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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

Doggie's thoughts on Ugly Sweater Night!

October 31st 2008 6:17 am
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Happy Howloween everyone. This is my first one with my new people, and I am really looking forward to it. I never knew doggies got to dress up for it too, but mommy told me all her dogs dress for Halloween every year. I was a little skeptical at first about the ugly sweater (costume) she made for me just for this holiday, since boy and she could not stop laughing at me in it, but I am starting to see the advantage to it now.

It started last Saturday when she packed up me and my ugly sweater and off to the car for a ride to Pet Co. I love taking trips to pet stores, however when we got their instead of picking out rawhide chews at the doggie salad bar she put me in my ugly sweater, there were people all around pointing and laughing at me , how uncouth. Just when I thought I would die from embarrassment, I spotted my doggie girlfriend Daisy from up the street, and she had her ugly sweater on too. Daisy looked very cute in her butterfly sweater and I gave her tons of kisses to cheer her up, not our fault our people have poor taste in clothing. After looking around I noticed that all the dogs there had on their ugly sweater as well, Stacey and Clinton would have a field day with these people. One by one they called out the dogs and made us walk the runway for everyone to laugh at us. When Mom and I were done with our walk the staff gave mommy a huge bag of Halloween Sugar Cookies and these really great chews. Boy they were scrumptious. Mommy though they smelled just like the real thing so I had to tell her they were not for people they were doggies, at last revenge for all the good stuff on the table.

I thought that was the end of that stupid sweater till Tuesday rolled around. Yes, Tuesday means doggie school night and all the dreariness that goes with it. This week I thought it was going to be even worst because I saw her pack that stupid sweater again. What was Mom thinking; I know all these dogs and their people and Boy came along with us this time, just to snicker at me, I’m sure. How would I ever live this down? Mom and Boy were in high sprit on the ride so I should have known something was up. When we arrived there Mom made me put on that vulgar sweater again, and I walked in with my head low. Just as I was consoling myself with a payback plan of peeing on the rug when we got back home, something caught my eye. It was my buddy from puppy class, Brandy and she wore an ugly sweater too, as a matter of fact all the dogs did. Was this an epidemic of bad taste? Oh, the shame of it all. Soon Boy was walking me around the mats in a “the parade of horribles” with all the other dogs. Just when I was about to start a mutiny the parade ended, and I was allowed to hide under mom’s chair. But then I heard my name called and Boy dragged me back out in front of the whole crew again, but instead of being arrested by the fashion police I was given a prize for my costume, another bag of great smelling cookies yum yum, and a new squeaky toy. Who knew bad taste paid so well, and because of the parade we only had to do our lessons for about 20 minutes instead of the normal hour.
I have begun looking at this dumb unsightly sweater with new eyes. People can not seem to resist giving you wonderful things when you wear this ugly sweater. Why I have more cookies than I could eat in a year now as a result and Mom said she’s taking me out again tonight in it. So let me just end by telling all my doggie friends out there to bear with ugly sweater night for your people’s sake. Just go out with heads and tails held high glowing with the certainty that you are not alone and good treats come from ugly sweater.


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