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New Training

September 4th 2008 5:11 am
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Mom just signed me up on dogster and I'm really excited to meet new friends and learn from them. I've never had a doggie diary before, so please bare with me while I learn.

Last night my mom taught me something new. We have been working on tunnels and "under" for this really fun training that we've been doing. But last night, she set up this really cool thing that I got to jump "over"! After jumping over that a couple of times, I got to go "under" the tunnel then "over" the jump. It was so cool!!! I was so excited, that mom did have to stop a couple times to get my attention, but I think I'm starting to get what she wants me to do. She always gives me a treat and lots of praise when I do good so it's easy to do as she asks.

Mom told me that on Thursday my friend Tanner is coming to stay with us for a few days. I can't wait! We are going to the barn together to play with my other friend Fin. We have so much fun at the barn because there are no boundries and we can just run and run and run! Well, gotta go wake dad up for work. Bark at you all later:)


No Tanner:(

September 4th 2008 11:04 am
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Mom just told me that Tanner wasn't coming to stay with us now this weekend because Tanner's mom and dad aren't going away because of the storm coming. Stupid storm! But she did promise that we will go to the barn and when we get back, I could go swimming too:) I'll bark at you tonight when I'm done having fun.


Great evening!

September 4th 2008 7:57 pm
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Well, as mom promised we went to the barn. My friend Fin wasn't there and the barn dogs, Pete and Polly (yellow labs), got in trouble with the police for leaving the farm so they have to stay inside until their dad puts in an electric fence so they weren't there to play either. I couldn't find any cats to chase today:( But I still had a lot of fun on the trail ride with mom and Megan. I did real good at staying in front of Tequilla and I didn't get too close when she trotted like I sometime do. Mom said I did great!

We came home and Tanner C. came swimming with me!!!! We had so much fun. Check out my pictures and you'll see me diving off the board and swimming with Tanner. We really had a lot of fun. I'm really tired though and I'm sure I'll sleep good. Tomorrow night I have my agility class so I have to get rest. Have a good night everyone.


First day of agility

September 5th 2008 6:44 pm
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Well, tonight was my first day of agility. Let me tell you that I was so nervous when I first got there I really didn't think I would like it. All this strange stuff sitting around and the dogs all coming pouncing up to me. I was ready to break the leash and run! But mom was real good at calming me down. There's only three other dogs (Cosmo, Dale and Darcy) in my class so it's not that bad and we eventually got to know each other.

We first started with the weave poles. Mom did that at home with me using our stools so I knew what to do. I must admit that the first couple times I didn't do well because I was so worried what was going on around me, but I did settle and whizzed right through them. Next was the tunnel. No problem! Mom has one of those too (not as big though) and I flew threw it. BUT the next thing... oh that wasn't good.

I had to walk across this really narrow board that was barely off the ground. Now let me tell you, I asked myself, "why do I need to walk on this little board when there is a perfectly BIG floor right there for me to walk on? It took mom a couple tries, but I finally understood that she wanted me to stay on this board and if I did, I got a treat at the end and a big hug. That made it worth doing right:)

The last thing we did was this big tunnel thing that started like a tunnel, but then was just cloth that I had to push my way out of. The first time I saw mom at the end so no problem, I ran right through. The second time, halfway through mom dropped the cloth on me and I couldn't see, but I knew she was at the end so I kept going. The third time, I had to go the entire way without seeing mom at all and let me tell you, it was a little scary, but I kept hearing mom calling me so I knew she was there. When I popped my head out, I could see how happy she was and I knew I did good.

After we all tried this cool stuff a few times, we put them all together starting with the weave poles, going to the tunnel, then dogwalk then the chute. I only messed up once, of course, at the dogwalk. On the third time, the teacher timed us all. Guess what? I had the best time!!! I did it in 34.51 seconds:D Mom was so happy that she couldn't stop hugging me. I actually thought she was going to cry, but she didn't. I knew I did good and I was happy that I made her so happy. After that, class was over, but they let us practice a little more. Mom and I did the entire run a few more times then we left. I am really tired and I know I'll sleep good tonight. But I can't wait to go again next week.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell you about our ride to class. Mom has a jeep and right now it has the top off. Don't worry, I lay down on the seat and she buckles me in so I won't get hurt. But we were sitting in "traffic" as mom calls it and were beside this really BIG truck. All of a sudden, it made this loud noise that I all but jumped out of my skin! Mom said it was the airbrake, whatever that is. Mom calmed me down though so I was okay. Next time it won't scare me since I will expect those stupid trucks to make that noise.

