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I have ARRIVED!!

October 6th 2008 1:31 pm
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Finally I am here in my forever home!! I arrived Saturday night, Oct. 4, 2008 at 8:30PM. I flew from Las Vegas to Newark, NJ on a Continental flight. I traveled in a big crate. The airlines people were
very nice to me.
I saw my new family right away and I began to wag my tail. I remembered them from when they came to visit me at Best Friends. They were sooooo glad to see me and they loved me up and kissed me! Wow that felt good!!
On Sunday my family and the neighbors were having a garage sale and I came out to see my new neighbors. I sat with my family for awhile and then I went back into my house. On Monday we went shopping at Petco. I picked out some new doggie dishes on a nice high feeding station....I picked out a traveling water dish for when we travel together, and I got a whole big bag of Doggie treats at the Treat Bar. Yummy they are good. The saleslady thought I was such a nice, well-behaved dog and she gave me some samples of the cookies for free! I like to ride in the car...and see my new neighborhood. Tomorrow is another adventure....wonder where they will take me tomorrow? THIS is fun!!
Love, Yola


Tail Wagging Excitement!!

September 16th 2008 7:59 pm
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I just found out that I'm scheduled to fly out of Utah on Oct. 3. I will be landing in Newark, NJ and my new family will be there to pick me tail is wagging, my heart is happy...I'm finally gonna have a family of my own...I can't wait!! Bashful, my doggie friend here at Best Friends, says I have a smile on my face. Can you blame me??
Nite everyone out there....Love, Yola


My first friend online

September 14th 2008 1:21 pm
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Today I found my first friend online...her name is Princess Leia. I am very excited about this. Although I am a very quiet girl, I'm used to having friends here at Best Friends. I live in a dog run with 3 feral dogs. They love me, and I love them. I'm very easy to get along with too. Princess Leia is beautiful...she is a greyhound and she was rescued just like me! I know we are going to be very good friends. I gave her a dog bone!
Love, Yola


Saturday Night

September 13th 2008 5:05 pm
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I just sat here with Julie, my caretaker at Best Friends, while she wrote an email to my new mom. My mom had written to her to see how I was doing. (smile)
Julie told my new mom that I am doing well, and then Julie told me how many more days it will be till I am in my new home...20 more!
She said that my new moms bought me a blanket and a new bed...I sure am lucky!! My tail is beginning to wag now....I never thought I would get a chance to have a forever home.
I gonna go to sleep now...and dream doggie dreams of my new home with my two moms...(they are sisters).
G'nite Julie and Joyce. G'nite Bashful and Cheelah. G'nite my two moms....I love you.
Love, Yola


21 more days

September 12th 2008 7:48 pm
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Julie and Joyce, my caretakers here at Best Friends, tell me that I have only 21 more days till I go to my forever home. I can't wait!! I know my new mom started this diary for me and she said she will take photos of me when I arrive by airplane. That will be so exciting!! I can share my photos with you right here. I hope I will have lots of friends here on dogster when I finally arrive at my new home. I'm a very friendly girl.
Time for me to go to sleep and dream of my new life....I'm sure lucky!
Good night everyone....


Friday morning

September 12th 2008 7:12 am
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Right now I am in my run at Best Friends. My caretakers have told me that I am going to be adopted and that I will be leaving my friends Bashful and Cheelah by Oct. 3. I am sad to leave my friends, but happy that I will have a forever home. I know the girls who are adopting me. We spent time together when they were here at Best Friends. They took me to the park in Kanab, Utah. We walked all over the sanctuary and visited people and animals. They are such nice girls...and they are good to me.
I will have to be brave when I fly on Oct. 3. I've never been on an airplane and it will be scary...but Joyce told me that they will be there to get me as soon as I land....I will be sooo happy to see them.
OK...gotta get back to business here with Bashful and Cheelah. I need to explain to them that I will be leaving soon, but I will always remember them as my best doggie friends.
Bye for now....Love, Yola

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