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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

Wow diary, You would not believe the year I've had. ( part- one)

March 10th 2013 7:34 am
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It started back in January and it happened so fast that I wasn't even close to ready for everything that went on. But let me start at the beginning for ya. I had an idea something was up when I overheard Norna and Grump talking about who was going to take me. Well this got my ears tuned in, take me where and with who I ask ya? Then I saw Norn take out the dreaded suitcases, now these things I remember because last time they came out I was stuck at my kissing cousin Drew’s for two weeks while they went away. And I noticed there was a new strange looking suitcase with them. Guess what, in that strange looking one I kept finding treats, and Norna kept throwing all my chews in there. So every once in awhile I kept checking it out, because it was pretty nice inside all pimped out with my favorite blankies and all. Then one night mom packed this thing up and took me and it for a ride to my Aunty Laura's house. At first I didn't recognize the place cause she moved, but once I spotted her dog and kitties I knew whose pad it was. Now while I was looking around I noticed this tiny kitty in a cage. I thought to myself it must be really wild if they have to keep it locked up. Laura called it Moose the gunnies pig, but you can't fool me, though it did smell a little strange. And then it happened, I stuck my nose in the cage for like five minutes and I heard the door open and close. So as I look to see who entered I noticed Norna was gone. Without as much as a pat on the head or a peck on the cheek mind ya. Now don't get me wrong I had a lot of fun at Aunty Laura's and she must have though that I looked a little on the skinny side cause she gave me a whole can of mighty dog every morning instead of just a third like Norna. And I could case those kitties all day and night and never get tired of that game, and having another dog around all day while the people are at work is nice. However I still checked that door a hundred and one times till Norn came back for me. I knew she would but I have to admit to wondering now and then. Then once she came back I hopped into her arm and held on for dear life. There was no way she was sneaking out again on me. I was the happiest doggie in the world that night when I went home with her and Grump, and thank dog she put those dreaded suitcases back in the closet. That reminds me I really need to find a way to lock that thing so I don't go threw that again.

It took awhile for me to settle back in again, and Grump keeps telling Norna that I am broken because I don't grrr him anymore. I guess I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things around here. Heck it took me a couple of days before I even starting scattering my chews around the house. Norna did leave that funny looking one out for me and when I kept looking at it she explained to me that it was a doggie pet carrier that she bought for me. She told me that if I can get use to it that she would take me on the next trip to some place called Florida that she went. I knew she’d miss me. Once you have had some doggie loves it's hard to go without it.......


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