea of dinner and a movie.

16. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: This Humane Society had little cut outs of paw prints. They asked the customer to donate $1.00 to purchase a paw print. Their names were written on the paw and hung on the grocery store window. (We have seen this with MS and other Charities). This Humane Society earned over $3,000. Again, the cashier who could see the most paw prints would win a dinner for two and a movie for two.

17. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: A local bar allowed them to have karaoke night. Local TV and radio personalities were the bartenders. Any tips that they made were donated to the Humane Society. The bar allowed 10% of the proceeds to go to the Humane Society. All the cover charges ($5.00 per person) went to the Humane Society.

18. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: Have a Valentine's Dance. Decorate the dance hall with pictures of rescued animals or animals up for adoption. Place their picture inside a big red heart. Have a silent auction at the Valentine's Dance.

19. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: Our shelter's main money-maker is bingo, which is held twice a week...a lot of work but worth it. We have members make brownies and lemonade, etc for sale.

20. We raffled off a Thanksgiving Day Dinner. We sold raffle tickets for $2.00 a piece and the winner would get a Turkey (cooked), Stuffing, Sweet Potato Casserole, String Bean Casserole, and Pecan or Pumpkin Pie. The winner was drawn early enough in November so they could be notified and would not have to purchase their food. VERY SUCCESSFUL.

21. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: We have a lot of empty space in our mall where stores have moved out. We took one large store and set up a haunted house in part of it for Halloween. That was as much fun setting up as it was for the people who went through. We enlisted the help of high school kids to help us set up and they had a blast!! On the other part of the store, we had games for kids too young to go into the house or who did not want to participate in the spooky part of Halloween. There, we had cake walks, bobbing for apples, tying donuts to something with a string and have the kids eat them with their hands behind their back. We brought some of the dogs dressed up so the awareness of our benefit was also there. VERY SUCCESSFUL. Parents have gotten now that they don't want their kids on the streets on Halloween.

22. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: We did a calendar of adopted pets with a story about each one on the picture. We saved money by purchasing the Calendar Maker Program as well as having the calendar bound at Staples. This project netted us (after expenses) $1,250.00. VERY SUCCESSFUL and not expensive for Staples or Mailboxes to bind.

23. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: This idea worked for a political candidate so we tried it and earned $3,000.00. A number of pink flamingos (20, 50, or 100) would be put in a yard overnight. The owner of the home would have to pay that much money (20, 50, 100) to have the flamingos moved. Flyers explaining the fund raiser were all pink and advised the person who to call to have them removed. When they paid their money, they could, if they desired (and most did) tell us where they wanted us to take the flamingos next. It was a very funny fundraiser and a hit around town. We have been asked when we are going to do it again. Make sure that each recipient is a supporter of animals and has the money to have the birds removed AND HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR.

24. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: One of our BIGGEST fundraisers is a frozen dinner sale. We also have bake sales, but they do not possibly compare to the frozen dinner sale. We cook and freeze all sorts of casseroles, lasagna, desserts, etc., and sell them. All the items are donated. We even had one lady make up frozen hamburger patties. One lady made and froze chili and Brunswick Stew. The food possibilities are endless. We advertise for about two weeks. We have always sold out before noon. We usually bring in around $4,000. We have very generous people who cook a lot and cook well. It is a fundraiser that people have begun to look forward to. We have it in December because people can just pop it in the oven or microwave after shopping. Advertise everywhere!!! Wouldn't you pay for an already cooked casserole that you could just through in the oven when you got back from Christmas Shopping. Write me for a list of good casseroles if interested in this fundraiser.

25. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: Fish fries or Chicken Dinners are always good. Advertise and go around to different businesses to sell tickets. If you can get someone to deliver, you will sell more plates.

26. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: We were unable to get into the mall to wrap gifts. Books A Million allowed us to set up in their store and wrap Christmas Gifts for people. (Hey, books need wrapping too). It was such a success that people would bring in other gifts and we would wrap them. We had a big jar on our wrapping table and asked people to "Shower us with their Change" A graphic of a cat holding an umbrella was on the jar. We earned over $2,000 from wrapping and donations. The boxes were donated from Pennys and other stores. The wrapping paper was donated by members.

27. FROM A SOCCER MOM: One of our local soccer teams did spring yard work that included power raking the lawn. After the raking was done and the leaves were bagged, we always asked for a donation and in most cases got it. This is a good fundraiser if you have a lot of people that will get together and WORK HARD. If there is any doubt that the yard work may be taxing, don't do this fundraiser, because it will come back to haunt the non-profit that your service was not good.

