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Riley"s Big Adventure

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Awesome Friends

December 22nd 2010 8:02 am
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Hey pals!!!

First, I'd like to say congrats to my sweet friend Quincy. He just went to the Bridge last week; today, Dogster has honoured him as thee Diary of the Day.

I know Quincy that you are having a great time with all of the Bridge pups and cats.

Now pals, I have an awesome surprise to tell you about. Yesterday a package arrived for me. That's right a big package.

Mom waited until Dad got home before we opened it. It was from my sweet pals, Arnie and Tanner.

Well, let me tell you I was so surprised. I got a tick squeeky. It ain't pretty but it makes a lot of noise. I'm sure Caileigh won't let me even get a sniff of it. We also got some tasty treats. There were also Christmas-themed socks. Caileigh showed a lot of interest in those. She loves socks. Dad had to keep grabbing them from her. BOL!!!

Oh, the card was also super cool. It had Arnie and Tanner on it and Tanner was wearing his cool shades.

The gift that Dad enjoyed was a large garden paw print with my name on it. We just did our landscaping in the summer and this garden paw print will be so awesome. I wanted to put it in the garden right away, but then Dad reminded me that we have snow right now.

Thanks so much to our pals Arnie, Tanner and their wonderful family. This was a very sweet surprise. Tonight Dad's going to take a picture of us with everything.

We love our pals very much.


My Friend Quincy

December 17th 2010 8:30 am
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I first became friends with Quincy in October of 2009. A month earlier he had been diagnosed with cancer.

I read through his diaries and looked at all the photos on his page. Quincy had two furbros, Cosmo and Butch, that had gone to the Bridge. Cosmo had made his journey only a few months before our meeting.

What became very evident was Quincy's gentle and kind soul. He was living in a house with several cats; many of his photos showed he and the various kittys in loving embrace.

I followed Quincy's weekly updates. I looked forward to Thursdays and reading about how he was doing. Many of the diaries described his latest adventures, the most common was his love of finding tennis balls on his walks.

Quincy is the type of dog that you fall for instantly. He's always smiling, his long pink tongue dangling. On his tongue, contrasting the tender pink is a heart-shaped beauty mark.

That year Quincy won best tail in the Dogster Coolest Dog Photo Contest. In his winning photo, his long, curved tail was swaying back and forth. Over time, the chemo thinned out the fur on his tail, but it never stopped wagging, never stopped swaying proudly behind him. Of course, the winning photo also showed that charming Quincy smile that I loved so much.

The weekly updates continued. Quincy was in full remission. This brave boy inspired me, filled me with hope.

In the new year I sent photos of myself and Quincy made a wonderful keepsake that contained many of his friends. "Quincy's Circle of Friends" showcased how many of us Dogster's loved him and supported him.

In the last few weeks, his weekly reports have brought sadness, as his treatments were no longer combating the cancer, but also many smiles and wonderful moments. Diaries described his walks, his tennis ball finds, his rolls in the grass, his visit with Santa.

I consider myself lucky. Lucky to have become friends with this sweet boy.

On Dec. 16th, around 2:00 pm Pacific Time, Quincy made his journey to the Bridge.

In his final moments, he knew the love of his family and the love of his Dogster pals. I will miss you deeply, Quincy. Your bravery, love for life and charming smile will forever be with me.

My thoughts are with your family. At the Bridge, I know you were welcomed by a gang of awesome pups and cats.

Your friends forever,
Riley and Dad


U.S. Thanksgiving

November 24th 2010 11:05 am
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Hey pals,

So, up here in Canada, we celebrate thanksgiving in October.

This year we're celebrating twice.

Mom's sister lives in Michigan and she's coming up with her family this weekend. So, we're going to celebrate thanksgiving for a second time.

Me and Caileigh are so happy about that. In October we had mounds of turkey. I just love my MEATZ.

Caileigh and I and Dad would like to wish all our U.S. pals a very wonderful thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey and have fun with the family.


