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I wish things could of always stayed the same,

March 28th 2014 8:41 am
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I can't believe how much life can change in such a short amount of time. I'm not even sure how to begin such a sad tail, my friend; but here's my soul full story...

As you know diary, I was adopted into my forever home a little over five years ago. I was an unruly, street harden, shelter lad with a minor bitting rap sheet; who mom thankfully opened her home to. I still remember driving up to the house with her and boy for the first time on my adoption day. Grumppa was just getting out of his car after a long day at work when we spotted each other. Neither one of us looked too impressed as we stared each other over, when I heard mom say " meet your shrunken border collie grumps". That made my grumppa smile, and there's never anything as beautiful as that smile of his because his whole face lights up till even his eyes sparkle and I knew I found my home.

A lot of time has passed since that day, and I have been shaped by many things. It started with Doggie School, and learning the rules to being part of a family. I not only earned my diploma from Doggie School, but have aced my C.G.C last summer and mom has been talking about doing pet therapy with me as my next roll in paying it forward. My boy has gotten big and is on the football team in highschool and moved out a couple years ago, and our other grandbabys are growing too fast as well. I now have a furry cousin beagle, named Drew, and a furry niece shepherd mix, called Quincy; along with her two kitty sisters. However threw all these changes one thing has always stayed constant, Mom, Grumps, and me. I wish things could of always stayed the same, but even a good little doggies can't always get his wishes, and this change came fast and hard.

It was just last November when our Grumppa found out he had lung cancer, and it had already started to spread to his bones. His Doctor told him he had about eight months to live. I could sense the change in my people right away, and our lives began to change from that time on. We had all the kids and the grandbabys including Quincy over for the Christmas Holiday, but even the noise fill chaos of the festivities could not lift the shadow of sadness that was to soon to come. And after the holidays wrapped up I noticed that Grumppa was starting to tire a lot easier, and our gerrrr sessions got shorter with more and more time in between bouts. Mom starting smiling a lot less these days, I guess she had a better idea what was to come than I did, and how time was getting short.

I was fortunate enough to spend a lot more time with Grumppa the last few months, his only leaving me when he had his medical appointments, and I lounged with my grumps while keeping him safe in my loyal watch while mom was at work. After his first overnight stay in the hospital he really worried me a lot, so I stayed as close as I could to him. But even with my faithful gaurd, Grump once again entered the hospital from his cancer, and this time he was in for over two weeks, and I was terrible worried about him. How could he go all that time without my healing Doggie kisses, or adoring me to sooth his nerves. Mom fought hard with grumppa, and for grumppa when he could not fight for himself. Of course I did my doggie part to try and keep him safe by posing for a visitors sign. I missed my grumppa something awful while he was gone; and ma looked more and more tired. But she promised to bring Grumppa home to me, and she did.

First ma came to the house to receive all the stuff she needed so we could care for Grumppa, then at long last, they returned. I could hardly wait the time it took to settle him in before I jumped up on the bed and lavished him in joyous doggie kisses. Even my elated excitement could not't keep me from noticing how sickly feeble he appeared, but I was overjoyed to have him back. Later that night when it was just us three in the bedroom, while I climbed into mom's lap to comfort her, that she told me the awful news that Grumps would be leaving us soon, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. She whispered that we only had a short time left to watch over him; and that it was our job to make Grumps as peaceful and comfortable as possible till he was ready to rest. Ma told me he was joining my older sisters Pretty Pran, and Molly and her loving parents would take good care of him till we met again someday. I looked up at mom and was going to bark my protest when I could tell by her face she did not want to say goodbye either, and I licked her tears away instead as I snuggled in closer.

We opened our home to all grumppa jim's friends and family during the days so he could talk with them all one last time. And our vacation buddies Danielle and the grandbabys came for a last visit with us, along with many visits from boy. Then at night time it would end up with just Mom, Grumps and me, enjoying our precious time together. Mom said I grew up over these last days with him and she had never been prouder of me. She would see how I often hopped up on somebody lap to still their tears, or offer some of my many paw tricks to distract an upset child, or how quickly I won everyone over to how wonderfull a little doggie can be. She'ld give me a smile when I was just laying quietly on the bed with grump and she knew my soul was growing up. I knew when his last day with us was, as dogs often do, and both I and Quincy we acting strange all day. And I was there in his bedroom with mom as she kissed him good night that last time while she told him to sleep, that she loved him always and forever. We all went to sleep together that night, and Grumps would pass quietly surrounded by love in the place we made our home. It was on the first day of spring, so we will alway had a warm reminder of the day our Grumppa Jim became an angel, that heart warming smile shinning down over us.

