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Change of plans

May 20th 2014 10:48 am
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Okay so this past weekend wasn't exactly how we expected. As it turned out, we had to be in many places at one time and honestly, it wasn't a whole lot of fun for us dogs. First dad left Friday and went to see Emmie and we had to stay home cause mom had barn duty. Now you would think that would be good, but Jada was home and mom was taking care of her so we weren't allowed to go to the barn Friday night:( Now we did go Saturday morning with mom, but we had to stay in the car and stay down so Jada wouldn't see us when mom left her out and somehow she never knew we were there. Not sure how, but she didn't. From the barn we went to Emmie's soccer game, but again, we had to wait in the car cause no dogs allowed. It wasn't too bad cause it was nice and cool and it wasn't for too long. The little kids don't play a long time cause they get bored fast. After the soccer game we did get to go to Emmie's and had lots of fun playing with her in the yard. She was very happy to see us and we were happy to see her too cause it's been a while since we were at her house. We stayed outside til bedtime as usual, but I'm so glad that Ali and Jan started leaving us sleep upstairs in the bedroom with mom and dad. The basement is okay, but their cat Dolce likes to torment us. Me, I don't pay much mind to him, but Echo has fits and barks at him then gets us in trouble. But now we don't have to worry about it:) Sunday we went for a walk on the trail with Emmie and that was nice. Then we played ball and frisbee some more and headed home when Emmie went for nap in the afternoon. The weekend wasn't exactly what we had planned cause we were suppose to go to the cabin again, but it was nice to see our Emmie and we'll be going to the cabin for a long weekend this weekend so I really didn't mind much (except not being able to go to barn with mom).

This week mom has lots to do so I don't know what my schedule will be. I do know that tonight we have a visit with Danny and tomorrow we're going to grandma's, but other than that, I have no clue. Mom did play with us a little last night and also took us for a walk after her church meeting and that was nice:)

Well, that's about all I have for now. Like I said, not as planned, but still nice. I hope everyone has a good week and I'll bark at you all later!



May 15th 2014 6:34 am
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I can't believe Dogster has picked me yet again for the honor of Dogster Diary Pick! Mom thinks I got picked last weekend, but we had computer problems and couldn't respond. She also thinks she missed responding to the greatest honor of both Echo and I being picked on the same day. Can you believe that? What are the chances of two dogs from the same family being picked on the same day? It is always an honor to be picked by Dogster and we sincerely appreciate it. Thank you!

The only thing that's been going on since we returned from the cabin is our visit to Manor Care on Tuesday. Dad went with us to see Carl's mom who was recovering there from knee surgery. It was strange having dad with us cause it's been a long time since he's gone with us, but it was nice. We visited with Roy first and then went to see Greta. She is really nice and loved us dogs:) After we visited with her for a little then we did our normal visit. Everyone seems to be doing well except our one friend Betty who gave us treats a while back. She is not doing too well and I'm afraid we won't get to see her again:( Please say a prayer that she recovers or is shown mercy and taken from her pain. We didn't get to see Doris this time. Mom thinks she was getting her shower cause we checked a couple times, but didn't see her. Mom did check with the nurse to be sure she was okay and she said yes so that was a relief. All in all, it was a pretty good visit.

Yesterday while dad cut grass Anna played with us...for like 2 hours! We were sooo tired and dad was busy with the grass and didn't see that we stopped playing and Anna wouldn't give us a break. Finally Echo and I just went to the door and sat there and Anna got the hint. We love our Anna, but she really needs to learn when we need a break. Mom is good about telling Anna to give us break, but she was at work and dad was racing the rain to get the grass cut since it's gonna rain for the next few days. But now that we know all we have to do is go to the door and wait, hopefully Anna will always get that hint:)

Well, that's about all I've been up to. We are headed to the cabin again this weekend and Brett and Aysha are going along... YIPEE!!! Mom can't come up right away cause she has horse duty, but we'll look forward to seeing her when she gets there. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun and I'll tell you all about it. Until then, have a great rest of the week and weekend and try to stay dry if you're getting all this rain like we are.


Nice weekend away

May 13th 2014 10:46 am
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First I want to wish my mom a Happy Belated Birthday! Yes, I was with her on her birthday, (which was Saturday 5/10), but I wanted to wish her one here on Dogster too so Happy Birthday Mom! And Happy Mother's Day too! Our mom is the bestest and we wouldn't trade her for the world!

