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My Life

NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!

February 9th 2005 8:02 pm
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I have been having ear problems. They always started bleeding when I shook. So my owners took me to the vet. They tied my whole head in a bandage and I'm wearing one of tose big white collars around my neck. (Exept mine's blue! HE HE) Really, trust me! It's no fun! Well, got to go to bed, or mabey stay up and watch American Idol! BYE!


Iced In

January 15th 2005 2:32 pm
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Hi! Last night the rain here turned into ice! When I go outside it's all slipery! I can't hold myself up! I think I fell 4 times! Since this is my first winter well I guess it's WEIRD! I'll have to write a diary entry on, ooo I can't spoil it! Bye for now!


Early Christmas Presents

December 22nd 2004 8:04 pm
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I got to open some of my Christmas presents early. They were from my best friend Koko. She gave me some doggie treats that her owners made, a squeeky piggy toy, and a Denta Clean bone. My owners got a new carpet so I'm not aloud in that part of the house. The carpet is white, so it would show peepee and poopy stains. Well talk to y'all later!


Christmas Pitures

December 5th 2004 3:39 pm
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I think I did okay in the Christmas pitures!!! I sat in the middle of my human brother and sister. I had to wear the little Santa hat, which I got use to. It wasn't that bad! My human sister bought me a dog sweater at Old Navy. Right before the pitures my human sister took me for a walk in my sweater. I'm so cute!!!!!!!!! The Christmas tree is cool!!! I just got outside in the front yard where I'm not aloud because I will run off up the street. This will be my first Christmas and I'll get lots of presents! I can't wait!!!!!!! Bye for now!!!!!


Christmas Tree

December 5th 2004 12:40 pm
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My human family is putting up the Christmas tree. I keep on chewing the lights! They are saying they wish they named me Chomper, because I chew so much!!!! I will show them I'm not a "chomper." They will have to put those colorful bulb things up high so I don't chew on them. My human mommy got me a doggy Santa hat. She is saying that I'm going to pose in a piture with it on!!! But the bad part for her is that it is to big, so all I have yo do is put my head down and it will come off. Well I have to go! BYE!!!!!



December 5th 2004 10:08 am
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Right now I'm watching my human brother play video games and playing with my human mommy's old slipper. My human daddy is makind eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast. I haven't got any yet, but I'm trying to get the cheese. YUM!!! Mabey my human sister will... OH YEAH I GOT THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!! Well I need to try to get the hashbrowns from my human sister's plate. BYE!!!!!!


No Fair!!!

December 4th 2004 6:27 pm
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Hello again!!! Life just isn't fair!!!!!!!! My cat brother Chukie got to sleep with my human sister last night. Chukie is so lucky!!!!! I can't sleep in my onwers' beds because I might jump down and go poopy or peepee!!! Heheheheheh! But it's not fair!!!!! Not fair at all!!!!! So I have to sleep in my big old kennel!!! IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so noisy in there! I hate it! Oh well. Bye bye for now!!!!!!!


I Hate Carrots

December 4th 2004 6:12 pm
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Hello! I'm Mario Casinova Filbert Franck!!!!!!! I am really wild!!!!! It was hard for me to pose for the pitures for my page. When I wine at the door that means I want attention, but I never go out unless I scratch at it. I am begging for water right now. I bet you can't belive that some dogs beg for carrots! I hate carrots! Hate them, hate them hate them. Some times I cry when my mommy is cutting carrots. Thats how much I hate them!!!!!!! Well it's time for my dinner. Science Diet is tonight. Wait a sec, that's what I have every night!!!!!!!! Whatever!!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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