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Swimming fun!!!

March 6th 2009 4:50 am
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So last night, Tanner's mom picked up me and mom and we went swimming!!!! I was so excited when we got there and I knew we were going swimming (same building as all my classes, but in the back). Tanner had no idea what was going on and was kind of hesitant about the whole thing at first. I reassured him that all was good. Mom wouldn't let me jump in right away like usual because we had to wait for the owner to come and help Tanner. That is to be sure he knows how to use the ramp to go in and out. I had to do that my first time too. Tanner was funny because when I finally jumped in and he was told he could go in, he just stood there and barked... he didn't know what to do. He finally did go down the ramp and got in. It was so fun to swim with him, just like at home. It took him a little while to figure out how to use the ramp (it took me a few times my first time too), but once he got it, he was good to go. Actually, he didn't want to get out! We swam and played and had sooooooo much fun:D Toward the end, Tanner was getting tired and when mom would throw us a toy, Tanner would sit on the ramp and just use his paw to try and reach it. It was so funny. Tanner spent a lot of time on the ramp and one time when I wanted to get out, he was totally blocking it. Well, I wanted out and I wasn't going to let him stop me. I just pushed right on up passed him and knocked his 88 lbs. right off the side of the ramp. Don't worry, he only fell in the water, but mom and the owner were laughing so hard, I though mom was going to cry. After that, Tanner didn't block the ramp anymore. It was finally time to go so we had to dry off. Tanner and I were really tired and slept the whole way home. It was really fun having a friend to swim with (not that there's anything wrong with swimming with mom though). Mom did take video and I'm sure sooner or later she'll have it on my page to keep an eye out for it. I slept like a rock last night so I'll be all ready for my last flyball class tonight. I can't wait! I hope I do it all right this time and make mom proud:)


Friends... okay, maybe not

March 5th 2009 7:18 am
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So last night mom, dad and I went to the barn. Mom put Tequilla out to stretch her legs a bit (she's still on stall rest until the farrier puts shoes back on) and she was running and screaming like crazy. I wanted to go out with her and settle her down, but mom told me to stay away! Probably a good thing because when her herd mates (Tessa and Lacey) came in, they were all crazy and Tequilla ran so fast that she almost ran into the fence!!! Mom was freaking out and went to calm Tequilla down. I guess that's what happens when she's stuck in her stall for so long. She is obviously feeling better. Anyway, so after that, mom hand grazed Tequilla and threw the frisbee for me like she normally does. This time however, Pete and Polly came to play with me. I'm not sure what they were doing out of their pen, but I was happy to see that I had new friends to play with at the barn... or maybe not? When I went to run and play with them, mom yelled at me to come back. I didn't want to, I just wanted to go play with my friends, but mom yelled again so I had to listen. I was sad because it was the first time since Finn left that I had someone to play with and now mom wouldn't let me:( She told me that Pete and Polly get into trouble and that I can't be friends with them. Well, you know what? Mom was right. A little while later I heard someone yelling and he was Pete and Polly running in the neighbors yard chasing their dogs. I now understood why I couldn't play with them and was happy that I didn't go and get in trouble. I guess mom does know what she's talking about.


Dogwalk queen

March 4th 2009 6:48 am
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So, last night I had agility class. We started with stays then "go's" The first part of me learning how to take verbal and hand commands from mom. I did good on the go part, but not so good on the stay part. There were just too many distractions and doggies around that I just wanted to follow my mom. But I started to get the hang of it. I had no problem going to the target when mom told me too... of course not, especially with steak as my reward!! Then we moved onto the dogwalk. We had to walk across the plank then down the next one, stopping at the bottom with two feet in the contact area. I did it perfect both times! Mom was so happy and so was I because again, I got steak at the target:) After that we did a directional from the tunnel to the jump... not so good here. As usual, I tried to go around the jump instead of over it, just like in flyball. I can jump no problem, I just figure why waste the energy when I can go around it? Mom said we need to work on that. I did have fun running through the tunnel though. The last thing we did was the tire jump, and I did it good both times. We don't have class next week so mom said we will practice our stays and also the downward targets (even though I'm pretty good at them, mom said need to practice). It was nice to get out and I had fun at class. Mom said tonight we're going to the barn... YEAH!



