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look, the Chiefster!

January 22nd 2013 9:09 am
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He and mom wrote an article - have fun reading! and feel free to check out the youtube channel and mom's facebook page where you can find many many photos of the training process! you can find mom under 'Sonja Ohldag' -training-chief

happy woofs to you all :o)


thank you!

November 29th 2012 10:11 pm
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I would like to thank you all for all those wonderful gifts and birthday wishes. We had an awesome day!
Mom took us all out to the beach - no, first we went to the cafe, where we all got a piece of cheesecake. Yeah* we did ;)
Then we spent most of the day at the beach to meet some of our pals for a bday walk. It was great. My big love was there, too - he's a Schnauzer...
Then we drove to our super favorite pet store where they stuffed us with birthday treats. No kidding..... mom bought super yummy stuff for us, mainly me. She even did not spend money on lunch, she was hungry, but she wanted to use the extra money for my gift :) Nice..
After the pet sore we met up with our pal Mocha and his mom. We hung out on the grass and did nothing but play and chew on a ball and hang out.
Finally we all went back to our car and drove home.
Dinner was perfect. Really perfect, with fish and veggies and bananas and kibble and just a lot of good stuff. Chief was in heaven. He said birthdays rock.
What a nice day - thanks everyone for making it so special.

Chief wants me to tell you something.
Mom and Chief and Mocha and his mom went met up yesterday to go to the movies. All of a sudden little Mocha had a seizure and died. Mom had put him on the street, in her jacket and tried to resuscitate him. She could for seconds a few times, but whenever she stopped, Mochas heart stopped beating. Mom was crying so hard, she was holding him and could not believe he died! Just like this. A three your old dog. Our best friend and pal :(
Very long story, very short, mom, Chief and our pal's mom went to the SPCA to adopt another dog. Mocha's mom found a wonderful little girl, who is a tad shy, but friendly.
I will post photos later!
The new dog is Snoo, but she will get another name. Snoo's/Mocha's mom wanted to save another life by adopting.
I think she did the right thing..
What a week :(


yippee woof*

November 27th 2012 10:56 am
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It's my birthday today!
That's awesome, because I got the coolest breakfast and will get some cheese cake very soon. Well, I got to share with the pup and my sister, but that's just fine.
Dad isn't here to celebrate, though :( He had to travel, but will be back soon. He promised me a hike once he's back!

It's been busy here. Mom spends lots of time training the little guy. It's hard sometimes, because Jojo and I don't get to go to all the places we used to go to anymore. Well, it's not really, because of the training..
Jojo is not doing so well and is waiting for a brace foer one of her hind legs. She has a slight tear in her Achilles tendon. It's awful. She has to go through so much. During the wait, we try to do less, so she won't hurt her leg more than it is already.
I often times stay home with Jojo, so she won't be so lonely for the few hours she stays behind. Therefor we got to go on many night walks and play times on the baseball field. I usually get to play with Chiefster and Jojo hangs out on the field with her ball :o)
She loves it and so do I.
Thanksgiving was pretty neat, we got loads of turkey!! Yum


Well, today life will be great, since we will hang out at the cafe and beach for my birthday :))


this is just horrid news!

November 1st 2012 9:55 pm
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please, go to Troy's page. Our friend Elizabeth passed away.
Flicka's mom Pam wrote about it on Troy's diary.
I don't know what to say :(( th_troy/803521#comments_form


I was published!!

August 30th 2012 8:30 am
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wow* look! Mom and I got published!
It's my first time being published and edited for that matter, which is not as easy as it sounds ;o) I am happy with the final outcome, though and hope you enjoy reading: izure-assistance-service-dog


Chief is diary pick, today :o)

July 11th 2012 8:22 am
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oh, wow.... Chief is a diary pick today!



Chief's trainings album

July 2nd 2012 9:45 am
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Check out Chief's trainings album - it's fun :o)
He's doing so good.. make sure you close all the gaps after inserting it: 3.2125874.1214801277&type=3

So far we are all doing well. Lots of busy happening.
Jojo's been really sick, but after a stay at the doggie hospital she is improving now. She lost some blood from vomiting it and pooping it out, too! That was awful. She did not even want to eat, which is absolutely not normal for her.
We are slowing our walks down, cause Jojo is really challenged by her arthritis and her Cushings. So far she is in good spirit, though..
I have been going to Operas, baseball games, Symphony, etc in the mean time. Chief has, too, but it's mainly me, because I am the queen.
Soon there will be dog day at the A's stadium, which we will attend :o)
It will be Chief's first time inside the stadium during a game. We have been around the Giants stadium for practice and inside when there weren't any games. He's cool with it.
With Chief we have made many new friends. All small dogs to our delight. We are going to small dogs meetups all the time, now. They love us. We are suckers for little dogs. Jojo has transformed into the small dog big cool pal. Whoever is with her has nothing to fear ;)
She loves playing with little dogs and does that happily.
I usually hang out with mom or play with one of my favorite little guys.
Today will be a boring day, but that's ok.
Happy woofs from us to you!


Chief's diary

June 9th 2012 1:15 pm
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check out Chief's new entry! He posted all the photos again :o)



May 29th 2012 7:17 pm
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please, come visit Chief and/or pup pal us :o)
He likes to share his photos with you.. He is kind of lazy with the writing, you know ;o)
Happy woofs from all of us!


our little brother

April 13th 2012 10:18 pm
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has his own page and his diary entry!
Check it out...........
Hugs and kisses to you..

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