Okay, now back to my weekend in the mountains. We got up there later on Thursday and it was such a beautiful night that we all sat outside on the patio for a little which was a nice change since never get to do that the first day.

Friday mom and dad cut grass and weedwacked all day and let me tell you, it needed it! The grass was up to my belly and I had a really hard time going potty before it was cut cuz it would get in my fur...yuck! While mom and dad were working, us dogs were chilling on the porch trying to stay cool. Can you believe it was like in the 80s! Too bad it didn't stay that way:( Later in the evening Pam and Dave came for dinner and I love when they come cause Pam is a real animal lover and plays with us a lot:) Oh yeah, we did go for a Bota ride before dinner and that was nice. Didn't see anything though.

Saturday was mom's birthday and not a really nice day. It was rainy all day long so we couldn't play outside. We did go for a ride with mom and dad and sat on the porch a little when it was just showering since it has a roof on it. It was a relaxing day since we couldn't do anything and all in all I think mom had a good day considering the yucky weather.

Sunday is usually our day to some home, but this time we were staying an extra day and I'm so glad cause Sunday was the nicest day ever! The sun was out, but it was only in the 70s so not too hot. We went for a Bota ride with mom and dad and sat by the tree for a while. We did see 2 deer on our way up and Echo chased a chipmunk that I never saw. When we were done there we went to Pam and Dave's house. Dad went to the property with Dave to cut down some trees and we went for a Bota ride with mom and Pam in Pam and Dave's new Bota and let me tell you, it is nice!!! It is fully enclosed with radio, A/C, windshield everything! Of course we still rode in the back, but I like it in the back cause the wind blows through my fur:) We went for a long ride and mom even let us hop in the creek and swim a little. The water was kinda cold so we didn't stay in long, but it was refreshing. We also got to play with the kitties and let me tell you what, Pam has LOTS of kitties! I mean like 40 or more! They are mostly barn cats and they have over a hundred of acres so I guess they need them, but boy that is a lot of cats! When we were done at their house, we just hung out at the cabin. No one visited which was a nice change and we sat on the patio for like 5 hours cause it was such a beautiful night. I really enjoyed it:)

Monday finally came and it was time to head home. We got home mid-afternoon and it was back to the same routine. Mom and dad are now back to work and we're just napping during the day til they get home. We're going to Manor Care tonight and dad is going along cause one of his friend's mom is there so it will be nice to visit with her.

I don't know what's on the agenda for the rest of the week, but I'll be sure to tell you about it if anything happens. I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did and Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the furmommies out there!!!


I Passed!!!

May 6th 2014 8:10 am
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Last night was my re-evaluation for Kpets and I passed with flying colors! There were four of us there for re-eval and we all did well. Mom was proud of me cause she wasn't able to play with me when she got home since we had to go right for the class so I had a lot of pent up energy from the day, but she said I did great at containing it and as soon as we got home, she threw ball and frisbee for me and Echo so I could burn up all that energy. Thanks mom! She also bought eat of us a chew that is like a stick to hopefully help with our tartar build up. Echo loves it, but I'm still unsure about it. Unless it has bacon or peanut butter, I'm not that much into it, but mom said she had a hard time finding chews made in the USA and they are the only ones she'll give us and unfortunately they don't have a lot of great flavors. But I did chew on it a little:)

Anyway, I am now officially certified for another 3 years so I'm looking forward to keep on making people smile and feel better!


Double Doggie Diary Picks

May 5th 2014 6:11 am
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We had a busy Friday so sorry we missed thanking Dogster for picking both myself and my sissy Echo as Diary Picks on Friday. We can't believe we both got picked on the same day. That's like one in a zillion chance you know and it happened to us! It is an honor and I thank Dogster for bestowing that honor on both myself and Echo at the same time. Thank you!

Now, onto my weekend and the first half was a pretty busy one. Thursday night we helped mom cut grass and played with our friend Anna. The backyard was still wet so we only cut the front, but it was nice being outside on such a beautiful evening. Friday mom cut the backyard while we played with Anna again and after mom finished, we went to the barn with her cause she had barn duty this weekend. It was a really nice evening and I loved being at the barn. It seems like a long time since we've been able to stay there with mom for a while.