28. FROM A SCHOOL: Our Christian day school recently held our second G.S.T. auction. We got local businesses and members to donate Goods, Services or Talents. We received about 175 items, including - a week at a time share anywhere in the world (airfare extra) - a week at a cottage on a local lake - a gas fireplace (mantle and installation included) - a lawn tractor - handcrafted art - hair care services - wrenches - items of furniture - food - frozen meat, baking, restaurant gift certificates - and many more A local auctioneer donated his time and we served hot dogs, pop, coffee and muffins We raised $20,000. That is equal to our total annual fundraising objective.

29. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: We had a tremendous response publishing a cookbook. We had one section for dog treats and cat treats. Advantages of publishing a cookbook:
1. An easy project. Just collect the recipes and send them in. The publishing company does the rest.
2. Self-financing for non-profit organizations. Most companies offer term of 30 to 60 days to non-profits.
3. Easy to sell - you have an instant market through your contributors. Each name is printed in the cookbook making them a great fit for the family!
4. You can tailor your profit to your organization's goals. Determine the size of your cookbook and how many you need by setting your fundraising goal before you get started.
5. Can be used as an ongoing fundraiser - once the book is completed, you can just reorder additional copies.
6. You're creating a community keepsake. The cookbook is personalized to your organization and community.

30. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: This was surprisingly successful. We convinced the drama club and a few other students at the local high school to put on the play "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Very few items had to be purchased for the set and costumes. Since this is an audience participation play, the Humane Society sold bags at the door of toilet paper, rice, and all the other things that were used as props in the play. The audience bought everything. We helped with the clean up. IT WAS A HIT!!!. We have been asked to do it again so other students can participate. We earned close to $2,300.00 on this event through ticket sales, popcorn sales, drink sales, and the bag of props.

31. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: We held a very successful bowl-a-thon. We were tired, but happy with the results and will do it again. A great winter fundraiser because of the cold. Remember your fishbowl!!!!! Have a prize for the person who bowled the most games, etc.

32. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: Have a plant sale. They are surprisingly successful. Many of the plants were donated by a business. However, the majority of them came from members who dug them up out of their back yards and planted them in nice pots. Start by having members root some of their favorite plants. Excellent sprint fundraiser.

33. FROM A JR. WOMEN's LEAGUE: A different twist to the "down the river duck race". 5000 (donated)tennis balls are consecutively numbered. The balls are sold for $2.00 each. The balls that have been paid for are put in the scoop of a front end loader and on "race day" the balls are dumped down a hill in your community. The first ball to enter the home stretch trough wins the 50% of sales prize money. Of course, you can still do the down the river duck race if you have a nice river in your community. Need community cooperation.

34. FROM A GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE: Sell numbered tennis ball for $5.00 a piece. The people will not get their actual tennis ball, the just get the number. After all the balls have been sold, take them out to a park (preferably when you are having a Bark in the Park, etc.) Dump the numbered balls out and send some dogs to retrieve the balls. (Have them retrieve 10 balls if you have 10 prizes). You could also just have the dog retriever one ball and that one winner would get portion of all the money from the fundraiser. I think that if you offer more prizes, you will sell more tennis balls.

35. FROM A SOFTBALL TEAM: Check with your local McDonald's restaraunt. They have a program called McBucks. You get 50 cents on the dollar, but the consumer get the whole dollar worth of food at the restaurant. However, they still pay the tax. It was a profitable fund raiser for our team.

36. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: Have a benefit softball game. If you are lucky enough to have a spring training stadium in your area, see about them donating the stadium for your fund raiser. Organize 2 teams, maybe one police and one fire departments (Guns n Hoses), or for better media coverage of your event, one team of all media and the other heads of industry in your area. Get a big prize to raffle off at the end of the game using the entry ticket. With a big prize, you are sure to sell many tickets and the profit potential is great.

37. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: Reverse drawings are ALWAYS popular in our town.

38. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: Pennies to Dollars. You are sent. a card with places to scratch off on. Each spot on the card has an amount that is to be donated ranging from 30 cents to $2.80. Most people will round up saying "Keep the change." The supporters scratch the card to reveal the donation. Check out the site: http://www.fundraising-ideas.com/fundraisers/scratch_cards/i ndex.htm l. They will even send you a free card to try it out on. DEFINITELY DO THIS ONE!!! Your first card is free so what do you have to lose.

39. Dog walk- people with dogs get sponsors on a sort of "walking" race with their dogs. The sponsors pay so much per mile in the allotted amount of time.

40. Relays with dogs- Same as relays with people, only they do them with their dogs, had it in the park, booths for snacks, kennel rentals for dogs while people did their own things.

