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Here comes trouble...

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Today is my 3rd Birthday

December 31st 2010 4:59 pm
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We have left dogster because Mom is much too ill but we came back today and sometimes we lurk or give gifts but we no longer are a member. We hope some day we can come back when Mom is better and we don't have so many bills from Malty and Mom. We are praying for that. She started a new medication called Enbrel. She had been on humira but was getting very bad infections so the Dr. took her off of that one. She is still on many more but the Biologics help much more with this disease and since it has now affected her heart, lungs, kidneys, bladder and liver- not to mention all of her joints we have a little bit of hope. The damage that is already done will never be fixed but if we can stop anymore damage she may survive this- if not the Doctor's say her prognosis is not good at all so if anyone is reading this please say a prayer for my Mom. We would sure appreciate that very much!

Mom cannot believe that today I am 3 years old. On Valentine's day will be the day I came here to live. Mom knows that God must have known how much she needed me because I have brought her so much joy and happiness. She whispers in my ear every day how much she loves me. I love her back. We just have to find a way to get her well and Malty too. If something happens to Mom she is trying to find a good home for me. Malty could never be rehomed because he is too ill and Zoey and Bailey are old but Hu-sister would take Zoey so maybe Dad could handle 3 of us but Mom is a little worried.

Well I hope Everyone has a wonderful New year and good health, happiness, and love. We all need love!

Much Love and God Bless you all!!


The End...

November 16th 2010 10:46 pm
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Sometimes in life we can't understand why things happen. For the past 25 years Mom has had this terrible disease but she was very lucky enough that it didn't get really bad until the last 2 years and it has affected everything in her body. All of her spine, her SI joints, and all her organs but especially her Lungs and kidneys. I've seen her go from a very active and always doing something to someone who sits all day on the sofa or lies in bed. She changed so much and you can see the sadness in her face but now even after all that she has gone through nothing hurts as much as knowing we will lose Malty. The vet said there is really nothing they can do anymore- just like Mom. He said again we could do the sonogram and the liver biopsy and even the bone marrow aspiration but they can't do anything more than what they are already doing now. The medications haven't helped him and most likely will not, so all we can do is love him, feed him a special liver diet, and continue with the medications until he gets sick enough to make that painful decision. Mom wonders who will go first. She has thought about it and prayed about it and she doesn't want to go first because no one will love him and hand feed him as she does but at the same time she can't imagine losing him after all she has been through so she cried all day long. The Doctor's have told Mom the same thing that there is really nothing more they can do because there is no cure for her disease and it is in the final stages. The disease has ruined her entire body and Malty is experiencing slow liver failure.

We are leaving dogster this time for sure. In the past Pups and humans begged us to stay but now we are doing this because we need to. It has been a wonderful journey that touched us deeply and profoundly and we are so grateful we have been able to experience it all but there is always and end to everything.

This is our end.

Thank you so much for all those who were here to show us friendship, kindness, compassion, understanding, and most of all love!!!

God Bless and much love to all our wonderful friends!!!

P.S. We will keep all of our pages up!


I write this with many tears in my eyes and a broken heart

August 21st 2010 7:45 pm
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Sadie's Mom is writing this.

I have been ill since I came to dogster. Actually I got Sadie and Malty to help me deal with my illness and pain even though I had other dogs I knew I needed these pups and I believe the good Lord knew I needed them too. They have been such a comfort to me. I don't think I would have ever made it this far without them and all of the wonderful friends I have met here. You all have been more than amazing in every way. You always supported me, cared about me, helped me so many times and loved me even with all my flaws. There are many of you that were always there for me and I am sure it got old hearing about the newest problem with my health but you didn't leave me. You stood by me and always picked me up when things got so bad I didn't think I could make it one more day, because of you I did. I can't write all of your names right now but you know who you are and there is one of you that has been my rock and one of the dearest friends I have ever known. I can't thank you and the rest of my dear friends enough. Just know you made a huge difference in my life and I am eternally grateful!!!
This place is such a wonderful place where we all truly love our dogs. They aren't just a pet but a member of our family and mine are my family. I don't want to leave them, I am so worried about how they will do and Malty's liver problems but I have done all I can do and I can't do anything more. My heart is breaking so bad thinking of leaving them and my friends.
As most of you know I have been very ill. I have anklosing spondylitis and it has affected my spine, my SI joints and all my organs. I went to a heart specialist a while ago and he thought I had a blockage, the stress test was positive and he was 85% sure I had a serious blockage. I had to have a heart Cath. I did not have a blockage. I have narrowing of my arteries and leaky heart valve but he also saw that I had severe pulmonary fibrosis. I already knew that I had a lot of lung damage in my lungs, kidneys, liver, and some in my heart but this is bad. There is no cure and it is fatal. I am so ill I can no longer do anything anymore. I am pretty sure my time is near and I am scared but more scared of how much more suffering I will go through. That is terrifying to me.
I have said it again but this time I really need to leave for my sake and the sakes of my friends. I truly think it is best for all concerned. I will leave my beautiful pups pages up and a family member will let you know if something happens.

