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Being A Maltipoo

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Max and Diamond Lil's Wedding

May 20th 2010 1:33 pm
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Have you heard the news? Max and Diamond Lil are getting married! Max and Diamond Lil have chosen me has the bridesmaid! I am so happy! Mommy might be making a video about the wedding.
Bridesmaid Sunny


Exciting News!

May 18th 2010 12:47 pm
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My best friend Max the Bichon Frise is getting married to the beautiful Diamond Lil! They will be getting married on July 18, 2010! I can't wait for this wedding!


Why doesn't he understand? Please Read!

December 18th 2009 3:08 pm
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A couple months ago I posted something about "My Lonely Broken Heart" right? Well here is something similar. I went to his page and he has pictures of things she's givin him. It broke my heart more! I thought he already knew what I told him! I gave him gifts, stars, and EVEN POEMS AND HE STILL ISN'T WITH ME! I have the most diamonds and rosettes on his page and you know what? HE GIVES THEM TO SOMEONE ELSE! It's so hard! Mommy is going through tough times and she doesn't NEED THIS PRESSURE! Please, I don't mean to over react but I'm almost 14 in doggy years and I still can't take it! PLEASE COME BACK TO ME! :( :( :( I'm so sad with all my heart!


Thanksgiving is almost here!

November 8th 2009 10:00 am
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YAY!!! Who is excited for Thanksgiving? I know I am! This will be my second year of Thanksgiving. Mommy told me Thanksgiving is about being thankful and about getting together with your family. So I am going to tell you the members of my family. I have a cousin named Murphy. She is a Boston Terrier. She is sometimes very hyper.
My other cousin Cocoa is a mix of Jack Rusell and a Poodle. I like her. We are good friends or cousins :). Another cousin is a cat named Cocoa also. He is a black one and he is very weird. He likes to lift his tail in the air always. Its weird. He had a younger brother (Again another cousin) but he died from a disease that could spread to cats. Now, onto my Aunts and Uncles. I now only have one Aunt. Her name is Molly. The mother of Cocoa (the black cat). She is a Calico.
I had another Aunt named named Honeybear (Pomerainian) but she died. An uncle named Smokey (Pomerainian) but he died to.

Thankful Sunny


My lonely broken heart!

October 13th 2009 2:12 pm
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I am so sad right now. My boyfurend...sigh...I mean was, has a new gurl friend. I thought he liked me. I am really sad now. When I came here, we met. He was the nicest doggy ever. I wish he would like me again. I use up all my zealies on him. I would give him poems just fur him. I will luv you furever. You will always be in my heart!
Broken Heart Sunny


New Songs

September 27th 2009 12:26 pm
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Hi Dogster World! I uploaded new songs to my page. I put the first three songs that have to do with my name in it first! :) Tell me what you all think!


RIP Sweet Tigerlilly

September 27th 2009 5:43 am
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Hi guys. My good friends Tigerlilly died. :( :( Well firstly, they were new to Dogster and they wanted to be my friends. Of course I accepted them. I asked the owner to see a closer up picture of Tigerlilly. The owner said she didn't have her yet. Tigerlilly was a very cute Shih Tzu. And she was so tiny. Then yesterday, I was looking at my group called Woof A Holiday. I scrolled down to the adminstrators and something caught my eye. My friend, Teddy (he is a black Maltipoo) had a picture of something on it that said RIP.

I got totally freaked out it was him who died but when I went to his page in the picture was a different dog. ( Now I haven't heard anything from Tigerlilly now so I forgot what she looked like) The picture had a small Shih Tzu with a chew toy and the picture said,
In loving memory of sweet baby girl, forever loved, forever missed, never forgotten. (Cries) I was like oh no, who is that. The picture didn't have a name. Then the caption of the picture was RIP Tigerlilly.

It was like I was dreaming a terrible nightmare. After I saw that, I went to my friends list and looked for her. SHE WASN"T THERE!!!!! I searched for her and I thought I found her. But guess what. Her page was deleted. It said Whoa, where'd that doggy go? And I couldn't belive it. I don't know how she died but im guessing she was too small. I'll miss you my friend!


New Dog Food

September 15th 2009 2:20 pm
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Yay! Mommy got me new dog food! Finally! But what's this? The same dog food brand? OH NO!!!! I'll tell you all the story.

My dog food brand is called "Puppy Chow". Trust's not the best thing in the world. So Mommy get's me a new food. I got my hopes up it would be a different brand. But guess what...IT'S THE SAME BRAND!!!! But when Mommy opened it up the mix was different. Instead of tan and brown triangel and square pieces. There is red, green, brown, tan different shapes! Mommy poured some in the bowl. I came over and smelled it. It smelled good. (Mommy said it stinks. Anything that us doggies think smell good, it smells bad to the Mommy's and Daddy's) I thought I would eat some. It turned out to be better. It was much chewier too. I love chewy things! Yay!



Awsome Animations

August 13th 2009 7:56 am
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Hello all my furiends of Dogster! Today i'm going to tell you about how my Mommy learned how to make cool animations. I went to a Dogster group called "PDPC School of Graphics". They are very smart about technology. That's the group where I told Mommy about an animation thread. She looked at it and wanted to make one of me. The group thread is called something like "How to Make Animations 101". Firstly you need to download two programs. They are called "GIMP" and some animation program that I forget what it is called. The animation may take some time because you need to make sure everything is right. So head over there and make yourself an animation! By the way, My main photo now is what I made. It is a butterfly landing on my nose. : )



July 27th 2009 3:34 pm
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I can't belive what happened last night. Mommy was so mad at me. I will tell you the whole story. Mommy was resting on the couch because she was super tired because a friend stayed over and she stayed up late. When Mommy was asleep I wandered in her room. One of her boxes were down with pleanty of new things to smell. While I was sniffing I found a little peach colored doggy in there. It was one of Mommy's Barkday present's from her parents and younger brother when she was younger.

The little doggy had a small pink bow, a pink collar and it came with a small little bottle. So this IS MY DUMBEST MOVE EVER!!!! I take Mommy's doggy go over to a green pillow and START CHEWING ON IT!!! I was so carried away at how well it was easy to chew on. But until, guess who was in front of me. Yep! You guessed it Mommy.

I tried putting my paws over it for her not to see it but there were bits of it on the ground. Mommy couldn't belive that I was chewing on it!
She was super mad at me. I mean CRAZLY MAD! Like so mad I need to make up a new word! She was really sad about it.

I want to make it up to her but she might walk away. I need help.

- Very Sorry Sunny :( :( :(

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