Saturday we went back early in the morning and stayed until lunch time. I had a blast! We helped mom put horses out then Echo and I played tag while mom did the stalls. After she was done she played ball and frisbee with us. It was a beautiful day and I was so glad we got to be outside almost all day. When we were finished with the morning barn duties, we went with mom to the store then back home. She cleaned off the yucky water from the pool cover, but I hung out inside for a little cause I needed a break. Later mom let me out cause Anna came to play with us. After she left we hung out back with mom while she worked on making something out of barbed wire. Let me tell you one thing, mom is dangerous with that stuff! She was flipping it around and the end would flopped close to me and I had to jump out of the way. In her defense though, she did tell us dogs to lay down and stay on the deck out of harms way, but I didn't listen and snuck up behind her and she didn't know it. Believe me, after almost getting wacked with the wire, I stayed on the deck after that!

We went back over to the barn before evening feeding and mom had Tequilla in the arena and that's when Sophie decided to cause some problems. Sophie got out of her paddock and came into the arena with mom and Tequilla. It was okay at first cause T didn't care much about Sophie, but then Sophie went after T and she had no choice but to run and then the horses were running all over the arena. Me, I got the heck out of dodge!!! When they run around like that it scares me so I vacated the arena real fast and watched from the other side of the fence. Echo stayed with mom and they eventually got Tequilla settled and out then got Sophie. Needless to say, mom was NOT happy! She fixed Sophie's paddock fence and that was the end of that. But now it was feeding time so poor mom never did get to ride Tequilla:( But I helped her bring in the horses, and I actually did cause I held T's lead rope for mom:) It started to rain as we got the last horse in so it was perfect timing. The rest of the night mom and dad were up at Linda's and I didn't mind at all cause I had to get some rest from my busy day.

Yesterday I didn't get to do anything cause mom had the Crop Walk with church and she took Echo, but not me. I was upset, but I also understand that she couldn't take me cause there was NO way I would have been able to walk 5 miles with my hips. Heck, I can barely make it around the block! So even though I was sad I couldn't go, I wasn't upset at mom and I got to hang out with daddy for a little which was nice too:)

Tonight I go for my re-evaluation with Kpets and mom is sure I'll pass with flying colors! I'll be sure to let you all know how I did. Other than that, I don't think I have much going on this week and we are heading to the cabin Thursday for a long weekend over mom's birthday. I can't wait to go and hope we have some nice weather.

Well, that's about all for now. I hope everyone had a good weekend and get to enjoy the week ahead:)


I went to college!

May 1st 2014 7:44 am
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We went to Elizabethtown College last night, but it wasn't for us to learn anything. Nope it was for us to actually teach! We taught the students had to relax and decompress for a little while from all the studying for their finals and mom said we did a great job!

When we first walked into the library I was kinda in awww cause it was such a big place. When mom took me off leash, I wanted to go check everything out, but we had to stay in one certain area cause there were students studying in the other areas and we weren't suppose to disturb them. If they wanted a break they could come to us. At first we only had a couple students come, but then all of a sudden there were like 30 students coming from every direction and it made me crazy! You know us Aussies and our herding instinct so you can only image my anxiety when I had people coming and going from all directions, but I wasn't allowed to herd them all together...can you say INSANE! Mom finally got me to realize that I didn't have to worry about keeping everyone together and then I was able to start to enjoy myself.

The students just loved us! I was the one they were loving on with hugs, kisses, belly rubs, you name it, I got it and was loving every minute of it! Check out the pix mom posted of me and two of my new friends and you can see how happy I was:) Echo, she was the entertainer and played ball with the students the entire time. I know she had to be tired cause I was tired just watching her, but no matter how many times the students stopped playing and wanted to just pet her, Echo would roll the ball back out for someone to play. They love when they threw the ball in the air and Echo would jump up and catch it. Me, I'm glad I just got to kick back and take it all in. I did play tug for a little with a couple students and that was fun too. I can tell that the students were relaxing and enjoying their break from their studies and I was all too happy to help them do it. I enjoy going to the nursing homes, but I'm here to tell you, being at the college last night was soooo much fun and I hope we get to do it again! Mom did take some vids too, but she has to load them to the PC first before she can post them. I can tell you though that we are probably all over Facebook cause all the students were taking pix and vids and posting them while we were there. Mom just doesn't know where we might be on Facebook so unfortunately I can't direct you to them. Heck, we even had our own live puppy cam going on last night:)

Speaking of nursing homes, we did make a quick stop at Manor Care last night since we were right up the street. We visited with Lois, Sara, Doris, Roy and a few other people. We couldn't do a full visit cause we only had about half an hour, but we did hour best to visit as many as possible.