March 3rd 2009 6:49 am
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I just want to says "Thank you!" to all my friends for sending me all those yummy Bit-O-Love treats... they are yummy:)

Didn't do much last night. Went for a car ride to drop the jeep off for service then stopped at nan and pop's for a short visit. Other than that, it was a quiet night. Today is agility and I can't wait! I'll let you all know what we did tomorrow. Have a pawsome day :D



March 2nd 2009 10:23 am
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That sums up my weekend! I didn't do anything after Friday night:( Mom and Megan were gone all day and into the evening on Saturday so I just hung out with dad (he slept most of the time since he's on night shift). Mom said they went to the horse expo. I don't know what that is, but I don't like it because I couldn't go and it kept mom away from me too long! When they got home, Megan played with me a little, but she was tired. Sunday mom and Megan slept in and then left early afternoon. I know they went to the barn because mom had her barn clothes on, but she didn't take me:( She said she was sorry, but they were going to eat then to the hockey game from the barn so I couldn't come. I was NOT happy with my mom. How dare she go to the barn and not take me?????? I kind of gave mom the cold shoulder when she came home later and wouldn't lay on the sofa with her to watch TV. I kind of feel bad about that now because I know mom can't take me everywhere, but I was just lonely this weekend since she was gone so much. Hopefully that doesn't happen too often.

Today it is snowing, but I don't think it is enough that mom and I will be able to play. Like usual, just enough to make a mess. I heard some places are getting a lot of snow. If anyone out there is getting it all, have fun, but be careful too!



February 27th 2009 9:10 pm
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Tonight we went to the barn so mom could soak and wrap Tequilla's foot. Well, I'm here to tell you she is feeling MUCH better! Tequilla has a little paddock attached to her stall that the vet said she could go out in. Well, it rained today so it was muddy. When we got there, Tequilla was covered in mud from nose to tail... I mean completely covered!!! It took mom almost 45 minutes to get her clean. But with her being covered like that, it means she rolled a lot and T only rolls when she's feeling good. Plus, mom didn't see any limp or even tenderness to T's step tonight. I am sooooo happy that my horsie is getting back to normal. I was really scared there for a while, especially after what happened with Saint.

Megan came to the barn with her mom and then left with us to go to flyball. Mom said Megan is staying with us for the weekend... YEAH!!!

Ok, onto flyball. Tonight we were a little late because of T being so messy and when we walked in, the instructor called for me to do a run right away. Heck, I didn't even have a chance to get my nose in the air and smell who was there, but off we went. I did it perfect the first time and mom was so happy:) But then I had to do it a couple more times and once I only went over 2 jumps then came back to mom. Don't ask me why Ido that because I don't have a clue. I know I'm suppose to run down, get the ball and run back, but sometimes, I don't know, I just don't feel like going down. Anyway, I did that a few times then took a break. I stayed really close to mom and way far away from Blaze! Fortunately, she didn't even see me so I think I was pretty safe. A little later, the instructor called on three border collies and me to run a relay just like they do in competition. I couldn't believe it!!! The instructor actually picked me to be a part of the relay. Mom was happy and so was I, and I was really nervous too. Needless to say, I made a couple mistakes at first, but by the third relay, the team did great, even me:D The instructor told her that next week is the last week, but that I am welcome to join the club and they will work me with the regular team members to get ready for a competition hopefully soon. Little ole me is on my way to being on a flyball team, I can't believe it! Mom said she is so proud of me and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I did so good that when we got home, mom let Megan play with me and give me all kind of goodies. I had two raw hides, a greenie and some doggie beef jerky... YUMMY!! So, as you can see, I had a realy good night. Now I'm tuckered out and I'm hitting the hay with Megan. Yeah, mom's a bit upset that I'm not sleeping with her tonight, but I'm sure she'll understand since Megan doesn't stay over much. Good night to all... yawn :O


Playdate fun:)

February 27th 2009 4:55 am
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Last night mom took me to a playdate with Tanner C. and we had so much fun!! I hadn't seen him since I stayed there when mom and dad went away and I was really happy to see him. I acted badly toward him last time we were together and I was afraid he didn't like me anymore, but he does:) We ran and played until neither of us could go anymore. Mom told me that next week we'll have a swimming playdate... YEAH!!!! When we got home, I crashed and slept all evening and into the night. I was sooooooooo tired after my playdate. Mom said I was dreaming a lot last night too because I was yipping and my legs were going in my sleep... what can I say, I was still on my playdate:)


Good news about Tequilla!