Thank you so much for everything and
please don't ever forget how much you have helped me
and made such a difference in my life.

God Bless you all!!!



August 5th 2010 11:30 pm
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We come here less and less. Not so much because we don't want to but because Mom is very sick. Her disease has just about affected everything now, it has been a very hard road. Now Mom is so sad. Malty is very ill. He never was a very healthy pup and didn't have much of an appetite but we found out his liver enzymes were very high and they put him on medications but when they took him back in they were worse so he may have to have a liver biopsy. He is too young to be so sick. He sleeps all the time and won't eat and vomits a lot.

If anyone still reads this please pray for him. He is a sweet boy and so young to be so sick. It isn't fair.

We miss and love our friends so much!




Please pray for Malty and Mom!!!

June 17th 2010 11:04 pm
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Today we found out Malty has a liver problem and they put him on some medication called DENAMARIN. He will take it for 30 days. Mom is so upset but we have to think positive. Mom's Birthday is on Saturday and we are hoping that she will be well enough to go have dinner. If not they will bring her dinner and cake. She is so very sick and can't do anything anymore so every day we have her we feel lucky now we just have to pray that Malty will be okay!!

Love and prayers!!


We'll be leaving dogster soon

June 10th 2010 9:02 pm
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We have loved it here so very much and met some of the very best pups and people ever. We are heartbroken about this decision however we know it the right thing to do. Mom is getting sicker every day. We think it would be best to leave before things get so bad. I wish I could tell you how much it helped her having this place to come to and have friends and support and most of all love the greatest gift ever. We love our friends so much and they have been such a support system and have been there for Mom in some of her darkest days. There is nothing we could do or say that we could ever be able to thank the special people in our life. We will keep this short and simple just to let you know we love you and you know who you are. A million thank you's to the wonderful friends that were always here for us when we needed you the most.

Malty, Zoey, Bailey and myself and Mom thank you so much for all you have done for us. It has been more then we ever expected.

God Bless and much love to all the special people in our lives and you pups too!!!!

We love you very much!!!!

Sadie and Family~


I miss you my dear friend dogster

May 27th 2010 3:15 pm
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Well it's been awhile since we have been here. We haven't had too much to write about, Mom is still kicking but it is getting to be a much weaker kick. Malty, Zoey, Bailey and myself try and cheer her up with all our different personalities. Boy are we different. Malty is so laid back and I am so not. Bailey and Zoey are getting up there. They don't eat very good and Malty is a very picky eater but me...well I could eat anything and Mom says if I were a human I would weigh 500 pounds since I love to eat so much and will eat anything you give me. We don't go for walks anymore or play outside which is sad for us but we get plenty of exercise in our house. Dad plays fetch every day and Malty and I horse play a lot. Mom wants for us to be able to go out but she is too ill and we had another rattlesnake in our back yard and she says she can't take the chance. It's okay we have a great life and get so much love. We cuddle with Mom a lot too and she loves that and we do too so it is all good. Mom finally loaded the picture of all 4 of us on Zoey's page and it is too cute. When Mom and Dad watch TV at night we are all with them. Sometimes we don't all get along but we have some good times together.
Mom is so worried if she goes she doesn't think anyone will love us like she does but I know we will miss her terribly but Dad hopefully will remember to feed us twice a day and give us our vitamins and make our homemade food once a week.

Mom sent this to a friend and I decided to put in in this diary entry. I think it describes us perfectly!!

Mom writing...

Sadie is quite the character. She is the smartest dog I have ever known. She knows how to get just what she wants in life. I wish you could see her. They are paper trained and they get a treat when they go, that is how I trained them. Well if she goes to the bathroom in our bathroom and we don't see it she will let us know by being bad, like biting our toes or she starts to tear up the news papersstacked under the side table in the living room or any thing then we say 'Did you go potty?" and she gets all excited like it's about time. There is so much more I could tell you. Now Malty has a completely different personality. Sadie is more high strung where Malty is very laid back and has never done a single thing bad however Sadie absolutely is a little social butterfly and loves everyone especially children, she loves the 2 boys so much and when we take her out anywhere she loves making friends with humans and dogs- Malty on the other hand does not like anyone but Art, my two girls and the two boys and Sadie and myself. Malty and Sadie adore each other so much!! Zoey is my little Princess, Sadie is a complete Tom Boy and Zoey thinks she is royalty. She is very feminine and Sadie acts just like a little boy. Bailey is my problem child{pup} haha. He was found and has many issues. He hates everyone except Zoey, Mindy and myself. He would bite anyone and it is a real pain to take him to the Vet, Malty is just scared of everyone else and barks or hides but Baliey is our smallest and thinks he is a great dane. He pees everywhere so does Zoey so they mainly stay in the laundry area right next to the kitchen where I can see them a lot and I do get them out pretty often and hold them and and spend time with them but I can't let them run freely. At our other hose Zoey was trained and we also had Ziggy then but I tried everything to train Bailey and he refuses to go on the papers and goes where ever so when we moved Zoey was very upset, she even went through a depression and now they stay together when I am not holding them or they can't be supervised but the good thing is the laundry area is right next to my refrigerate and across from the stove so I can always see them. I talk to them every day and they have a real nice set up with a bed from Walgreen's and 2 pillows and blankets because Zoey can't sleep unless she can get under blankets. I ADORE THEM ALL. They are my life!!! I don't know what I would do with out them. I have a picture of all 4 of them after their bath one night. Art and I were watching American Idol and holding them all as we do most nights and I decided to take a picture and it turned out so cute. I will load it and put it on Zoey's page so you you can see it some time. They are darling and my babies!!!

