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Summer Tag Game

The Valentine Day's Tag

February 2nd 2008 5:19 pm
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I was tagged by my friend Miss Daisy Mae. Thanks Daisy!!!

I am going to tell you my 5 Valentine wishes, and then tag 5 friends with a rosette. They will then write a diary entry and tag 5 friends with a paw mail or rosette, and so on and so on. Isn't this fun!!!!!

My 5 Valentine Wishes are....

1. My sister Trixie and I wish our Mom could stay home with all the time and not go that awful place that she is always talking about in a not so happy voice called WORK!!!!. We like the two days she calls THE WEEKEND when she stays in PJs longers.
2. I wish we could play outside more.
3.I wish it was warmer outside and sunny longer.
4.I wish we could visit our friend Beau and his Mom, our Aunt Rosie more often.
5. And finally, I would like all my pup pals and peoples a Happy Valentine's Day.

I am now tagging the following five of my pals......

1. Mollie Tzu (137727)
2. Sophie Tzu (164030)
3. Crissy Edweena (111968)
4. Suzy Q Austin (208050)
5. Domino (228293)


The Christmas Tag

December 15th 2007 4:42 am
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I opened up my mail today and found that I've been tagged by Cinders. Isn't that cool????

Here are the Rules:

Because it's Christmas time, there are are changes to the rules. Each player needs to write a short note to Santa Paws and list 5 things on their Christmas list this year. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their letter with 5 requests. Then choose 5 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

Dear Mr. Santa Claus:

This year I was a very good girl, as always. I made sure my little sister Gracie was always safe, as well as the house we all live in since I am the girl in charge as Mom always tells me. It was a very good year and I was very, very good girl.

So Jolly Olde Santa, if your listening,I would love to have a few things for Christmas:

1 . More soft, pleshy stuffed animal toys
2. More puperoni and hot dog treats
3. More cheese
4. More play time with our doggie friends in the neighborhood
5. More time with our Mom.

Yours truly, Trixie Anne

Now who can I choose to do this?

1. Mollie Tzu (137727)
2. Sophie Tzu (164030)
3. Crissy Edweena (111968)
4. Abigail (167213)
5. Maddison (449459)


The Thanksgiving Tag

November 21st 2007 8:09 am
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Oh My Gosh!!!!
I have been tagged by my friend Zoie. The rules of the tag are to name 7 things your thankful for, and 7 pals you want to tag. Then send them each a paw-mail or a rosette telling them they have been tagged. How fun is that!!

The seven things I am grateful for are:

1. I am thankful for my Mommy and all the rest of our family.
2. I am thankful for my special little sister, Gracie Marie who Mommy got just so I would have a friend all the time.
3. I am thankful that Gracie and I always get to go to visit our family especially Aunt Elaine, Uncle Mike, Michael and Nicholas.
4. I am thankful for my warm home that Gracie and I live in.
5. I am thankful that we always get lots of goodies from Mom and the family.
6. I am thankful that Gracie and I are both very healthy and happy.
7. And I am thankful that we have lots of doggy friends.

My Pals that are being tagged are:
1. Mollie Tzu (137727)
2. Sophie Tzu (164030)
3. Crissy Edweena (111968)
4. Abigail (167213)
5. Maddison (449459)
6. Suzy Q Austin (208050)
7. Domino (228293)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!


The Summer Tag Game

August 3rd 2007 12:48 pm
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You’ve been Summer Tagged!!

Here are the rules of the game.

Make a diary entry giving 5 pawsome facts about yourself!
Choose 5 pals to tag and list them last.
Post the rules of the game (just cut and paste them from this page).
Send your pals a pawmail or rosette telling them they have been tag"

Here are my 5 pawsome facts:

1. I love my little sister Gracie and have to keep a close eye on her. She tends to get into trouble. This is why my Mom calls me the alpha girl.

2. I am not really into eating dog food at dinner time but love to 'snack' on treats later in the evening.

3. I really hate thunder and lightning. I quick run under the bed to hide and get the shakes real bad.

4. I love stuffed animals ; have all kinds and carry one with me everywhere.

5. I love to cuddle with my Mom especially at night while we watch TV.

The 5 pals are of mine that I am tagging this time are:

Crissy Edweena

Have fun and enjoy your summer.

Trixie Anne

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