Congrats to My Pals!!

November 19th 2010 10:33 am
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Lots of my pals are finalists in the Coolest Dog contest.

I'd like to say congrats to:

Zaidie -- he's been nominated twice.
Ernie George
Derringer McQuade

Good luck to all of you. You're all winners in my book!


My Friend Freckles

November 8th 2010 5:41 am
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When we woke up yesterday morning there was a briskness to the air. A thin layer of frost covered the ground. Neither Caileigh nor I wanted to venture out to do our business. No, we preferred to lay next to the fire and cuddle.

As I was settling in to a day of relaxation, Dad whispered to me that he had big plans for us. Now, I love to relax, but, if Dad has big plans for us, I'm instantly game.

What were the big plans you may wonder? well, our Dogster pal Freckles and his Mom were visiting from the US and were staying very close to us.

Now, I love to meet my Dogster pals. A few weeks back I got to meet GSP pal, Spike. I'd like to give a bark-out to Spike. He had surgery last week and is recovery well. He also got some good news from the vets. We send lots of POTP to Spike.

Dad told me that later in the afternoon we would jump into my Bachelor Pad and head off to Milton.

I couldn't wait. We got to the dog park early. When I was younger we used to go to the dog park all the time, but over time I lost interest in it. Dad wasn't sure how today would go. It was fine, at first. There was a GSP there running around like crazy. I'm an easy-go-lucky guy, but the dog park can be too much for me. All of the dogs crowding me and sniffing me and trying to get up on me.

Well, I told Dad that I had had enough and headed straight to the gate. This was all before Freckles even arrived.

Dad and I waited for a few moments and then Freckles and his Mom drove up. Freckles is a cracker-jack; full of energy and excitement. Ww all decided to head back into the dog park. Freckles took off like a shot. I was a little more cautious after what had happened earlier. After only a few minutes of being in there, neither Freckles nor I wanted to stay, after all this visit was about the two of us, not other dogs we didn't even know.

So, we all went into the side enclosure that's for puppies or smaller dogs. In there Freckles and I sniffed each other, watched the other dogs and did a little barking.

No one told us there was supposed to be a photo shoot taking place. Neither Freckles nor I wanted our photos taken, but after a long time, the peeps did get a few good ones. Dad will post a few later today.

It was great to meet Freckles and his growlmy. That's what Freckles calls his Mom. Dad enjoying talking with Freckles growlmy and really enjoyed meeting Freckles. Have a safe trip home and maybe we'll see you again in May.

In closing, I'd like to send a bark-out to my GSP pal, Daisy. She's having surgery today and Dad and I are sending her lots of POTP. Daisy and her family will be in our thoughts.



October 17th 2010 9:34 am
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Hey Pals!!!

Yesterday Dad and I jumped into my Bachelor Pad and we set out for Kitchener-Waterloo. It's about an hour from our house.

Where was Caileigh you ask? Well, she stayed home with Mom.

Dad and I headed out to meet fellow Dogster, Spike. Like us, Spike made his little brother Drake stay home.

Spike and I meet up at Dogtoberfest. I don't need to state the obvious, but I will--we were the best looking dudes there!!!

Spike showed me all of the fun games. Spike was calling out to all the girls . . . and me . . . I was drooling like a leaky tap. That happens sometimes when I get a little nervous.

When we finished all the games, Spike and I shared a little of Dad's sausage that he got for lunch. Dad and Spike's Mom talked, while Spike and I watched the other dogs walking by.

Spike and Drake gave me and Caileigh an awesome stuffy. I think it's a dragon. Caileigh loves it!!!! They also gave us a tug-toy. Dad's going to get some photos of us playing with the toys.

It was a fun day and it was awesome to meet Spike and his Mom.



October 12th 2010 10:33 am
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Hey pals!!!!

My buddy, Demon Flash Bandit is often highlighting fine dog performances in many feature films.