All in all it was a very good night and I enjoyed it a lot and there's no doubt we accomplished our goal of giving the students a much needed break. Needless to say I was taking a much needed break crashing on the sofa when we got home too:)


Relaxing weekend with mom

April 29th 2014 7:22 am
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This past weekend was one of the most relaxing we've had at the cabin. It was just mom, Echo, Gizmo and I. Dad was going golfing so he didn't go with us and mom decided that she just wanted some R&R with us girls so didn't invite anyone to go and let me tell, it was pawsome! Very quiet since dad wasn't there and all his buddies weren't stopping by. Don't get me wrong, I love dad and when we're with him, but I didn't miss all his buddies stopping all the time.

Anyway, Friday we just pretty much chilled since traffic was so bad and took us a long time to get there. Saturday we went for a ride to the property and went exploring with mom. Then we went back to the cabin and took a Kubota ride. We sat in the woods for a while, but it was so windy that nothing was moving and the temps started to get cooler so we headed back to the cabin. Mom's friend Sharon stopped by in the evening for a little which was nice. Sunday we went for another Kubota ride and it wasn't as windy so we saw a couple squirrels, but that was it. We headed home a little earlier than usual cause mom was taking grandma to a movie. While mom was gone I napped and when she got home we played frisbee a little then mom clipped us and bathed us. I definitely needed it, but I don't like being on the table that's for sure.

Last night we had our first visit of this year with Danny and it was a lot of fun:) Danny took me for a walk then he played frisbee and ball with me and Echo which was also fun. It was a beautiful evening for playing outside before the rain came so I'm glad we went.

From Danny's mom stopped at the grocery store and some mean lady was arguing with mom about something in the parking lot. I don't know what it was cause I kept my head down and mouth shut! After we left the store, mom had a church meeting and since she didn't have time to take us home we went into the church with her. Guess what? I was made an Honorary Deacon for the night:) We didn't really do anything, just laid there, looked pretty and waited for mom to be done. Everyone petted us afterwards and it was cool to be a Deacon for a little while:)

That's about all I have for now. Some heavy rains are coming our way this week so I don't imagine I'll be outside much. We do have a visit at Elizabethtown College tomorrow night for the students to decompress from testing so I'll tell you how that went on Thursday. Well I think I'll go take a nap for awhile. Have a good one and bark at you later!


Nice weekend

April 23rd 2014 7:45 am
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Okay, so I'm not sure what's going on with Dogster, but mom logged in yesterday to find that she had new dogs! Yep, she had some dogs on our page that she didn't even know, but fortunately today we are back so now I can tell you about my weekend.

It was a nice one, much better than our last trip. We arrived Thursday early evening and the weather was pretty nice. Mom played with us a little outside then we all relaxed for the rest of the night.

Friday was a fun day. Mom and dad did some cleaning of the shed, dad cut grass and then they both cleaned out part of the stream. It had all kind of sticks, dead cat nine tails and junk in it and wasn't flowing too good. Echo and I played while mom and dad did that and then we got to play in the stream after mom had it all cleaned up and I loved that! After mom got showered we took a Kubota ride to the tree and that was fun cause I got to chase Echo all over the place. We sat on the porch with mom for a while then just relaxed rest of night.

