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Riley"s Big Adventure

Speed Dating . . . Kinda

January 15th 2009 5:33 am
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My pal Tanner recently provided 7 very interesting facts about himself and offered up to his pals the same opportunity. So I haven't been offically tagged, but I'm going to share anyway.

7. Every day I drive with Mom to drop Dad off at the train station. At night we pick him up. I sit with my head out the window watching each person until I see Dad. Then my tail wags!

6. Although it is most common for male dogs to pee by raising their leg, I pee like a girl. I learned this from my grandma, Cookie. Some habits are hard to break.

5. I sometimes get very upset when my folks go out and leave me at home. I stand at the window and just state out, waiting for them to return. I've even got Rosie doing it.

4. When my folks are out I love to tear things up. I might look cute but sometimes I just need to bring the house down. I have two favourites. One is cardboard. That means boxes, including tissue boxes. It also includes hard-bound books. I destroyed my Dad's real estate text book. I also repeatedly went for the Pointer coffee table book. The other favourite is electronics. I've destroyed a Blackberry, several phones, and a few remote controls.

3. I sleep every night in between my Mom and Dad. Instead of being curled up, I'm stretched out length wise, just like a person. I always try to steal Dad's spot but he moves me. I don't make it east for him. I go all limp just like a bag of bones. Every time he moves me I give out a little groon.

2. I love to run and explore. We live on the banks of a Provincial Park and my folks take me there. When off leash I'm gone. My folks are left calling out to me. After several mintues I always return. I don't see why they get so worked up, I need my alone time.

1. I miss my grandma, Cookie. When we watch videos of her I sit right next to Dad and I don't take my eyes off of the TV except to nudge Dad and comfort him as he gets sad.

Here are a few bonus ones.

Dad and I love to watch Lost together and share a pizza. I get all of the pepperoni. This started with me, Cookie and Dad. At that time Cookie got most of the pepperoni. Next week we'll start again with the season premier. I'll share with Rosie, but Dad has already told me that I will get most of them.

I have a new friend named Rosie. She's been with us for three months. Sometimes she can be grumpy, but most of the we get along great. We snuggle next to the fire and despite being almost ten years old, she loves to play. It's nice having a friend.

Well I guess that's all for now. I hope you enjoy reading a little about me.

Talk to you soon, pals


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