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stopping in to send a big love woof to our fur pals!

September 2nd 2010 8:29 am
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woofs to all
i begged mom to get on here today,to catch up a little and say hello to our pals and send hugs and licks to everyfur,we miss you but our computer is not very good and keeps locking up and freezes so mom gets so mad she just has been going to play cards so i woof and whine and beg her to keep us on dogster to see our pals and it must of worked cause here i am ,woof woof pals!
we are all doing good fat and sassy and happy, mom is still got a broken heart about sable renee crossing over to the bridge but she does not cry as much now only when she looks at pictures of sable,but its getting better with time and we try to help her alot with our licks and kiss,s and we keep her plenty busy.
we hope that all our pals are safe and happy and healthy and doing great.
love to everyfur from the bottom of my little furry heart.


jan 1st 2010

January 1st 2010 1:46 pm
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wishing all of our sweet pals and thier familys a very happy and blessed new year,we love you so much it is hard to put into human words so i will just give a big woof and a big arf and a big ole sloppy kiss to all of you.
thankyou for being pals
love you all
belle and family


12/28/09 quiet but nice christmas

December 28th 2009 12:08 am
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i hope everyfur and your familys had a wonderful blessed christmas,
we had a quiet christmas this year ,we just stayed here at home and had a bigbird dinner(turkey)and played and slept,then the next day we got to go walking and play some catch with the ball so we had fun and good food , we put gold angels on sables grave and also on roxannes( she passed before i got here,mommy said she was 14 and a really good girl too).
my family and i want to thank everyone for the comments and gifts you have sent and given to us for sable, they have help mommy and daddy feel a little better and when they feel better and smile i feel better too and the house does not feel so sad for awhile, but we furs are trying to give extra love and kiss,s and keep mom and dad smiling more,
we love you pals


i will never forget you / 12/18/ 09

December 17th 2009 11:33 pm
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to my fur sis sable renee,
when mom brought me home for the first time and sat me down on the rug you were the first to come over and greet me and give me kiss,s and play with me, you put up with my puppy chewing and chasing your tail you let me eat out of your food dish and you let me curl up and sleep with you you walked with me and you loved me and told me secrets and you helped me grow into a better pup and know what fur love is and when you thought i needed scolding you were there to scold me too,i am a better doggie because of you sable and i loved you and you will always be in my little heart and i will always miss you,the last couple of days has been rough here alot of tears are being shed by all who loved you and i have been looking for you everywhere i lay next to your little bed where we shared naps and i keep smelling your sweaters and your blankets and at dinner time i still wait for you to be served first as it was always done ,mom will put my dish down and i go and sit by your dish and look for you to come and eat but you do not come ,i miss you alot sable and i hope you are warm and safe and ok where you are but i wish you were still here with me.


vet visit two times in one week

December 4th 2009 3:23 pm
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bad week for me i had to go to the vet wed. i had a reaction to my monthly iverhart heartworm meds ,mom gave me my pill wed. and in 15 minutes of taking it i started throwing up and would not stop so off to the doc and they made mom so mad ,they said it could not be the pill that did it and wanted to keep me there, well mom said no since i was fine before the pill and she took me home and sure enough i was fine, now today was booster shot day for me and the last of the pup shots for elijah and his rabies shot so off to the doc we went again and again mom got really mad ,elijah got his shots and tags and nails done and he was sooo happy he pooped all over that docs office and peed on his table i guess he was telling that doc what he thought of those shots, well then it was my turn to get on the table and get my boosters ,dad was with me while mom took eli outside to calm him down and when she came back i was done with my shots and mom seen them putting a rabies tag on me and mom asked why because i had a 3 year rabies last year and the doc told her he gives 3 year rabies shots every year and moms really upset that a doc puts so much extra meds in us that could harm us she told doc that does not make any sense to over medicate us puppys so we are gonna try and find another doc but where we live theres not very many to choose from, plus doc told mom she has to give me another iverhart pill 2morrow and watch for another reaction because he said i could not be allergic to that pill that it was something else that caused me to throw up so bad he wants me on iverhart,mom wanted to do interceptor or something else like i used to take as a pup, so i might have to go back when mom gives me the pill again and i start throwing up again, they even took blood from me today to try and prove mom wrong trying to find another reason for the throwing up but my bloodwork came back just fine ,mom said thats even more proof that it was the iverhart pill that made me sick.
i hope everypup and pal has had a good day
kiss,s and hugs


have a pawsome thanksgiving

November 25th 2009 2:48 pm
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hi pals
my family and us furs want to wish all our pals a very happy thankgiving ,be happy and stay safe and warm and try not to eat to much, try not to get a tummy ache from eating to many treats and remember to give lots of kiss,s to the cook in your house for all the good nummys that you get.
bless all of you
belle and family


i have been tagged by princess

October 1st 2009 10:50 pm
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i have been tagged by princess
so here goes
What color is your collar?