The home is quiet now Diary, the kids and grandbabys returning to their own homes leaving just mom and I now. I am never far from her these days, and we thank god all the time that we have each other, and our memory of the happy days we spent with grump. My tail doesn't wag much anymore diary, and I seldom see ma smile except when she looks at me, and marvels in the splendid dog I have evolved into. Or when she thinks of how proud she is of her underdog, who is more and more of a wonder doggie every day.

A heartbroken,
Colin Doggie


Cause we live in stupid snowy New England

February 17th 2014 4:04 pm
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Hello Diary,

Boy am I glad to know that you won't be going anywhere any time soon. Because I am a used dog I don't take very well to loosing friends. I understand only too well what a loss feel like; but enough of all that silly mushy stuff I'm still to tail wagging happy to be able to share all my Doggie tails with you to dwell on unhappy stuff.

So I was wondering what part of the country you live in Diary, like my niece Quincy live in Florida, where mom says the weather is always ways nicer than ours, cause we live in stupid snowy New England, and it seems like this year Mother Nature has had it in for us. Every time I stair out my window all I see is snow. It's not that I am a wimp or anything, but being only about six inches tall, walking can be a little ruff on a big boy. And it is so extremely cold on my small framed bones that my legs start to gimp out on me, so unless it's a warm sunny day which we haven't gotten a lot of this winter, I can only stay out for about fifteen minutes before I am pulling mom back to the door, She took m out yesterday and I have been nervously hiding under my blanket every time she goes near the door. Good thing I am not a sled dog. And all the snow banks are as high as the houses, why I get a stiff neck just looking at it. Why it took mom over three hours to shovel out our car yesterday; by the time she came upstairs we where ready to gather up all our beagle friends to hunt down that trouble making, winter loving, groundhog Phil. Mom and I are thinking that he would make a appetizing stew right about now.

Well that's all I have for today old friend; mom's busy rattling around some pans in the kitchen, so it's time to saunter over and turn on the indisputable enchanting charm that is Colin Doggie. She's like putty in my paws!

I will talk to you again soon,
Colin Doggie


The awful shocking news that Dogster will be closing the- community areas

February 7th 2014 3:02 pm
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Wow Diary,
Mom just broke the awful shocking news to me that Dogster will be closing the community areas on March 3, and I am still in shock over hearing it. Why I was so upset about this that I could hardly force myself to eat my kibble tonight. I’m not sure where I am going to bark about all my adventures, and thought, and feeling about my busy life here at my forever home. And where will my Aunties from the Taunton Shelter read about all my furry feats and achievements; to remind them how much their hard work there pays off for us “Doggies in the ruff”, waiting to have a chance to turn into a shiny jewel like I did.

Diary you were one of my most extraordinarily friends, and I will genuinely miss all our talks. You always kept track of all my secrets, hopes and doggie dreams, and when you close you will leave an empty spot in my heart forever!

Forever Grateful,
Colin Doggie


What A Great Time I Had Diary!