Well friends, I'm off to hang with mom while she watches a movie. I love cuddling with her. I'll bark at you all tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good night.


Rainy day

September 6th 2008 8:51 pm
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Well, today was a pretty uneventful day. It rained ALL DAY! Mom and I just watched movies and snuggled. In the evening, some of our family came over again. They come over once a month to play cards. I like it because I get a lot of attention. Not that I don't when they're not here because mom and dad give me plenty! But it's just nice to see them. I did get to play with Gizmo a little after they left. Mom let her in the living room while she cleaned up and I chased Gizmo. I love doing that, although I don't think she likes it much. Oh yeah, mom did tell me that the agility equipment she ordered came, but because it was raining we couldn't do anything. She said maybe tomorrow if it's not raining. Not sure what she got me though. Well, that's all for today. Hope everyone is doing well and bark at you later. (Yeah, I know, I need to get another line:)


No rain!

September 7th 2008 7:18 pm
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We woke up this morning and there was no rain!! We could finally go out and have some fun. Although I must admit, it was nice to have a "lazy" day yesterday. Anyway, mom set up all of my new equipment and we got to practice my agility. I'm still having a little trouble with the weave poles. Mom still has to use food to get me motivated and I almost always miss the second pole. But mom is patient since she knows I'm just learning. We also practiced the tunnels (mom bought 2 of them for me). No problem with these. I LOVE the tunnels! We also practiced the high jump and broad jump. Broad jump was no problem, but I kept knocking down the high jump. Mom wasn't upset though since it was my first time and she knew I was trying. It was pretty low and mom said I still have to have it higher for competeing, but she wasn't going to move it up until I mastered it low. We worked for about 20 minutes, but it was really hot so mom didn't want to push it. After practice, we watched FOOTBALL!! Yes, mom and I love to sit and watch football on Sundays. She likes this team called the Patriots and dad likes the Raiders. I get all excited when mom and dad yell at the TV. Not sure what they're yelling about, but it seems like fun so I yell with them:) Mom didn't seem to happy about her game today. Not sure what happened though. After we watched a couple games, we went for a ride in the jeep. I LOVE THE JEEP! Wind blows in my hair and sunshines in my eyes. I just love it! We went to this place that smelled really good and some lady gave mom a bag through a window. When we got home, mom gave me a hamburger from that bag. Mmmmm, Mmmmm, good! After that, mom attempted to teach me to pick up my toys. I didn't do so good:( I just wanted to play with them and I know mom was getting frustrated. She didn't push me though, but she didn't play either. Guess she wanted me to think about what she was asking. I'll try harder next time. Not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be something fun. Mom always does fun things with me. Well, it's getting late so I'm going to bed and have some dreams about chasing sheep!


Another fun evening:)

September 8th 2008 7:28 pm
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Mom came home and me, her and dad went to the barn. My friend Fin wasn't there, but Polly (my yellow lab friend) was out. We ran around while mom got the horse ready. I did get in trouble though because I followed Polly into the riding arena and there was a lady riding. Mom wasn't happy when she heard the lady yell and she made me stay with her while she finished getting Tequilla ready for a ride. Dad and I went to the arena with mom and watched while she rode. Then mom's friend Jen came on her horse Saint and we went for a trail ride. Mom makes sure I stay far behind the horse in front so I don't get kicked. Polly ended up joining us too. When we got back to the barn, mom said I was really good and she was proud how I stayed out from the horses when they cantered. After the barn, mom and dad said I could go swimming one last time for the summer. I didn't have any friends over, but it was still fun. Mom and dad both threw my frisbee for me while I dove off the dive. I bet I dove about 20 times. It was so much fun!!! I'm a little sad though because the pool is closing and no more swimming until next year:( Oh well, at least I had a good summer. We went in the house and I played with Gizmo. I got a little rough though and made her cry and mom wasn't happy. I didn't mean to do it, but mom still said I couldn't play with her any more today. So me, mom and dad just hung out in the family room and watched TV. I did jump up on the sofa after I was dry with mom and I crashed. I was sooooooo tired! I'm still tired and I know I'll sleep good tonight. Well, mom and dad are going to watch some more football so ta ta for now and catch you all tomorrow.


