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A Diary of a truly loved Crested Prince

My weekend at my Daddy's October 17-19 2008

October 21st 2008 11:24 am
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I had another fun weekend at my Daddy's in Vermont! Friday wasn't much of a special night. Mom and Dad went to their bowling night as usual. And mom came home very over tired, she told me she wished I had gone with her though, because she had one of her really bad spells towards the end of the night.. :( she had a seizure and she had to go through it all by herself because I wasn't there with her. rrruff! She told me she knew something was not right because her body was hurting all over and she just didn't feel ok so she sat down on the bench and the next thing she knew Daddy was waking her up telling her she had been through a long one for a little over 15 minutes.. grrr he should have brought her somewhere but he let her lay there that entire time... Sometimes my Daddy doesn't use what mom calls 'common since'. That was too long too long.. grr
On Saturday Mom and I spent some time in Daddy's backyard, because she needed allot of fresh air and the sun was out. It was nice to be outside and I kept chasing the apples as they fell from the tree. Daddy was using some loud tools in the house and I don't like those sounds they make so Mom said we could stand for some fresh air anyhow. She is so good to me. Later on after we all napped we got into the truck and went to my friend Sophie's house. To my surprise some of her cousins were there. Mom was a little nervous about letting me off the leash at first because they were some pretty big dogs! Merlin is a Newfoundland . He was the big male cousin. She said she was most nervous about how I was going to take to him. But I thought Merlin was really nice. He let me climb on him, tug at his ears and tease him by running underneath him and through his legs and all around him . We wrestled allot for hours. Mom said she would have loved to have video taped our play date but it would have not been able to be shown here because I got too rambunctious.. and started to be a little too naughty.. I didn't play much with my good pal Sophie and Mom says I might have made her sad by leaving her out on all the wrestling. But I will go back again to Sophie's home and play with her on another time. Sophie and I love to run around the kitchen in fast circles around the island chasing each other. Then we go out to the yard and we chase each other some more! She is a cairn terrier so she is more my own size.. She is allot of fun to chase too. Mom says when Sophie and I get together I am always a good boy so perhaps for the next play date she can video tape us playing. Sophie was the first dog I ever made friends with. She showed me how to kiss frogs. BOL
My weekend ended on a sort of sad note though, while mom and dad were sleeping Saturday night, one of my dew claws fell off and ouch! Does it still hurt allot. Mom is making me wear one of my winter booties on the paw so I won't keep licking and chewing at the paw because she said I was making it swell up and get all red and she thinks if I can't keep doing that perhaps it will heal faster. I don't much like looking like a rock punk start,, brother Troy keeps teasing me and saying I look like Michael Jackson! grrr I hope Mom is right and we can take this bootie off soon. It is just a bother! and it hurts a bit when I step down on it..


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