41. Bake sales- --- besides people goodies, have dog goodies.

42. Christmas Lights and Christmas Decorations are a joy to look at. However, it can be dangerous to drive slowly and look you hold up traffic, etc. So, chauffeur people to the best places to see the lights. By now, you know where the best light displays are in town. You can either rent a school bus and hire a driver or find some sort of large transportation vehicle. We have a trolley in our town that takes people to see the historical sights. Charge a few dollars to take people to see the lights. Entice them a bit by advising there will be Christmas caroling, apple cider and cookies, and at the end of the tour, Santa will be there to help people off the trolley (a plus if children are there)

43. Also one of the employees has a thing for Hobby Lobby, a crafts store we have, so she makes and sells buttons, pins, and things like that with a cat or dog theme. We have one volunteer who makes clay cat or dogs bowls and donates them to be sold.

44. Dinners and luncheons- sell plates for 5 or 10 dollars- whatever you think you can get for them and work with companies like subway to donate items to sell. Remember to tell people that you will deliver!!! Remember that you don't have to rely on just sandwiches. Ask members if they will make a lasagna casserole and sell it in a plate with a salad. Remember, casseroles are endless!!!

45. Dog Parade- we have a lady who makes costumes for the dogs and we put on a show with dogs from the shelter and favorites that have been adopted already (we contact the people and they help out) We charge for this show, also here again you can see if subway or somewhere will donate party subs or something to sell.

46. We also had a Fall Donation Drive mailing soliciting donations from those who have adopted from us. We also get a pet that has been adopted or rescued to write a letter telling how his life has changed since his rescue. The more heartwarming the story, the more donations.

47. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: Don't forget the kids!! They love to help. Our local school had a dance. The admission fee was a can of dog food, blanket, toy, leash, etc. We posted a wish list at the school and got a lot more than we thought we would.

47. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: A Masquerade Ball is always a big hit!!!

48. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: We made a day of fundraisers! We started at the park in the morning with a car wash/dog wash. We took little baby pools out for the dog wash. We had face painting and clowns for the kids. We had hot dogs for sale. The biggest money maker was our dunking booth with local attorneys, doctors, and TV personalities as victims. The police department and their dogs gave us a demonstration. We had a household pet dog show, i.e. biggest dog, waggiest tale, dog/kid look alike contest, most talented dog, etc. We followed it up with a parade of adoptees. We told the story of how we got them and how they are doing now. Hard work, but made over $5,000.00.

49. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: We have a retired person that loves doing this for us. We have contacted all businesses and schools in the County and asked if we could pick up their cans to take to be recycled. We get a steady monthly income from this.
http://www.nvo.com/onlineshelter/ibelizabethtolsonsfu ndraisingreso urcesbrpart1/

50. Ask everyone you know to help. Every dollar helps.

51. Enroll your organization into the MasterCard program (http://www.nacard.com/). With every use of the card, your non-profit is benefitted.

52. Many people cannot have a pet because their landlord will not allow it or someone in their family is allergic to them or they simply do not have the time for the commitment. So,you can have them adopt a pet that is in the shelter. For $5.00 a month, they can adopt a cat or dog and that gives them the opportunity to come to the shelter and play with the animal. It is a win/win situation. The animal gets socialization and the person gets to dote on a pet --- groom it, walk it, play with it, etc. It really works!!!!!

53. I have a wonderful fund raiser...whereby the animal may provide something which could SAVE the Master/Mistresses life. It is called LIFE CARD TM. The owner fills out basic information on his/her medical history...allergies, medications, doctor, insurance data, languages spoken, etc. and we'll produce a credit card sized document for the wallet. Have an accident in a strange place...an accident at home and relatives aren't available??? This information could well save your life and allow the EMS crew to react quickly and safely. The cost is minimal...though each laminated card must be uniquely created. The difference between our cost and the price charged by the organization raising the funds is their 'profit'. Not just a gift, but a potential 'gift of life'. Think of the verbiage you can create of your pet giving a gift. Get a list from the town hall of the pets licensed by the town, and do a direct mail piece. A great variety of possibilities for the animal on behalf of the owner. Can easily raise $2-10,000 in a month to two month period. E-mail for full details and samples. Submitted by David Stoner e-mail at dosos @ ibm . net