What kind of food do you eat?
i go between taste of the wild dry and eveo small bites chicken and raw.

What is your favorite treat?
chicken feet.
Do you have a Valentine or significant other?
No,unless you count mommy and daddy

Do you get table scraps?
i do beg for a bite sometimes i get it sometimes i they say no.

What is your favorite toy?
my orange and black ball,but i play with everything.

When is your Birthday?
july 28th, 2008

How many times do you get to eat?
2 times a snack at breakfast or something raw like a chicken foot or neck, and my bowl of dinner at night.

What is your favorite color?
pink and black

How much do you weigh?
23 pounds

Do you like to be brushed and groomed?
I love to be brushed and bathed

What is your most favorite thing to do?
i love to go for walks and rides and chase squirrels up the tree, one of these days i will catch that critter, and i love to bug hunt in the yard.

Do you hope all your pals put this in your diary?
Yes, i love to hear about my pup pals.

I am tagging
prince #1014310
candy-o-cootinka #147747
molly #887746
ebony shadow #979283
emmi #982571


my new brother september- 16th 09

September 16th 2009 11:28 am
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i wanted to tell you dear diary that i have a new little fur brother here now at home and i really like him alot.
hes still little but he is a toughy, we play alot and he gives me a workout and makes me tired,cause he wants to play till he falls asleep,
but i like it i love to play.
i like it to when he eats his food he always leaves a little and i sneak over there and finish up what he left,yummy extra yummys for me,(sorry tazz i seen it first)
its pretty cool to have two little brothers to play with ,i can play rough with tazz and i play easy with eli
i am a pretty good big sister.


eli's coming - september 5th 09

September 5th 2009 12:41 am
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mommy told us a surprise today we have a new little brother coming to live with us real soon, his name is gonna be eli and he is a teddy roselvelt rattie , my fur grandma is his mommy and hes still there drinking up all that mommy milk so he will be a little fatty boy ,hes also already eating food softened too,so it will not be too long before he can move in here, grandma says to come and get him now but mommy wants to wait a while since hes still sucking that milk down, i am excited but also am thinking about those sharp little puppy teeth biting my tail and ears, i think i will have to teach eli to not chomp on me and go chomp on tazz for awhile,i know thats not nice so maybe i will just bring eli some of our toys and chew bones to chomp instead,
mommy tazz and me had a bath party in the bathroom today mommy started out by giving tazz a bubble bath but then it was my turn and by the time we were all done everything in sight was washed and wet including mommy,but we had fun and we are are clean and pretty tonight, its bandit and sable renees turn in the morning but they fit in the sink and they don't get mommy wet ,thats no fun.
i want to wish all my pals to have a safe holiday weekend and have a good time but to be careful out there,and please wash wash your hands and your paws often that dang old swine flu is not a good thing to get, i sure don't want mommy to get sick who will fix our breakfast and dinner?
i found a locust in the back yard today and it was really big and when i would try to pick it up its wings flapped and it was buzzing really loud, it was sooooo cool, i finally picked it up and brought it in the house and put it in mommys chair to show her that i brought her a present,but for some reason mommy did'nt like my present and said for me to return it for something else,i did not want to so mommy returned to to the yard ,so now i have to find another present to give her.
i am getting sleepy now so off to bed i go
love and kiss's to my pals
untill next time


our pal sparkee september 1st 09

September 1st 2009 12:52 am
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its with great sadness and a heavy heart that i post of a sweet pals passing over to the rainbow bridge,
our pal sparkee has gone to the bridge thursday august 28th 09 and will be greatly missed here on earth by family and pals,
sparkees turned 14 on august 12th of this year
sparkee # 288087
fly free fly high sweet baby

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