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Riley"s Big Adventure

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Tremendous Sadness

January 16th 2014 2:48 pm
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I have just learned that Dogster will not be operating in the capacity that we know after March 3rd.

Sad? No I'm outraged!!!

It's no secret that for the last few years they have lost sight of what made Dogster great. It has always been about the dogs and the families that love them.

I can't begin to describe how this site and our friends have changed me, supported me, and inspired me. Losing that . . . well, I can't say what it makes me want to do.

Many of my dogster friends have moved to Facebook, and I'm thankful for that. Yet many more are only on Dogster. The thought of not being able to follow the dogs and the families leaves me empty. I have grown to care and love these dogs and the families.

I beg all of my friends that aren't on Facebook to send me their emails. I want to somehow keep in touch with you.

Friends like Zaidie, Whitley and Finley, Flicka and Lucas, Freckles, Redford and pack . . . the list goes on and on.

In 2008 I was devastated by the loss of Cookie. I found comfort and friendship in my Dogster friends. Many of my day-to-day friends couldn't understand me, and further couldn't understand my love for Dogster. None of that mattered to me. I understood why I loved it and it has always been about the dogs and people that love them.

I want all my friends to know that I have cherished each of you. I have had the pleasure of meeting many and hope that I will get to meet many more.

I don't know . . . a place that has brought me such joy and escapism is now filling me with anger and sadness.

I guess nothing in this world can stay pure . . . expect the love we receive from our dogs.


Happy Holidays to all!

December 27th 2013 8:35 am
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Hey pals!!!

We hope that each and everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas. We know that the pups at the Bridge got together and spread lots of Christmas love.

We missed out on the free dogster tree rosette. We want to thank all of our pals that sent us one.

Caileigh and I had a low-key Christmas at home. We got lots of turkey when Mom and Dad returned from Christmas dinner at Grandfolks house.

Our yard is full of snow . . . and ice. Both Caileigh and I have been running and playing.

We wish you all the best in the upcoming year and know that we hold all of you in our hearts.

Your pals, Riley and Caileigh


Hey Every Pup

November 11th 2013 6:03 am
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Hey Pals,

I just wanted to say that both Caileigh and I haven't been on dogster much in the last two weeks. We're very sorry if we missed any birthdays or news.

You see, Caileigh and I were home alone. Okay, we weren't home all alone, we had a dog sitter, but our folks went to some place called Europe. By the way they've been talking since they've got home, they had a really good time.

Dad told me that they even saw a Pointer in Sardinia. He was black and white. Mom and Dad were on the beach and in the distance they saw the Pointer. They just had to go and say hi.

So we're back now. We hope all of our pals are well, and we're sending lots of love to our Bridge friends.

Bark at you later,


Guess what?

September 11th 2013 10:02 am
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Dad met Dogster Mom, Michele and her husband, Doug last night in Niagara Falls.

Michele and Doug are parents to Beagles Bella and Shadow. Beagles Rusty and Pepper are at the Bridge with Cookie and Rosie. I'm sure that they all were watching last night.

Well, you know who wasn't watching? Me and Caileigh.

Dad left us at home. Dad told me that Bella and Shadow wouldn't be there either.

Still, I would have liked to have gone. Dad told me that he had a wonderful time.


Thank You!!

May 7th 2013 2:14 pm
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Hey pals,

Thank you all so much for thinking of me yesterday on my birthday.

I got lots of pawmail and rosettes. Thanks to Freckles and Redford and pack for the great graphics.

In Freckles graphic, the bear is trying to eat my lunch and cake.

You all are the best!!!

Today, Mom called Dad at work to tell him that our neighbour just knocked on the door. Mom was worried that the neighbour was going to complain about my barking. You see, I like to be on the bed in the spare room, which is at the front of the house. When people walk by I like to bark at them.

Some of you may know that we recently moved into a new house. None of our backyards have a fence yet separating us from our neighbour. The man that knocked on our door also has a dog. A maltesse named Happy. We see Happy from time to time when he ventures out back to do some business.

Well, the man wasn't knocking on our door to complain, but instead to ask if we had seen Happy. Turns out they left the house this morning and Happy was still out back.

Dad's heart sank at the news. Dad immediately told Mom to check in a couple of places. Our streets aren't that busy but not far is a very busy road. If Happy had gone in that direction he could get hit. Dad told Mom to check.

Mom went and reported back that Happy wasn't on the side of the road anywhere.

Dad felt helpless. He was at work, over an hour away from home. He wanted to leave and help look for Happy. Mom could hear our neighbours calling for him. Mom went to some of our other neighbours to see if they had seen Happy or took him in.

Good news, pals. Happy was home the entire time. He was locked in a closet.

We were all so happy to hear that Happy was happy and safe. BOL!!!

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes.

Your pal, The Rye Rye!!


Winner's Dog

February 13th 2013 11:50 am
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Hey pals!!!

So my bro, Hart, won Winner's Dog at Westminster yesterday. It wasn't best in breed or best in show, but we're proud of him just the same.

We watched the video feed from the show and he looked really good.

Winner's Dog is awarded to the top non-US Champion. He has his Canadian Championship but not his US Championship.

Dogster pals, Daisy and Lucy's Mom, Yvette, was at the show and she visited with Hart. I have some great photos of her and Hart together. It was so great that she was able to visit with him.

I heard that he had a great time.

We're very proud of Hart!!!


My brother, Hart

February 12th 2013 8:31 am
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Hey Pals,

Guess what?

My brother, Hart, showed at Westminster this morning!!!!

We're super proud of him. I posted a photo of him in the ring. The photo was taken by our dogster pal's Lucy and Daisy's Mom. She's at the show.

She also got to visit with Hart in the benching area.

Way to go, HART!!!!


Merry Christmas

December 27th 2012 8:31 am
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Hey Pals,

Caileigh and I have been so busy this holiday season.

We hosted Christmas at our house. Both Caileigh and I were busy preparing good food and drinks and making sure that everyone were having a good time.

We even had our cousin, Bailey, visit. He's Boykin Spaniel.

Caliegh and I wanted to take this time to wish all of you and your families a wonderful Christmas season and all the best in 2013!!!


Dog of the Day!!!

November 29th 2012 7:37 am
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Dad called Mom while he was on his way to work to tell her that I was dog of the day. I started jumping and howling, and then Caileigh joined in.

We're so happy.

Mom's going to make me a special breakfast. This is going to be a day filled with great treats!!!

Thanks to all of my wonderful pals for sending me messages and rosettes today.

Thanks to Redford and pack for the awesome graphic.

I also have a few new friend requests, so that's just the coolest.

Celebrate with me today, pals!!!


Happy Thanksgiving

November 22nd 2012 2:32 pm
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Hey Pals,

Caileigh and I have moved into our new house.

We'll both have to bark about that a little later.

Right now I want to wish all of my American dogster pals and their families a wonderful thanksgiving.

This year, my Mom's sister isn't coming up to visit, so we won't be having a turkey and celebrating a second thanksgiving. I'm not too happy about missing out on more turkey.

That's okay, Christmas is at our house this year and that means lots of leftovers for me and Caileigh!!!

Enjoy your families!!!

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