54. We are currently finishing our first fundraiser. It is a board game played like your favorite game (monopoly) except it is named after YOUR Town and has Your local Merchants as the property spots. If you do it right, you pay nothing to have the game made. You recieve all the profits for your organization. The business on the game get to be there by paying for a simple ad. Cost of about $300.00 there are 40 spots on the game to sell. 500 games bring in $10,000 at 20.00 each. In 2 weeks we have more than $4,000. Alot of work but well worth the outcome and recognition. We had an artist paint a picture of cats and dogs watching a T.V. screen with the message of Spay and Neuter your animals. Very effective. We also took the draw card spots for more exposure and named the draw cards after our organization.
Eutha-not Cards. For information on this great fundraising idea you can contact Pride Distributors Inc. 1-800-451-5442. Tell them you are interested and they will send you a package and a free game for you to use to sell the spots. Worth a look into. If you don't sell any ads, you don't get the game made. Just know that if you want your game to sell, your going to want colour on your game and box top which runs extra. My suggestion is first decide how many games you want and what extras you want before you decide how much money to charge the business's. Good luck. any questions please e-mail Eutha-not Animal Shelter, Inc at bypass @ mail . com

55. Great Fund Raiser we held for Dr. Toogood's Love on Wheels Mobile Pet Adoption T.E.A.M.: We rented a mobile rock climbing wall (at a discount) and set it up in front of Wal-Mart. We charged $3 per person to climb the rock. We asked local business to sponsor the wall so our event was pure profit for the program! We made $1500 in the 4 hour event! Not bad for a community of 35,000!

56. Melody Horgan of Animal Rescue Foundation in Florida e-mailed me with information about an interesting-sounding fundraising product -- flower bulbs. Apparently groups can make 55% profit using this product and the program seems very well thought out. The website is www.touchofnature.com, and the deadline for fall fundraising is October 15. (The spring deadline is March 15). This would be a nice fundraiser to undertake when the snows of winter are hanging on (for all you easterners)and people are longing for gardens.

57. You can Be My Valentine with a $5.00 donation to Animal Friends. Make an animal's Valentine's Day special with treats and a fancy dinner. You will receive a picture of the animal along with a valentine. Your donation of $5 will provide a special meal, treats and a toy for your Little Angel, while ensuring high quality care and attention for all of the animals in our shelter. Each sponsor will receive a thank you as well as a photo of their Little Angel. In addition, your sponsorship will be recognized at the shelter through mid-April. To become a Guardian Angel of a shelter animal, send your name, address and phone number; please tell us how many dogs and/or cats (at $5 each) you'd like to sponsor. To be the valentine of a
shelter animal, send your name, address and phone number; please tell us how many dogs and/or cats (at $5 each) you'd like to sponsor.

58. Easter Bake Sale ------- Stock up for the Holiday with nut rolls, nut horns, fruit-filled pastries, sweet breads, hot-cross buns, decorated bunny cupcakes and cookies, special cakes & pies, pizzeles and pepperoni breads; the Easter Bunny has promised that dog biscuits will be available, too!!

59. FROM A HUMANE SOCIETY: The Christmas mailing takes in about $32,000 and costs less than $1,000 to do.

60. The biggest fundraiser is the lawn party, held in July, with a silent and live auction plus a dinner with lots of wine flowing. The 2nd fundraiser is the bdog walk, which attracted about 1,900 people this year.

61. A sponsored pet walk where the walkers (and their pets) solicit donations for how far they walk. This could also culminate in a pet talent show or some other event where additional donations are solicited. Could provide a good forum for presenting the message of finding homes for all the homeless ones.

62. See if you can get one or more of the local high schools to stage a benefit car wash. There are a couple of ways this can work. The kids can get "per car" pledges, and those who have pledged donate the $1.00 or whatever for each car washed, and the car wash itself is free to the car owner (donations accepted, of course!). The other way is just
to charge for the wash, which usually draws fewer people. This would both get kids involved in understanding the importance of a no-kill shelter AND has the added bonus of the kids doing most of the hard work!! I would advise the Free Car wash. To do this, kids (and non-profit members) would solicit "per car" pledges. Have the people sign a paper saying you did, in fact wash their car" This will entail the collection of the pledges after the car wash. But, if you advertise that you are having a FREE CAR WASH and explain why it is free --- you will need A LOT of water!!!!!

63. What about a silent auction? Go around local businesses and collect material donations such as gift certificates, baskets filled with goodies, etc. (tell them what your cause is) and have a silent auction at one of your bake or craft sales. We did this for a fundraiser and the response was overwhelming. It was such a success, we will be doing it again in the future.

64. Grants are available. There's an article in the most recent cats or cat fancy on grant requests.

65. How about; bake sales, garage sales, put cans around town (maybe even ask neighborhood kids to stand outside of the grocery store with them), and even advertise that you're trying to raise money. I think when people see what you're trying to do for the animals the donations will come streaming in. For Halloween, a bcostume party/contest craft fair? Sell homemade donated Halloween yard decorations, treats, costumes ... have a student in child studies donate their time face painting the kids ... give a prize for best adult costume/best child's costume ... maybe charge a nominal entry fee for the adults, kids and seniors free ... invite pets! maybe a prize for best pet!