Saturday we a relaxing day. We did go for a Kubota ride again and then Echo did a search for dad and I walked along with them. Mom said I do very well at leaving Echo alone to work and just staying with mom. Echo did find dad, but it took her a while cause the wind was blowing the opposite direction. Then dad kind of got upset cause when he was playing with Echo after she found him, she got a little over zealous about the toy and grabbed for it, but got dad's arm instead and drew blood. Needless to say he was not happy. He yelled at Echo and mom was upset cause she's afraid Echo won't go into a person now. I guess we'll just see what happens next time. I felt bad for Echo cause even I know she didn't try it. Anyway, we headed home early evening and it was kind of a rough ride. For some reason Gizmo was crying a lot and that always makes me anxious. Mom said she had to potty, but wouldn't go in her carrier. mom did a pretty good job of trying to calm her so it wasn't a constant cry the entire time thank goodness. We came home Saturday cause Easter was Sunday and dad wanted to be home for church and Easter dinner with family. It was pretty uneventful for us dogs and because there was so many people at dinner, there were no leftovers for us dogs:(

Monday night dad cut grass and Anna came over to play with us a few times. I really missed Anna over the winter and glad she's back to playing with us on a regular basis:)

Last night we went to see grandma. She was having a rough time so mom took us over to cheer her up and I'm pretty sure we did our job.

Since we went to see grandma last night, we are going to see our friends at Manor Care tonight. Mom hasn't been sleeping well and is really tired, but she promised our friends we would be down this week so we're going. I love my mom not only cause she takes such good care of us, but because she is a good person and always thinks of others before herself.

Well, that about wraps up what's been going on here. I think us animals are going with mom to the cabin this weekend and we're looking forward to a weekend away with just mom. Hopefully that means there's no revolving door on the cabin since dad won't be there. I love when dad goes, but all his buddies stop all the time and sometimes its nice to just have R&R without interruption.

I hope everyone had a good Easter and has a great week. I also hope Dogster gets the bugs worked out so mom doesn't lose us again!


Fun Weekend

April 14th 2014 11:05 am
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First I want to thank Dogster for the honor of being DDP. It is an honor to be picked and I'm glad they like my adventures so much that they pick me!

We went to visit Emmie, Ali and Jan this weekend and it was a really nice weekend:)

We got there late on Friday so we just hung out downstairs til bedtime then we headed upstairs with mom and dad for bed. Saturday morning Emmie had her first soccer practice and I would have loved to see her, but it was indoors and no dogs allowed:( But when they got back Emmie played with us for a long time outside and it was so much fun! Then after she woke up from her nap we went for a walk on the trail near her house. Mom said I did very well listening to Emmie and walking nice on the leash:) Sunday we had more fun cause mom and dad hid Easter eggs for Emmie and we had an Easter egg hunt! Echo and I helped Emmie find all her eggs and then we played frisbee and ball and just had sooooo much fun! Needless to say I was very tired after my weekend with Emmie and I slept the entire way home and then dozed while we were watching TV. I was glad that it was finally a nice weekend and we got to spend a lot of the time outside having fun:D

Mom said this week the temps are suppose to drop back down again and I don't like that cause it makes my hip hurt more, but hopefully this nutty weather soon straightens out and we have warm weather all the time. As far as my plans for the week, we are going to the cabin later in the week and of course it's Easter so hopefully we get an Easter egg (don't worry not chocolate!). As always, if I have any fun adventures I'll be sure to tell you all about it. In case I don't get a chance to post before, me and my family want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and hope you get to spend some time with your friends and family too!


My friends

April 10th 2014 6:53 am
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We went for our visit at Manor Care the other night and everyone was doing very well. We were happy to see Sarah was up and about and even had a new hairdo:) Barb wasn't able to go with us and mom didn't feel right leaving one of us at home so we were doing our best to behave for her and she said we did very well. But because mom was on her own, we only visited with the 2nd floor and Roy and she said we'll start with the 3rd floor next time. The 3rd floor doesn't always have the same people all the time cause it's rehab floor so hopefully no one missed us! After we were done with our visit we went to the barn with mom and it was nice to be there. Echo and I played while mom cleaned T's stall and cleaned her shoulder where Sophie bit her, but with due cause because T was being mean to Sophie. Horses!

The weather is getting nicer so yesterday mom took us for a walk then played with us in the yard. We played frisbee and then mom and I tag team to get the frisbee from Echo and I love when we play that game! Needless to say, I'm paying for all my activity yesterday cause my hip is a little sore. Not to worry, mom takes good care of me:)

Well, that's about all I have for now. It sounds like a beautiful weekend is on the way so I hope all my pals can get out and enjoy it!

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