October 27th 2013 9:51 am
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Oh my dog it was fun Diary. Do you know there was even one of those kitties there? Too bad Mom said it was one of those no chasing kinds caus I bet I could of caught her real easy seeing how she had a ugly dress on instead of sweater, so I`ld have the edge. But anyways back to my yapping about the Ugly Sweater Contest at PetCo because it was one of the best of the five we have attended. Let me start by giving a shout out to the employees at the Taunton Pet Co who were extremely organized, freindly, and judged very reasonably and everyone had a wicked good time.
Now here's the thing with ugly sweaters, it seems the uglier the sweater the more people seem to like them. I kid you not, they hover over you like a flock of vampire bats after a long day sleep. The judges keep going from a couple of overly garnished cow, to a furry witch terrier, to mermaids, and barbies. And my held it`s own amount uglies, extra legs dangling from headpiece to monkey tail. Of course all the doggie kisses I gave the judges helped too.
First place went to a German shepherd in tattered werewolf apparel, then a trio of ghost busting dogs handle by a human in his dress ugly Stay Puff Marshmallow clothing. Mom and I believed the kitty would win third for sure just for hanging out like a cool kitty amount all us silly looking dogs, but then we heard them call me Colin Doggie for Third place. Must have been all the wonder kisses I gave them. I won a bag of mother Hubbard's peanut butter cookies, two yummy looking iced cookies, a new rawhide chew and a wicked neat spider bandanna for Howl O Ween. Not to shabby for an hour's work let me tell you. Put on one of the ugliest sweaters you can find and see for yourself. Our people just can`t resist them on us and I don`t even question the ones mom comes up with any more. I just wag my tail and cry to ge into it so the fun can begin.
Colin Doggie


Did I mention the cookout?

August 2nd 2013 6:42 pm
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Hey Diary

Did I tell you about the cookout that I was invited to last month? Boy was I extremely excited when I received the invitation in my email; because it mentioned that it would be held somewhere with a fenced in yard. That ment all us dogs attending could let our people off leash and we wouldn't have to worry about them wondering off on us, and ending up lost. Therefore I invited mom and grump with me so they could enjoy some fun and sun with my old classmates and their people. Oh okay, cause I'm too short to reach the petals in the car as well.

I awaited eagerly that day for mom to finish putting together the food trays, she had one overflowing with hamburger and hotdog snausages, and gravy basted milkbones yum; plus some of that dumb not for doggies food that always smells so wonderful. Too bad too cause I saw her put my favorite chorizo, in it. At last she finished and packed up the car and we all piled in. Had I known that she was going to let grump ride shotgun I may have thought better of inviting grumps, but I wanted to get going so I didn't argue that stupid seating arrangements.

We were the first of the guest to arrive, so while Mom was introducing Grump to June I dropped the lead so I could really check out the awesome yard. Being a well mannered dog, my first stop was the dog house so I could present my butt to June's dog Yoshi so we could dispense with the introductions and get down to Doggie business. Yoshi turned out to be a wicked great dog, and we got along wonderfully, and in no time at all we were completely engrossed in every dogs favorite game. See who can pee on the most stuff last. We must have been whooping and whipping around the yard full steam for a half hour or so till the rest of my Pocksha classmates got there. I brought Yoshi over to meet my old friends, and after some happy yelping, get  reacquainted butt sniffing, and good natured humping the four of us were off and running.

All of us doggies made the most of the spacious fenced in yard, and we played all the best doggie game, like "duck, duck, dog and leap dog". Seeing how I was the only dog sporting referee colors it fell on me to make sure all the rambunctious boy stayed in line during all the game action. Don't let my small stature confuse you diary, I am more than enough dog for the job. Even with all the fun going on, I made sure to take time away from the puppy games so I could greet all the humans there. Why some of these poor people hadn't received any of my magical doggie kisses in years. Don't feel too bad for them I made sure I bestowed enough on them to hold them a few years. And I must say diary all the new people I met were overwhelmed with my delightfull doggie charisma.

Unfortunately, way way too sone it became time to take our people home. Thank God for the fence becuase we didn't lose even one person. June and her boyfriend Billy were more than blown away with my charm, especially Billy.  I heard him mention many times to my Mom what a great little dog I was. I guess he had never met a shrunken border collie before, such a shame for him. And they told Mom we were welcome back any time. Once your put under my Doggie spell you can never get enough Colin Doggie.

By the time I got home Sunday I was totally spent. You wouldn't believe how many of my little doggie steps it takes to keep up with those big guys. Why, it took all the energy I had left just to eat my dinner kibble, and then pull myself up on the couch for a nap. Some days it's really tiring to be the Doggie!

Till next time,
Colin Doggie


Wow, I was a diary of the day pick.