66. If you are a 501c3 you can apply to Petsmart - a nationwide chain - for a grant. my organization got $1,000 this year but you can be awarded up to $10,000. It also depends where you live and what's popular in your area. We had a radio-a-thon and raised $4,000 and had a mass mailing when we were losing our kennel and raised almost $10,000. these are just some ideas - I hope it works well for you.
-julie of animal rescue

67. Bark In The Park --- with lots of contests!!! Waggiest tail, biggest dog, cutest dog, dog with most tricks. Remember to have lots of water for doggies and lemonade for the owners.!!!

68. KICK OFF for Pennies from Heaven Campaign. We will collect 1 million pennies. How long will it take? Help us shorten the campaign drive and donate your pennies and loose change. THIS WAS VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!! People love to get rid of their pennies.

69. SPELLING BEE Hold a spelling bee; charge a $5.00 entry fee. Galley observers place $1.00 bets on their favorite participants. Present the winner with a special "Dan Quayle Spelling Bee" Award.

70. We are also selling the 1999 Entertainment coupon book. This has hundreds of coupons for restaurants, hotels, and events all over the greater Bay Area. Cost is $40 and we will be selling them through Dec. 15 only.

71. October is Adopt a Shelter Month

72. Hold one of the following: Improv Night for local comedians and the audience will vote for the best. Walk a thon, Bike a thon, jelly bean guessing jar.

73. A bachelor auction.

74. Sponsor A Cat ----- For $10 a month you can sponsor a cat. You will receive a picture of the cat and the story of his/her history - some of which are very dramatic. $100 will sponsor an outdoor protective shelter. The money is used to purchase bricks, lumber, rocks, bedding and other items needed to prepare it for feline residency.

75. As fundraising chairman at a small Christian school, I was challenged to create events that would not conflict with the conservative beliefs of the parents. The most successful ones were :"Valentine Flowers to go" and a student "sled-a-thon". With the Valentine promo, we took orders from men (and some women) at offices, body shops, health clubs, bowling allys, etc. for 6 long stem red and white carnations and a box of candy. We packaged the flowers with greens and ribbon, (purchased in bulk from a local greenhouse) in a clear plastic container, and delivered them on Valentines Day for a cost of $17.00. Our small school of only 40 families, sold over 200 orders the first year with a profit of approx. $10.00 each. It was a fun promo and we plan to make it an annual event. The sled-a-thon was easy and fun. As with similar events, the students took pledges for
each trip down the big hill at our local park. We promoted it as a family event and held a "pot luck" dinner after. The first year, we raised over $2,000.00 in pledges! Because it did not require a committee of people to put together, it is definitely one of our favorites.

76. Hold a TALENT SHOW!!!! Get together some really good acts and of course audition them to make sure they're suitable for the general audience, sell tickets for whatever you think is reasonable, split the acts up like(act 1, act2,etc...)depending on how many there are and how long you tend to have the show. Have a bake sale at intermission and to end the show with a bang. Get companies around your school to donate various items to raffle and tell them that it's good advertisement and put their name(s) in the program. A talent show is a very good idea, because just about any parent will come out to watch their kid(s) put on any type of show. Good Luck!!!!!! p.s. I have had excellent results with this at my high school a few years ago and now I'm teaching at the local middle school and we had our first talent show and it was a blast and we made well over $400.00.

77. My organization was looking for ways to make money for a local cause and we did pretty well with this cute little item. Take a regular safety pin (not the little gold ones but the little larger silver ones.) The width of the ribbon almost fits exactly the width of the safety pin rung. Then take your ribbon and cut them into sections about 3-4 inches in length. With the safety pin closed, slip a piece of the ribbon through the center and bring it down so that the two ends meet. Spread the two ends apart a bit, so now you have the ribbon over the bottom rung of the pin (not around the clasp end) and can see both ends of the one ribbon. Then cut the two ends neat and diagonally. Now you have what sort of looks like a "badge" . Place a dot of super glue between the ribbon. Now place a shiny new dime (Eisenhower head up) and super glue it to the front of the ribbon. Voila - now you have a "Diamond Pin" (actually it's a Dime & Pin) but no one cares because they are so cute!! You can use a lot of different colors of ribbon and you can make a lot in just a few minutes. We advertised them: "Get Your Diamond Pin - $1.00 each". That's enough to get everyone curious to see this "diamond". Most people bought four or five and wrapped them up for prank Xmas gifts. They reported that it was so funny to see them open it and look confused, then they were able to say, "I bought you a diamond pin!" Each pin was sold with a little gift card & the pin fit inside the card. The card's front read
"A SPECIAL GIFT FOR YOU". Then inside the card it read, "All proceeds from the sale of these DIME&PINs goes toward a SPECIAL cause, or something like that to describe our fundraiser. Enjoy!