I, too, am a fan of dogs in movies, but I also have a horse sister and last night we saw a fine horse performance.

We went to see Secretariat.

What an awesome athlete he was. The best of the best!!!!

You know what else? Secretariat's grandfather was Princequillo and that is my horse sister, Daune's, great grandfather. Amazing, eh?!

The movie was really good. The horses performances were excellent.

Check it out when you get a chance.

BTW, we've been voting like mad for all our pals in the Coolest Dog photo contest. There are some great photos.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

October 10th 2010 7:49 am
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Caileigh and I would like to wish all our Canadian pals a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving.

Yeah, we're talking about Zaidie-Pup, Murphy, Vivace and pack, Natcho, Merlin and Miss P, Tallulah and Mathias (they both just moved to Montreal), Biscotte and Tippy, Spike and Drake, and Freckles (who has family in Ontario and his Mom used to live in Canada).

Enjoy the turkey Pups!!!!1

Caileigh and I already had full bowls.


Caileigh Girl Strikes

September 29th 2010 5:22 am
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Hey Pals,

Let me tell you, it didn't look like I was going to be able to get on the computer today. No, it didn't look good at all.

Let me start at the beginning.

Dad was leaving for work and sometimes I like to sit on the front porch and say bye to Dad. Before he got the Pathfinder (my Bachelor Pad), Mom and I used to drive Dad to the train station. I used to love that! I got to say bye to him every morning and watch him get on the train.

Now, I only say bye to him as he leaves the house. It's not the same.

This morning Mom and I went out on the porch and watched Dad get in the Pathfinder and pull out of the driveway and head down the street.

The Caileigh Girl was in the house . . . well, more like at the door, looking out the window.

When Dad was gone, Mom turned and pressed the latch on the door handle. What?! Locked!!!

How in the world could that have happened. I jumped up in the window to check out the situation and sitting on the mat at the front door was Caileigh. She had this sly smirk on her face. The kind of sly smirk one would have when they've done something they shouldn't have but are still taking pleasure in the fact that they've done it.

I turned and looked at Mom. She looked back at me and then in at Caileigh. Mom saw that look on her face as well. Caileigh had locked the door!

This is the part where it didn't look good. Mom didn't have her keys or her phone to call Dad and have him come back. I instantly looked at Mom and ran along the side of the house to the back. Mom followed. Our new gate at the back is high and Mom has a hard time reaching the latch. Dad had put a string on the latch so Mom can unlock the door. Sometimes the wind blows the string to the inside of the door. Mom approached the gate praying that the string was on the outside--it was!

Mom opened the gate and into the backyard we went. I sure hope the back door is open, I thought.

Mom approached the door and sitting on the mat on the inside of the back door was Caileigh. The first thing that ran through my head was, she better not have locked the back door, too.

Mom was certain the back door was unlocked. She had let Caileigh out just before Dad left. Mom tried the door latch and it was locked!--Caileigh had locked the back door, too!!!!

Just joking, pals. I thought that would make for a more dramatic story. BOL!!!!

The back door was open and we were able to get inside. Let me tell you, Caileigh was proud of herself for locking the front door. She just wasn't on the ball enough to rush to the back and lock that door as well. Lucky for us, that's for sure.


One word: Louie

August 25th 2010 5:14 am
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A classy mix of salt and pepper, his Yoda-like ears folded gently. With a sharp tongue, his wit was biting and crisp. His bro, Brady often found himself the victim of his clever pranks or unstoppable banter.

His diaries were a mix of entertaining gold, filled with magical goodness that made all of us laugh. From his food reviews to his stories of Brady, we were enlightened, Louie style. Unmistakably original, he was truly one of a kind.

Your impact was felt throughout Dogster and beyond.

Today, you entertain at the Bridge, where I know you have been welcomed with open paws. Surrounded by dear friends.

You will be dearly missed, my friend. We send our love to Brady and your Mom.

In my books you will always be 5 out of 4 paws.


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