July 22nd 2013 4:51 pm
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Hey Diary,

Mom and I were so busy Sunday attending a Doggie cookout that I didn't even know I was a diary of the day pick till I read the email today. What an honor that was. Thank you everyone for the congrats I recieved. I couldn't wait to brag about it to all my Aunties from the shelter mom adopted me from.

Till next time
Colin Doggie CGC


Guess what, I kissed a catfish.....

July 22nd 2013 5:50 am
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Guess what Diary,

I kissed a catfish, yea really. And not one of those tame, tiny timid ones that mom and I keep in pur fishtank; but a real feral, furroshish fella that was almost as long as I am. See mom told me Saturday that we were going fishing. Now I had no idea what thay was  and iy didn't seem like it would be much fun at all, cause mom keep tucking me in my doggie bag while we went to Walmart and then Dick's so she could get her fishing license. Mom wouldn't even put the top down for me because those are two of those dumb stores I am not suppose to go into. But it was really hot and mom sneeks me in so I won't have to stay in a hot car.

It started getting a little better when we pulled into this place call a bait store; cause mom left my bag in the car and just carried me inside. That place was amazing diary, everything smelt so wonderfully smelly in there. Boy oh boy, you should have smelt the scents there, my nose was in sniffing overdrive. I could have stayed there all day but all to soon mom purchashed her night crawlers and off we went.

Why I was already worn out from this fishing thing and we hadn't even gotten to the fishing hole yet. God it was a nice day at the pond, and even though none of the ducks were around for chasing, lots of dogs came by with their people so I got to play with them and be adored by their people to help pass the time as mom fished.

Then it happened, I saw mom's pole bend a little, and I watched mom work the line till she managed to real in the kitty fish. And I was right diary, it didn't have any fur at all, just the strangest looking whiskers I have ever seen. It was still fighting ma by flopping all around while she tried to get the hook out of his mouth; so while they were both distracted I inched in to give it a more thorough inspection. At first I just nosed it a little to see how it felt. It was all smooth, and slimey, and and not even a trace of where it's fur use to be. As I was c onducting my exam mom told me to leave the poor kitty alone cause it was having a bad day.  Then I started to feel bad for the poor guy, so I gave him a little kiss just like mom does to cheer me up, hoping it would help the kitty out. And it must have helped because next thing I knew mom was releasing him back into the pond. Poor kitty, I don't know how his fur is suppose to grow back if he stays in the pond all the time.

All I can say is fishing seems like alot more fun for ma and me than the fish.

Colin Doggie B


Diary, does your mother make you run errands

July 13th 2013 3:58 pm
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I was wondering Diary,

Does your mother make you run errands with her? The weekend before last it seemed like that was all me and my mom did. Ever since my mother's friend gave us her granddaughter’s old car seat, mom's been taking me along with her every chance she gets. For the most part I don't mind at all riding shotgun for ma cause it usually ends with something really good for the doggie, and that’s me. Like a few weekends ago when we went to pick up Mr. Noodle, may he rest in pieces, or when we go to Frates to pick up clam plates and mom and I split a bubble gum ice cream cone while we wait. Or better yet rides to Gooseberry Island's beach or the doggie park. However you have to be cautious cause sometimes it's a bad thing, like the vet they hide behind the rawhide bar at Pet-Co, or worst yet the tortious pedicurists that trims your nails or even worster when they are in a evil wicked mood and they decide to use the machine that sands the nails down. That always spooks me right out when they use that thing, and no matter how many of my finest Doggie kisses I give them they never fail to recall their task at paw. I'm shuttering just thinking of it. And did you notice that rides in the good weather are always better than rides in the yucckie weather; cause when it's nice mom always puts the window down a little so I can stand up on my car seat and can take a good sniff of everything going on outside. It's all about the nose for us doggies.