78. Each year, we have a lip-sync contest. This usually works best at a club (in the daytime of course so little people can get it). People pay to enter, and they go up in front of everyone and lip-sync to their favorite song. Prizes are awarded for different age groups. These prizes can be donated my different companies. People also pay admission to come watch. It's a great chance just to hear the music, and every year, more people end up going. It's a lot of fun, and is very enjoyable for all ages. It's a great fundraiser, and has been quite successful!

79. We are fundraising for our Youth Search & Rescue Team on Saltspring Island BC Canada. Every month we serve up a 4-6 Course Dinner for 16 - 20 people. It is full of fun ideas, such as selling raffle tickets for hand made gifts, selling roses to the husbands for the wives(girlfriends) Our team of 14 take different roles from Flower Girl , Waitress, Hostess, Wine Steward, Car Park Attendant, Head Chef, and anyone else they can think of. The trick is you take it from one home to another ...each having a different theme and new ideas. The next one we are planning is a Strawberry Black Tie Dinner & Dance for 10 Couples. We charge $10.00 for dinner and sell the evening away with fun. Last dinner we raised 279.00 for our group and we all had a blast. Once people hear about this it is no trouble selling out without a blink. Great Team Synergy!!!

80. The Youth Group of our church was fund raising to send the teens to a Convention. They asked the adult members of the church to donate menus that they would prepare. These menus were then auctioned off. example menus: Speciality Coffee and Dessert for four Spaghetti Dinner for six Fondue for four The cooks were not revealed until the menu was sold. This left a lot of suspense as to who would be cooking for you. The date of the dinner was left for you to arrange with your host. Our youth raised $513.00 from 16 menus, bid on by 11 people.

81. One such idea is a bookmark or keychain or small book personalized for a special someone with their name meaning, origin, and other information about themselves. Of course, such orders would have to be taken ahead of time. Finally, a secret balloon sale would be enticing to both adults and young children. Inside these, small pieces of paper would have small prizes on them, with one fairly large one for attraction purposes, and perhaps some with "sorry, please try again".
some would buy more just for the sheer fact of spite.

82. Car Wash - By Donation. We raised $1,300.00 from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm We sold doughnuts ($3.00) a box (dozen). Lollipops were sold for 25 cents to passing cars, which people usually gave more. We had "tagging" (which is a child has a small bucket asking for donations to passing cars) - we collected doing this approximately $600.00. We had a lot of flyers advertising the car wash the day before and big posters advertising CAR WASH on the day of the event.

83. Host a 3 on 3 basketball tournament at a local ymca or school, and advertise anywhere and everywhere. charge a team of 3-4 players $40 and find local sponsors to donate prizes. during the tournament you can hold a shooting competition for an extra $2. ( you can also print up t-shirts as part of the registration and raise the team entry fee) many people will enter the tourney for the t-shirts!

84. We had an easter bake sale, and sold plastic easter eggs filled
with candy and surprise slips
. We bought 4 main prizes:
1) A fluffy bunny
2) a filled Easter Basket
3)A big chocolate bunny
4)another chocolate bunny.
We put the eggs in a big basket and sold them for 25 cents each. Within 30 minutes of setting up, all the "mystery eggs" were sold, and all of the baked goods and candy sold right along with them! We only spent $10.00 on the prizes, and made a $70.00 profit within 1 1/2 hours! We didn't expect such a great response, so we only made 36 eggs! We learn from our mistakes Next Easter we will have 6 prizes, and sell 100 eggs! Good Luck!

85. Our girl scout troop needed money to go on a trip, but had very little resources to start from for a big fund-raising event. So we had a "Party in the Park" at our city park, which was free. For refreshments, we bought low-priced hotdogs and popcorn in economy size. We also had our local McDonald's restaurant donate a free orange drink. We had low- priced games, such as a "cake walk" (where four kids step on four different colored squares to music, and when the music and kids stop, we spin a Twister board and the kid with the selected color wins a cupcake), a "jail", in which kids pay to jail their friends, and you must pay to get out), face painting, sack races, big-wheel races, frisbee toss, balloon toss, and a fishing game (for small prizes). We charged $3.00 per child, and for this they also received 10 tickets. Games were a ticket each, and extra tickets were 25 cents. You can charge as much as you like for food. We held our carnival for younger girl scout troop! P.S. and it was a success. We didn't make that much, about $200.00, but it is a good way to make easy money, because it is cheap to hold, and the profits are huge in comparison.