February 25th 2009 7:51 pm
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Mom and I went to the barn tonight. When we got there, mom took Tequilla out for a walk and guess what? She was doing great!!! She didn't have any limp at all and was just a little ouchy on her foot, but nothing like she was. Mom called the vet and he said that she since seemed to be doing better, that we should see how she progresses and that she won't be those x-rays things after all. Mom was sooooo happy!!!! I think Tequilla was happy too because when she was grazing, she bucked and reared a bit... scared the poop out of me when she reared too! It was good to see mom smile:) Tequilla still have to keep it wrapped and stay on stall rest, but the it looks like she is on her way to recovery:D

Since mom was so happy, she threw the frisbee a lot for me while Tequilla was grazing. I kept getting it for her, but finally, after about what seemed like a hundred times, I finally had to rest and dropped it at her feet and plopped down. She got the hint and we went inside after that. Mom soaked T's foot again and wrapped it. Jen was there to help. We chatted with people at the barn then headed home. I was starting to stress a bit because there were so many people there tonight a lot of the horses were in the isleway while their stalls were being cleaned. I don't like when I can't herd them together. Then Dave and Frank (owner) were there and you all know how I feel about men, so I was more than happy when it was time to go. Now I'm just getting ready for bed but I wanted to let everyone know about Tequilla. Thank you all again for your well wishes and I'll keep you posted on what we hope will be a full recovery:)


Fun last night:)

February 25th 2009 5:44 am
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First and foremost, thank you to all for your concern about Tequilla. It really means a lot to mom and me. Mom got a call last night saying that Tequilla seemed to be doing a little better.The vet is still coming out tonight to check on her, but he said he may not need to do x-rays (still don't know what these are). Mom seemed a bit happier after that call. I'll keep everyone posted.

Now, onto my fun night last night. I had agility class and dad came along to watch (I always like when dad comes to watch me:) We worked on more targeting coming down the dogwalk. Mom said we really need to practice this because I just want to keep on going and I never keep two of my feet on the board like I'm suppose to. We also did some more jumps. We learned two new things... the tire jump and broad jump. Broad jump was no problem since mom and I practice that home. The tired jump wasn't bad on the right side, but when mom had to direct me from the left side, I got confused and ran right into the jump instead of going through it. After that, I wanted nothing to do with it. But mom kept working with me and I finally got it right. We also did the chute again and I was the fastest and the only one to go with the closed chute the first time. I love the chute!! We had about 5 minutes of free time so mom set up a little course for me. I had to do a jump, go through the tunnel and then the chute. That was lots of fun. Dad video taped me so I'm sure mom will have that on my page soon. No "attacks" last night and I am happy about that:) Sadie was there, but I stayed way far away from her. She isn't very nice and she barked at dad too. Don't know why some big dogs seem to think they can push everyone around????


Poor Tequilla

February 24th 2009 5:03 am
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Last night we went to the barn. It was really cold and windy out so I just stayed inside with mom. She soaked Tequilla's foot again, but for some reason mom seemed really upset and sad. She kept hugging Tequilla and telling her it would be okay. I never saw mom like this with her before. A little later, Dave (he has a horse at the barn named "Chicka") came over and helped mom wrap Tequilla's foot. I heard her tell Dave that the vet wants to do x-rays (not sure what they are) on Tequilla's foot check for fractures. They both looked really upset when talking about this. I don't know what x-rays or fractures are, but from the look of their faces, it can't be good. After they finished wrapping her foot, mom gave her a big hug and started to cry. I never saw my mom cry when she is with Tequilla. I had a very unsettled feeling that something is really wrong. I really hope my Tequilla will be okay because I love her and I know mom does too. If I find out anything more, I'll let you all know. Mom was really quiet going home and didn't really want to play so I didn't ask her to. We just watched TV and I cuddled with mom because I could tell she really needs it.

On another note, I have agility tonight and hopefully Sadie leaves me along. I really would like to just enjoy myself and not worrying about being attacked by another dog. Wish me luck!

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