Rain again:(

September 10th 2008 5:26 am
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Sorry I didn't get to write last night. Mom was pretty busy and her favorite show (AGT) was on and we watched that together... Go Katlyn and Neal!!!

Anyway, dad was off yesterday so I spent some time relaxing with him. Mom came home and her and dad went to the store. I love when they go there cause they always bring me back some sort of goodie... this time it was a Chew Ez and it was really good! Even though it was raining... AGAIN... mom and I worked on poles, high jump and broad jump in the living room. Mom said I did pretty good at the poles, but I still miss one from time to time and I won't do them without food incentive. She said I did GREAT at the high jump and I'm jumping over my competative height already. The broad jump, well, that's another story. I made the jump a couple times, but then just started walking over them. Hey, they're not that high and why jump when you can walk???? Mom wasn't too happy with me though. She didn't get mad, but I didn't get many treats because I didn't do it right. I did finally get another good jump across and mom gave me a treat and said we could be done. Then we just watch the show. I got out a bunch of my toys, but no one really wanted to play. Mom threw hedgehog a couple of times, but I stopped going after it so she said no more. She also wasn't too happy because I kept dragging out all my toys, but I still don't put them back:( We did snuggle on the sofa and I just love that!!! Yes, I know, I'm not a lap dog, but mom lets me be one so I take advantage of it. Not sure what's the plan for today. Both mom and dad are working so I'm just hanging at the house waiting for them to get home. Hopefully we do something fun tonight since it's not raining today:)


Barn fun!

September 11th 2008 6:17 am
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Pretty boring during the day yesterday since mom and dad were at work. I just slept all day. When mom got home, we went to pick up Megan then went to the barn. We had lots of fun. Fin wasn't there again though:( Pete, Polly's brother, was out and we ran around the field a little but I didn't play with him too much. He gets a little too rough and he always tries to get me to go where I shouldn't. Trust me, I learned from the other day when I got in trouble with Polly. So I hung with mom and Megan and played with the cats. Bailey was really fun to play with. He kept standing on his back legs and swatting at me. He didn't try to scratch me, it was like he was boxing with me:) Mom gave her lesson and I helped keep Tequilla moving when she wanted to stop. Afterwards, I had to get my feet washed when we got home because it was pretty wet in the arena and my feet were all dirty. When we got home, we watch mom's show again and saw our favorite, Kaitlyn. Mom cried when she sang again. She is a really cute little girl and I would love to play with her. We then watch my favorite show "Greatest American Dog". It was good and Presley won. I was rooting for Andrew because he did everything really well and he and his momma get along great. But Travis and Presley did really well too, especially since he is so young and new to all this. Both were deserving. I'm sure they will both do well and get lots of recogniztion. I wish I could meet them both because I know I could learn a lot from them. I'm just sad though because now the show is over:( After that we went to bed, but daddy said no bed since I was so dirty from the barn. That's okay, I fell asleep fast. Not sure what today will bring, but I'll just hang out since mom and dad are at work and wait for someone to come home.


Grooming day

September 12th 2008 5:06 am
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Last night, little did I know that when mom got home, no trip to the barn, for a walk, or anything fun... just got sent to the groomer. Don't get me wrong, it's not all that bad. The people are nice, but it's always so noisy there that it kind of freaks me out. It did make me feel good though after I was clean again. I was pretty dirty from being at the barn the day before and my hair was getting a little long. Mom said I look so beautiful and feel so soft:) She also said that everyone there tells her how good I am and how sweet a dog I am. Hey, what can I say... I try:) One nice thing about going to the groomer is that I always get a special treat. This time it was a bone filled with peanut butter. I love peanut butter!!! We really didn't do anything much when I got home. It was already dark outside and to be honest, I was tired from the groomer. I just relaxed on my ottoman then curled up in bed with mom and dad.

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