Well we miss you and if anyone reads this thank you and please keep in touch.

Much Love...


Maybe a new baby in the family

February 25th 2010 3:18 pm
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My hu sister and her husband have two sweet little boys 2 and 4. They mean the world to Mom. She just adores them and actually so do I. Every time they come here I am so excited I jump and run and have so much fun with them. Malty likes them too but not quite as much as I do and Zoey and Bailey really aren't too fond of kids so we keep them away but I know when they are coming. Mom tells me and I get so excited. I wait at the door for them and I wiggle my tail so much that my entire body wiggles. I just love those little boys. I give them so many kisses. I heard Mom say one time that she felt kind of bad that I went to old people like Mom and Dad because I am a kid person. I would be the type of pup that would simply adore any little boy or girl. Mom has even said if anything happens to her she would want me to go with them because I love them so much but they said they can't take me because they have 2 Chi's that don't get along with other dogs. Anyway hu sister is gone for a few days to East Texas to do more on the adoption thing. See they want to adopt a little girl. They have the 2 boys and the second one was born with the cleft lip and palate and we almost lost the little guy but he is a fighter and he lived but has had to have many surgeries and will have many more. Poor little guy. They couldn't even find a surgeon that would do the surgery because it was so severe. They had to leave the state until they found one. Anyway they can't take the chance that it may happen again and they want to adopt a little girl so they are going through all sorts of stuff to be able to qualify. Mom could tell them that any little girl would be lucky to have them as parents. But there is an awful lot of red tape and hoops to jump through and they are doing it all and have been for many months. Mom is a still very concerned. She wants them to adopt this little girl who ever she may be but she is worried about a lot of things. You know it is very strange because Mom's Mom gave up a child and Mom has a sister out there somewhere that she knows nothing about, she doesn't even know if she is still alive. She thinks about her every day.

I will love this little girl. I love my little boys, I love everyone but I especially love children and I can't wait to meet her!




January 3rd 2010 10:54 pm
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It doesn't seem possible sometimes. I just turned 2 on New Years Eve but Mom was pretty sick so we didn't do too much. Mom sleeps about 16 to 18 hours a day now. Her lungs and kidneys are getting much worse. Things don't look good at all. We will continue to pray for her and not give up hope but it is wearing her out both physically and mentally!! Things at our house are kind of sad.Mom used to get up and go all day long now she can barely get up. Her oxygen levels are so low. They don't want her to go on Oxygen all the time but I think she will be very soon. She can barely breathe anymore even with all the medications and her kidneys are not functioning well at all. They don't know what to do with her anymore.

We have had some really nice things happen, of course right here on dogster. Very generous Pups gave us a lot of zealies. That was such a kind and thoughtful thing to do!! We sincerely appreciated that and was in total awe when we got them! How kind! I pray good things happen to them! We have found the nicest pups and humans are right here on dogster!!

Much Love everyone, God Bless, and Have a wonderful New year!!!


Still no news on Mom's MRI BUT...

December 3rd 2009 8:35 pm
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We were able to salvage some of our Christmas stuff. We put blankets and sheets and let the stuff dry out and a lot of the stuff is going to be okay!!!!

Some of it wasn't but we are pretty sure the tree is fine!! :)

Just had to write that because we are so happy!!!!

Much Love and Joy to the world!!!

This will be in Malty's diary too since we are so happy!!!

Our Plus is up on the 7th. We wanted to renew it but we have so many bills and are trying to help Mom's daughter out so I am not sure we can. Mom is very sad. I hope if anyone reads this you will stay in touch with us. We have no life since she became so ill. We are always home and dogster is everything to us so please don't be strangers. You all mean so much to us and it so good for Mom to have you all as friends.

We will miss you so much!!

Please pawmail us and if we can still get in groups please still be friends with us.

Thank you so much!!!

Joy to the world!!!!

Peacer on Earth!!!!

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