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Happy St Leppy's Day

March 17th 2009 1:24 am
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Literally.. now it's March 17th and I'm dancing like a leprechaun, with the hat and everything. I just don't have pictures of it. I threatened Mom I would eat her face .. if she put up pictures of me in a leppy costume. I mean, the main picture ain't that bad.. but me, as a short, green, icky, leprechaun with a weird hat.. no way.

Hope you all have a fun day filled with leprechauns, clovers & green things.

Happy St Leppie's Day!

Bellyrubs! Leeeepreccccchaun Lady



March 16th 2009 7:47 pm
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Atleast I think it is.

Mom and I think I learned a new trick, but I really didn't.

Mom put her hand against the fence and told me to sit, then up and I placed my paw on her hand. Mom thought it was cute.. it's not cute.

It's more than that. Hey, it has to be .. whatever I do has to be better than whatever Mom or anyone else does...

Bellyrubs! Perfect Lady


I'm a Divadawg; New Page Look

March 12th 2009 10:32 am
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We all got new page looks. I allowed mom to get on our profiles, if I do say so myself the new page backgrounds look pawsome. Good job, Mom! You actually got approved and 'that page is pawsome' by the queen! Screech got this funky black background with swirls -- I myself do not like it but he does.. in my opinion my background is better than the cats, Dotty's, Jubilee's & Screech's.. no, actually Jubilee's is pretty cool..she gets angel backgrounds because she's..well, an angel.

I'm also somethin' called a Divadawg. Now that's a new nickname fur me from Mom. Mom (non typist) just calls us Lady, Princess, Misty, Screech, Jubilee, Dotty & Stinky except she sometimes calls me Lady Girl (everyone does.)Mom (typist) loves me and I deserve to have 100 nicknames she says.

P.S.. I REALLY like pupcorn!

Bellyrubs! Liking this Page Look - Lady


Fun half a day!

March 10th 2009 3:09 pm
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Really - it was! Mom went out fur about 30 minutes or an hour, gave me head rubs, belly rubs, ear rubs, toe pad massages, and she even CAME in the fenced in area this time. She gave me lots of pupcorn, too!
I also learned a .. um.. 'new trick'? Mom says it's not really much of a trick but I think it's an improvement.
So, ready?
'kay, so she put a pupcorn on my paw -- I raised my nose in the air (the first time). She put another piece of pupcorn on my other paw, (kinna like the treat-on-the-snout thing..except not) and then I ate it without moving my paw and knocking the treat off.
Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.
Let me know if you think the same!
Mom should have taken some new pictures but she didn't have a camera at the time. Dotty still smelled like skunk, but me -- I smelled like dirt roses. Atleast that is what Mom told me. -- it's fine as long I hear the word roses' in it.. I love roses! And smelling like 'em, too.
So today was particularly.. furry fun!!
Yesterday we got knotted bones and pupcorn.. and well, taht's my day fur the day!

Bellyrubs! Lady



March 9th 2009 6:38 am
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Typist uploaded some pets on oru pages.. (the kitties too). Different colors and everything. They love to play! Come hangou t with them, they're furiendly!


Girl Closet

March 3rd 2009 9:54 pm
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My momma makes some clothes fur us furs. Like mine, fur example. She just made a closet on her photobucket account. She's gathering clothes right now -- but just here's the link to it: 20Closet/

If you can't access it, please let us know, and if you want an outfit (Sorry, fur girls yet, only!) just let us know if you want a blonde or brunette or redhead model, what color, dress, casual outfit, bikini, whatever!


Woooowzers, lots of bonies!

March 2nd 2009 7:44 pm
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Thanks, everyfur -- fur the packs of treats. I mean, I love treats but I can't POSSIBLY eat all these BIG packs by September of this year! Really, I feel so loved!! And they're free, too! I think me and my family sent over 50 treats to our furiends & family. And more furiends...& their families. Maybe Catster HQ will add some salmon bits to their collection fur free so they could send some free salmon bitties made with love! Anyway, thank you so much Dogster HQ fur adding this option. It's very fun and doesn't cost ANY zealies either! Happiness is me! (I usually run out of zealies very fast..and usually I'm not the one who sends them....Screeeeecchhhh...GET OFFA MY ACCOUNT!)

Belly Rubs! Lady with Treats


Lakes & Creeks, Picnics & Swimming

February 26th 2009 7:56 pm
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I haven't been on alot 'cause Dotty, Screech & Jubilee always steals the computer. But I promise if mom gets non-busy she'll take all of us to the lake 3 minutes 'way (Mom says they're pumping the waters to this other lake somewhere uptown, and it's slowly coming back to our lake). She also wants to take us to the creek. And I know she wants to because I'm pawsome & will fight off the bears. Typist-mom wants to take us to the lake and hook us to the tree, have a picnic with us & then splash with us in the lake. I think that'd be lots of fun. Typist Mom sprained her ankle so she won't be going out fur a while, but she's getting a little bit better.

Bellyrubs! Lady


We Got Skunked

February 21st 2009 12:26 pm
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Yep, we did. Mom wakes up and smells skunk in her room. The kitchen, the living room and all around the windows. Momma thinks we killed the skunk and it's still in the yard. Not me though. Me and Screech are chained up today so it HAD to be Dotty. We think.

I jumped up to the window to see Mom just to get some pets and talkin's and she calls me STINK. What is that, Mom? I'm smellin' like roses and I know that.

Divas have to smell pretty.
I smell pretty.

'cause I'm a diva.

Mom woke up at 8:00, wanted to go back to sleep but she couldn't, Ha-ha fur her!!

Anyway, one of us are skunked out, Mom doesn't know who.

Bellyrubs! Lady


I'm a Diva!

February 21st 2009 12:12 pm
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And I have a new nickname; The Diva Ladygirl!

Mom calls me her little dive.

Mom calls me her little demon girl.

Mom calls me her little Lady.

Mom calls me her little best friend.

I'm the best, obviously. Of course I am. I'm the diva of the house -- the queen of the house. Now someone produce me a cinnamon bagel.. or something. And gimme bellyrubs!

Bellyrubs! Lady

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