Anyways that weekend, mom and I were on the run all weekend long. It started on Saturday when we had to proceed to the bank so mom could deposit her paycheck. I always adore the bank, well I guess to be truthful I fancy the pond that is right across the street from the bank cause we stop there so I can stretch out my legs, water a couple of tree and dash and bark at the ducks. Not to hurt them or anything like that, just make them fly around and get some exercise. Then after the banking we were off to Pet Co to purchase some new fish for out tank at home. Did you know that they have these really weird looking catfish? Yea really, I'm not pulling your leg diary, but these poor things only have whiskers and no fur left cause they remain in the water all day and night. See I figure that's why they don't have any fur at all; it all rotted away and fell off from being in the water so much. That's why I get so upset at my mother tubbes me so often. Why, where would I be if my fur did that? I don't want to end up looking like a Chinese Crested, though I must admit I love Chow Mein kibble night.

But anyways, Sunday off we went yet again cause mom invited me along with her, this time to the bakery where mom pops in for that great smelling not for doggie stuff, and then the garden patch to pick out some plants for our yard. I offered to water all the plants there, but mom wouldn't let me lend a paw. Nope instead I had to stay in my duffle bag, but because I am such amiable little gentleman mom opened the top for me so I could at least bestow all the worker with Doggie smooches, and shake a paw or two. Everybody always believes I'm merely a puppy instead of a dignified dog of six. That's okay you could say I'm the canine version of Nermal from Garfield; and I am not above exploiting it any chance I get. But that’s enough jabbing for now Diary, just talking about that demanding weekend has me famished. Think I will attempt to work a little of my Doggie charisma on mom so I can get some Pup-Peroni.

Talk with ya again later
Colin Doggie CGC


had a great time doing all sorts of Doggie things....

July 7th 2013 5:43 am
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Hey Diary,

Got to hit the beach yesterday with mom and had a great time doing all sorts of Doggie things. Just had mom upload a couple of picks for ya.

Colin Doggie


My archenemy Mr Noodle

June 30th 2013 7:09 am
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Hey Diary,

With all this birthday stuff I forgot to tell you about my tried and true nemesis, Mr. Noodle. Admittedly I haven't spoken about my evil friend in a while, because I haven't seen him hanging around since my last birthday when I walloped him good, even though mom read his tag and it said three time as tuff. Mother and I think they meant three times as tuff as a feather because I was ripping out his guts in no time as all. Anyway, I received a coupon in the mail for a free toy for my birthday so mom told me that I could go with her last weekend to take care of a few things mom needed done, then off to the pet store to take care of mine. So as mom was pushing me threw the toy isle, hey don't laugh that I was being pushed around cause being less than a foot high it's the only way I see what’s on the shelves. So as I scanned the toys and tried to find something that caught my fancy I thought that I spotted out of the corner of my eye him lurking down at me. At first I wondered if it was him, last time we battled he looked all pumped up, but if it was him he had lost a ton of weight. I'm not sure if he went on the Catkin diet, or maybe he had that gastric bypass that everyone seems to be getting because he had lost a ton of weight. Nonetheless I sure wasn't going to leave him behind for some other doggie to get.

Of course I had to wait until I returned home before our battle might commence, however as soon as mom let him escape from the bag they imprisoned him in it was on. I vaguely remember hearing mother tell grump how happy I appeared that the Noodle had returned so I ensnared him and brought him over to Grump so he could get a better look at his latest disguise and even though grump tried to pull him away from me I kept a good grip on the tricky villain. Later that evening I overheard mom tell grump how sweet it looked caus I was sleeping on top of him. She doesn't understand how truly evil he is. I didn't tell ma it was for her own safety because I new how devious and dangerous he could be, let her believe she was safe.

The long battle was viciously brutal for a solid day, but as I rested with him trapped underneath me I got to wondering how it was he loss such a considerable amount of weight in only a year, so I decided I had to perform an Endoscopy on him to see for myself, enquirering Doggies wanted to know if it was a bypass or Catkins. Well I guess mom didn't want me to get into trouble for practicing medicine without a license, cause as soon as she saw I opened him up to insert the scope she made me drop him. At, first she only put him on the coffee table so as soon as she left the room I grabbed him back to try and finish my little exploratory surgery, but she caught me and again I had to drop him again. Only this time she put him in an ICU where I couldn't reach him. Darn that women, I don't know why she won't let me settle my curious mind. She said I could have him back after she stitches him back up, but it ended up being an amputee of my unfortunate acquaintance’s head.

Till our next conflict Noodle, I will prepare myself.
Colin Doggie

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