86. A GREAT fundraising idea??? Hold a Fashion Show! Get really cool stores around your community to donate various outfits for the day's show. Select a few models from your school, get some cool lighting and music going, form a runway, and then spread the word! Sell tickets for whatever you think is reasonable. Have refreshments available afterwards. This is good advertising for the clothing stores plus a chance to show the community how active and fun your school really is!! Might want to think about doing this at prom time!!!

87. One thing my fraternity does is each year in September we write Hundreds of celebrities. In this letter we explain our affiliation with the local AIDS foundation and ask them to donate an item that we can auction off. Half of the funds go towards our fraternity and half go to the AIDS Foundation. Last year the grand total was $1500, because we did for the first time. It is annual event now. The actual auction is in February.

88. Like many elementary schools around here, we have an annual Fun Fair and Silent Auction. Two years ago we were able to raise $5,000 in one day, half from the games, events, food and activities and half from items, tickets and dinners donated by local businesses. We did this by renting the dunk tank, moonbounce, cotton candy and popcorn machines. We have been using Fun Services in Rockville, MD to set up the games: They provide the awnings, prizes, games, set-up and take-down. We just need to get the volunteers there. We used to run the food ourselves, but lack of volunteers made us go to outside vendors. That was a bad idea as they simply make off with the profits. Get started very early to get parent coordinators and have them get volunteers. The more volunteers, the more participants and the more money. Advertise on the radio and local papers for free. We have tried raffles, but they seem to be out of interest right now. We have demo programs during the day: karate, weaving, K-9 etc. The Silent Auction has a catalog which allows pre-Fair bidding. We run the fair in May. Early years were more profitable as there were not as many competing fund-raising efforts by other groups. Now its a matter of picking the right date and advertising so much and so early that people save the larger amount of their funds for us than some of the others. I'm looking for other school fair / silent auction ideas. This year we are going to extend beyond the 11-3 time period to include a late afternoon picnic for the neighboring community.

89. We had a town-wide halloween horribles parade, invited town's children to attend, and march following the high school band (dressed in costume) . Had five different games for the children to play, sold coffee, cocoa, soda, popcorn, baked goods (all donated), had raffle (american girl for girls, remote control car for boys) also donated, pony rides and picture taking & magic show. Labor intensive for short period, but families enjoyed it and was successful. Cleared over $2100.00

90. Raffle off a "day of beauty". Local beauty shop that offers hair care, massage, facials, manicures and pedicures. Sell raffle tickets for $3.00. Convince the beauty shop to give the day away for free!

91. My school's French Club is going to have a Womanless Beauty Pageant to raise money. Tickets will be $2/person and the judges will be the audience. There will be voting boxes set up in the lobby after the pageant where voters can donate money to whichever guy they want to win. The guy that brings in the most money wins. :)

92. My sorority raised $800.00 on this fundraiser. It was very simple. We sold Personalized Children's Books. We sold the books for $13.95 and made from $3.50 - $4.00 per book. We ended up selling close to 200 books. There was no cost to the sorority. It was very successful. The books sold really well because almost everyone knew a child to buy a book for. I bought 3 books and gave these as Christmas presents.

93. Every year our town puts on a 2 week long festival called Sports Days. This year my group, which raises money to provide recreational activities for kids, put on a Mud Volleyball Tournament. We held the competition by a local lake (so the contestants could rinse off!) where there were other activities occurring. Teams of 4 is probably best. We used clay over top of a large tarp for our "mud" base and banked sand all around the court for boundaries and to keep the water in the court. It took a bit of work to wet and squish the clay around until it was soft but we had up to 200 spectators and 8 teams watching and participating! It was hilarious to watch and you don't need any athletic ability to participate because its hard enough just getting to the ball! We raised over $300 and have the court area ready for next year!

94. Fill a room with balloons (100)or more depending on the amount of people in your group and sell the balloons at $2.00ea, The balloons are filled pieces of paper with prizes or cash. People can walk into the room pull the balloons down from the ceiling and win their prize.

95. Go to your local college and see the sports director. Arrange to sell vouchers, redeemable for the best available seat to a basketball, or baseball game. One half goes to your charity, and the other to the college. At the end they count up the vouchers and split. Prizes we used were autographed team ball, and the youth got to be the ball girl/boy at the next game

96. We are a small rural hospital and did a Gala Celebration that profited $35,000.00. The event was held in November, we had a fantastic band that could play all styles of music for all ages, we had a tier raffle with around 48 items, we sold tickets for other items sold that night. This also included a sit-down dinner. The evening was full of activities and fun. We also sold engraved bricks for $50.00. This year we will be doing a Mardi Gras Celebration in November. Hope it is as successful! ANIMAL LOVERS CAN CALL THIS A FUR BALL!!!!!!!!

97. For girl's camp, we made large heart and egg-shaped sugar cookies, took advance orders, personalized the cookies with frosting designs and writing, and delivered them if requested (add't charge). Valentine's Day was a bigger success than Easter, but both did fairly well. Several women volunteered to bake the cookies and freeze them until an assembly line of women and girls could be coordinated for decorating. Delivery was easy. The girls were especially excited to do this part. Profit was approximately $500 for 300 cookies.

98. We raised money for our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate by sponsoring an evening of dining and entertainment at a local restaurant - the key to this event was that the "wait staff" were local celebrities, community leaders, business people, and they were all working for tips. We also had celebrity valets who parked cars for tips. The restaurant opened for us on a day when they were not normally open provided the food at their cost the entertainment was donated and the restaurant convinced 6 of their employees to donate their time to help us out. The ticket price for this event was $30.00 per person and we served over 400 people. With tips and the profit from the dinner, we raised close to $20,000.00

99. Every year around Christmas time our preschool holds a Breakfast with Santa. In addition to breakfast, space is rented to local crafters. People look forward to this event. They can do some Christmas shopping, their kids can see Santa and get a great pancake breakfast.

100. Everyone knows the day after Thanksgiving is the BIGGEST shopping day. Try to work out a deal with a toy store or department store and see if they will have two hours of private shopping (maybe before the mall or stores regularly open). Sell tickets for $5.00 a piece --- sort of a "paid invitation" for people to get first choice of all the after Thanksgiving Day goodies.

101. As the incoming president of our school's PTA and the owner of a recording studio I am putting together a celebrity answering machine message fundraiser. I have a friend who does very good celebrity impressions. We will be offering this service to the parents and community as perfect gifts for friends and relatives. $15 for one message, $25 for 3 messages and $35 for 5 messages.We have tested the concept and people are excited to buy Arnold the terminator, James Bond, President's Nixon, Reagan, Bush, or countless others on their answering machine totally customized with their names. Let me know
what you think? I'll report back on its success.

102. My garden club does the following: once a year we have a plant sale. We all dig in our gardens and separate out the perennials that have taken over. Pot the shrubs, herbs, etc. It costs us nothing but our time - which we are doing anyway to thin and clean out our gardens in the spring. We make $1000 -$1200 a year on this one. It is our only fund raiser for the group. Because all of us are gardeners we all have some pretty unusual things in our gardens. Like pink lilies of the valley, ground covers, violets, etc. The sale is in late April when people are getting ready to garden. This has been great for us.

103. Last year, our school held a bowlathon to raise money. It was very successful. People made pledges for number of pins knocked down. The kids and parents all enjoyed it and they are doing it again this year.

104. Run a pet sitting business. Agree to walk the dog, clean the litter and water the plants!!

105. Shouldn't pets have birthday parties too!!!! Advertise that you will have birthday parties for pets at a certain price ($25.00 a party). Of course, you have donated goodies made by members. Little party favors for other animals attending. The price of the party includes 5 pictures that you have taken and will get developed. Word will spread like wildfire if this is successful.

106. We created a special kitten wish list, blankets, sheets, beds, kitten milk, kitten food, play pens...etc. Simply by changing the name and calling it a Kitten Shower, the donations came pouring in! Since it went so well this year, and is still going strong, maybe next year we will actually hold the shower as a real baby shower, inviting people on our mailing list to come and join in the fun in welcoming our new kittens.

107. In your newsletter, at meetings, and anyplace else you can get this advertisement, this is a wonderful idea. The passing of a pet is horribly painful. But there is some comfort in the wonderful poems that are written dealing with pet loss. Advise people that if they make a donation in memory of someone's pet, you will send them a poem along with a letter advising of the donation made. The poems can be found at http://www.petloss.com/poems/poems.htm. Print the poems on really nice paper. Would be nice if you could attach a picture of the deceased pet at the bottom.

108. Do you have a birthday, graduation, first holy communion, bar mitzvah or anniversary coming up? Some other holiday? Tell your friends that you do not want anything as a gift. Ask for a donation instead.

109. Do you drink fancy coffees or buy a snack from the vending machine at work? Do without these extras for one week and designate that money for your charity of choice! Expand your efforts by organizing a "Caffeine-Free Week" at work and have all of your coworkers put the money into the can for the charity.

Congrats! You've made it to the end of the list! Whew! Hope this gives you some ideas for a fundraising event for your favorite animal related charity! You can volunteer or simply participate in any fundraising events that are held in your area by donating money.



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